We all know Meta for its unique features, but how many employees does Meta have? That’s what we’re covering today.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is a social media platform that is constantly evolving.

Meta also owns Instagram, which is also constantly evolving. Many new features have been added and are in development. 

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, now Meta, was started in his Harvard dorm room as a sophomore there.

Its beginnings were a bit questionable since Zuckerberg hacked into the university’s protected areas of the network.

He found photos of students, paired them to create a more attractive person, then called it “Facemash”. 

According to the Washington Post, Zuckerberg was accused of violating copyrights, breaching security, and violating individual privacy, but he was allowed to stay in school. 

By 2004, Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook as a social outlet exclusively for Harvard students.

Due to its popularity, Facebook was introduced to the public by 2006.

In 2006, there were 150 employees working for Facebook, but how many are there now? We will be addressing that in this article. 

How Many Employees Does Meta Have in 2024?

Meta Employees

According to Statista, in 2022, Meta employed 86,482 full-time workers.

This data includes the fact that there was an increase in the workforce in 2022 compared to 2021, but Meta decided to layoff around 11,000 employees in 2022.

Zuckerberg said that the layoffs were due to an increase in social media competition, loss of ad revenues, and a macroeconomic downturn. 

Still, 86,482 employees represent a huge increase over 150 in 2006.

Also, the company was scrutinized for not being diverse with its management in the United States were mostly made of male employees.

In fact, nearly 41% of United States employees are white, with only 3.9% being African American.

The senior level positions are taken by white employees by 63.2% and only 4.3% of them are Hispanic. 

These numbers aren’t uncommon among corporations in the United States whether it’s purposeful or not.

That doesn’t excuse the lack of diversity, but it does describe the state of employment in the country.

Things are changing in America and across the globe in employment equality, but we can’t expect change to be fast. It will take time. 

What is Meta?

Meta Platforms Inc is the official name of the corporation.

It is the parent company for Facebook and Instagram, but Meta also owns hundreds of enterprises you may or may not recognize. 

  • WhatsApp
  • Meta Quest
  • Messenger
  • Oculus
  • Mapillary

This is a brief list of a few of the products and services under the Meta Platforms Inc name. 

What Is Meta Platforms Inc Revenue?


According to Statista, in 2022, Meta Platforms generated more than $116 billion in revenue, which is less than its revenue in 2021, which came to $117 billion. 

One of its divisions, Meta’s Reality Labs, the virtual reality (VR) division, generated an estimated $2.1 billion. 

Meta spends more than $15 billion in marketing, which accounts for $1 billion more than in 2021. 

How Does Meta Make Money?

Meta Platforms Inc (META) makes most of its money via advertising sales across its social media networks and messengers. 

If you’ve ever scrolled Facebook or Instagram, you will see all kinds of ads and sponsored ads as you look through your feed.

These ads have become an annoyance for some people who tend to complain about it. 

That said, without ads, Facebook wouldn’t be free to use. It would have to get revenue from its users by offering subscriptions.

So far, that hasn’t happened. Although Zuckerberg did mention that ad revenues are down.

Also, META sells virtual reality and augmented reality services and products that help boost revenues.

However, the selling of advertising space is its main form of revenue.

META has its own store where you can shop for Meta Quest VR gear, accessories, experiences, gift cards, apps, and more.

META’s shop also features Ray-Ban smart sunglasses.

When Did Facebook Change to META?

Some of our readers may know this, but Facebook officially announced that its stock market ticker symbol was changed from FB to META in October 2021. 

META became the parent company of Facebook along with Instagram and its other holdings.

This is also when META officially became a holding company.

The controversies that surrounded Facebook didn’t fade with the change to Meta. It only sparked more for Zuckerberg.

He has made a big deal about “conquering the metaverse” as his core goal. So, that sparked some controversy of its own. 

As with most social media outlets these days, a lot of controversy surrounds them and much debate occurs, which sparks conversations (good and bad) on the platforms. 

That doesn’t mean that people aren’t using the social platforms like usual.

In fact, users are still moving forward business as usual engaging with one another, chatting via messenger, going live on Facebook, etc. 

How Many Users Does Meta Have?


As of the fourth quarter of 2022, Meta announced that it has 3.74 billion active monthly users across its core platforms.

These platforms include Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Meta experienced a slight increase (4%) in MAU (monthly active users) over the third quarter of 2022.

Meta’s daily active users (DAU) during the same quarter showed 2.96 billion users who were using at least one of its core platforms.

A 4.9% increase in DAU occurred between the third and fourth quarters of 2022.

While these numbers seem massive, you should keep in mind that this all took more than 13 years to achieve.

No matter what business you operate, growth takes time. 


After reading this information about how many employees Meta has, its assets, its beginnings, its user count, and its revenues, you know a lot more about Meta than you did a couple of minutes ago. 

How do you use Meta’s platforms and other services and products?

Facebook tends to have the most monthly active users (2.32 billion), with Instagram being a close second (one billion).

Overall, these two social media platforms are the most popular and used among social media users. 

We hope you have learned something new by reading this article. Also, we hope you enjoyed reading it.

We strive to give our readers the best reading experiences possible.

So, how many employees does Meta have? As of 2022, Meta employed 86,482 full-time workers.