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Kicksta Review

Almost a third of the world’s population is now online. That’s a lot of people and a lot of potential clients for your business.

Doing business online and exposing your brand through marketing and engagement strategies is a great way to put your business in front of other people, and a lot of the time it’s not going to cost you too much, either.

However, while we would all like this to be a walk in the park, the reality most of the time is that it’s not. Brands online are a dime a dozen, which means that you’ve really got to be able to stand out to make a difference and bring exposure to your product or service.

Let’s face it, the competition is a real challenge to overcome, but not impossible. You’ll need to bring your passion, desire, and strong will to the table if you want to survive and thrive online these days, especially when you’re marketing on social media channels like Instagram.

It’s near impossible to connect with the right target audience if you do so manually – nobody has that kind of time to put into it.

Finding your niche audience on Instagram is a time-consuming, tedious task that will take weeks to months to even get a good handle on it. Finding “your” people that will become loyal followers and ultimately loyal customers is crucial to your success online or offline.

You’d rather spend all the time you’ve got creating more content, right? The last thing you want is to be weighed down by an engagement strategy that doesn’t seem to be working.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just focus on creating your best and niche-relevant content without having to worry about time-sucking engagement activities? Even though these activities play the most major role in your Instagram success, they are still repetitive, mundane, and tiresome.

While it would be a lot easier for many of us to be able to take our business back to brick and mortar and not worry about the internet, the fact of the matter is that the internet isn’t going anywhere.

Even if you are a local brick and mortar store owner, you can still effectively use Instagram to promote your products or services at the local level. If you aren’t planning on doing business online right now, you still need to offer something to your audience.

You can offer local promotions, events, and live-streaming videos on Instagram to name a few of the ways you can functionally use Instagram (and other social media sites) to market your brick and mortar business to a targeted audience.

However, we do recommend that you at least have some sort of business website for people to visit. You can sell items or services on that site, or simply give your audience a backstory about how you got started, pictures of your store or office, pictures of your staff or yourself working, and other things that will help you build an audience. 

That is called PR, or public relations. It’s a great way of gaining trust and credibility among people interested in your products or services.

You will see more brands are making the most of marketing themselves online, and there’s pressure for you to do the same thing. If you can’t beat them, join them, but you don’t have to do it alone. If you don’t feel like you’re cut out for the technical side of things, you definitely wouldn’t be the first one.

There are some great third-party companies out there to connect with. However, you can’t trust them all.

Let’s give one of them a review. Today’s third-party service review is about Kicksta.

What is Kicksta?


Kicksta is an Instagram marketing tool that claims to be able to connect with other accounts similar to your branding and interests through various methods, ultimately gaining you allegedly real followers.

Kicksta likes to market its company as a fully managed growth service designed to help Instagram users to get organic growth. That may be how they see themselves, unfortunately we see the quintessential bot.

The thing about bots for social media engagement on Instagram is that it’s first and foremost against the terms of use on the platform. In other words, it may not be illegal, but it’s against the rules that the platform has set. 

Instagram’s algorithm is very aggressive in its detection of bots, spam, and general suspicious activities on the platform. In an effort to protect their own credibility and the reputations of their users, Instagram can flag, suspend, or ban your account for these sorts of activities. 

The goal is not to cause more challenges for Instagram users, but to protect them against spam and fake engagements. Plus, your account will appear fake to even the average IG user, especially when the bot offers comments and direct messages.

While not all bots are as harmful as others, the risk is still there regarding how it affects your account. 

In recent months, this kind of engagement has been at the forefront of Instagram’s focus, so many “growth services” and “bots” are no longer working well on Instagram. Also, these companies are getting a lot of negative reviews due to issues with their systems.

This doesn’t just relate to Kicksta. It’s an industry-wide ordeal that you need to be aware of before you choose your method of engagement on Instagram.

They also claim that their method and technology is different from other companies out there. However, upon further investigation, it is highly likely that they are similar to these companies in a lot of ways, and don’t seem to offer anything unique or different.

Additionally, their support takes a few days to get back to you, and their website can be hard to navigate.

Let’s give them a proper review.

Kicksta Instagram growth

In the review we’ll talk about all the things that either make them a legit company, or a scam. There are a few things that they need to have to make sure that they are legit enough to be recommended, otherwise they’re just like everyone else.

Some brands place more emphasis on different features, but we believe when we review companies like this that the threshold has to already be high, which means that they need to have a few things in place regardless of their unique approach.

Kicksta Pricing

A Review of Kicksta

The Service Features:

As you can see from the image, Kicksta offers these features according to the level of the package chosen.

  • Growth Speed – Moderate or Maximum
  • Video Onboarding
  • Target Numbers – 10 or 40 
  • VIP Support – Only for Premium
  • Live Chat Support – Only for Premium
  • Advanced Targeting – Only for Premium
  • Blacklist – Only for Premium

Before engaging with any form of Instagram tool, you need to understand what you’re getting and if the company ensures your safety and security on the platform. In other words, the service does its best to protect your account from getting flagged, suspended, or totally banned.

Important Safety Protocols:

Here are some safety protocols to look for before investing in a company that claims to help you build, grow, and maintain your Instagram presence.

  • Encryption is crucial in preventing tracing your logins. 
  • Daily activity limits to ensure the best and most human-like behavior. Why? Because going over the daily activity limits as set by Instagram will result in penalties like getting blocked or deleted. 
  • Keeping up-to-date with Instagram’s changes in algorithm to prevent issues of getting suspended or banned. Kicksta isn’t actively doing this.

Consistent performance is another metric to watch for in a company that claims to help you with your Instagram growth. 

Consistency in these services also play a role in your safety and security on Instagram.

Kicksta isn’t specifically a scam, but the services provided aren’t a legit as other services available online that do work. 

Kicksta’s strategies are strictly one-dimensional, which will affect your targeting. If you aren’t looking strictly for targeted results, then this service may be okay for you.

If you are seeking targeted results, Kicksta is unlikely to be the service for you. It’s best if you keep looking for a reputable service that provide consistent performance and effective targeting.

The sad thing is that Kicksta and other companies like it were legitimate and helpful options in the past. However, because these companies have not been diligent about keeping up with the algorithm changes of Instagram or other social media sites.

That said, it’s important to note that all of these kinds of companies do have their positive and negative aspects. You do need to know these aspects before engaging their services.

Let’s talk about the positives

  • Secure Site: Kicksta has remembered to include one of the more important aspects of running a successful business online – a secure, https site. This means that you are more likely to find them on Google, and they are safer when it comes to any information you may share while you’re online with them. You really don’t want to be associated with any kind of brand out there that can’t seem to keep your personal information safe on their website – this usually indicates a scam. While it would be nice to just be able to share anything, the reality is that there are always hackers lurking around the corner, ready to take your stuff. While a secure HTTPS site didn’t use to be that common, it is now, as more companies realise that they won’t get business from clients if they haven’t put this security measure in place. As we mentioned briefly, too, the better the company, the better they rank.
  • Visible Prices: Kicksta are detailed and upfront about their pricing and different packages. The layout is simple – in fact, they only appear to offer two different price packages, which makes it easy to decide on. This also means that the risk of being stung by hidden costs is low. Kicksta has two different legit price points that you can choose from. Their first price point is their standard price, which is going to cost you $49 a month. They say that with this package, you can get steady growth, onboard video, and targets of 10 new followers a month, which we think is pretty reasonable. With their more expensive package, you’re looking at spending $99 right now, but we think that this is usually $149. However, with this rate comes live chat support, advanced targeting, and email support, although we’re not sure how long it’s going to take for them to get back to you.

And, now the negatives

  • FAQ and Help Page: this marketing Instagram company has remembered to include an FAQ and help page. This is somewhat helpful, especially if you’re skeptical and need to know a little bit more about what they do and how they do it. It shows that they have some level of transparency when it comes to their company.
    The biggest thing that we’re not so keen on with their FAQ page is that it’s right at the bottom of the homepage, where everything else is. It does indicate to us that Kicksta has been relatively lazy with the layout of their website, and arguably reluctant to put more effort in.
    • 24/7 Support: Kicksta will have you believe that they offer real support in the form of a chatbox, and they offer it whenever you need it, but this simply isn’t true. They do have a chatbox, but good luck getting in touch with them outside business hours. You won’t be able to, and even if you get in touch with them within business hours, you could end up waiting a long time for an answer. This is going to be pretty frustrating, especially if you have a pressing issue that you need sorted quickly.
    • Real Reviews: Kicksta does have quite a few reviews on their website, but we have to say that we don’t believe they’re legit at all. In fact, we think that they are completely fake, and they have either made them up themselves, or they have gotten someone to say good things about them, and they have paid them off. Either way, these reviews can’t be believed.

    With a lot of companies out there like this, fake reviews are the best way to draw people in, but we can see right through this charade.

    It’s a shame that these companies choose to have people write fake positive reviews on third-party sites like Trustpilot over making the appropriate changes to their services.

    Why not just update the service to fit into the construct of Instagram’s terms of use and then maintain that level of consistent performance for their clients?

    We don’t have an answer to that question. 

    However, if things do change with this company, there will be future updates of the review.

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    Is Kicksta a Scam? Is Kicksta Safe?

    It would appear that Kicksta is quite a good company to affiliate your Instagram with. However, upon further research, we have still concluded that it isn’t safe to use. This is because there’s not enough social proof out there to definitively determine Kicksta’s reliability.

    You need to know exactly how well a company has worked with other people and their Instagrams before, and if there’s not enough information out there, it’s probably not worth taking the risk. While they do appear to be genuine, we recommend going with someone who has a bit more of a reputation.

    We also don’t think that their prices are that much to rave about. Legit companies will have prices like this that are middle of the road, but we think that the margin between their first-rate and their second is a bit high for our liking. If it is a scam, it will be unbelievably cheap, so it’s good to know that we don’t think it’s exactly this.

    When looking at prices, you need to make sure that they’re not too much, but not too little, either. They usually reflect the value of the service, so if they’re high quality, you will have to end up paying a bit more.

    Kicksta, along with the lack of social proof, hasn’t put enough effort into their website for us to be satisfied. We like that they have got an FAQ page and prices that are visible, but in cases like this, we think you get what you pay for.

    They don’t seem interested in investing any more money into their website than required, and for this, they’re coming across as a brand that is legit but lacking. If they put more effort in, and established some social proof, they could be worth looking into.

    Other Information

    Previously, Kicksta was called Kickstagram – which means that Kickstagram was in violation of Instagram’s copyright laws. They do not have permission to use ‘gram’ in their brand name, putting them at risk of getting in trouble with Instagram.

    We cannot condone associating yourself with a brand that might find itself caught up in legal issues.

    Kicksta User Reviews

    Here are some reviews we found for Kicksta on Trustpilot. There is also a user reviews section at the end of this article for you to check out.

    Kicksta Trustpilot

    Review Summary


    It would appear that Kicksta is quite a good company to affiliate your Instagram with. However, upon further research, we have still concluded that it isn’t safe to use. This is because there’s not enough social proof out there to definitively determine Kicksta’s reliability.

    Price: $49/month

    Price Currency: USD

    Operating System: All

    Application Category: Social Media

    Editor's Rating:

    User Reviews

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