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Instag Follow Reviews 2024

How often do you get the chance to grow your Instagram better than anyone else’s? Sounds like it’s too good to be true, right?

Well, in most cases, it is – but in some cases, you can actually make a name for yourself and get help doing it.

There are plenty of third party companies out there these days that claim to have all the right features for you to grow your Instagram – but whether they’re actually trustworthy is another issue entirely.

Let’s review one and decide whether we like them or not.

Instag Follow Review

Instag Follow is an Instagram growth service that says they can help their clients get free Instagram likes and followers.

They say that they are the only real provider of Instagram followers and likes and that they exist to help their clients reach their full potential. We have our suspicions. 

What is Instag Follow?

So, as we mentioned briefly above, Instag Follow is a company that claims to be able to help its clients get free engagement on their Instagram page.

This, of course, includes followers and likes, which are going to go a long way in helping you with your Instagram credibility in general.

However, there is a lot of doubt that surrounds a claim like this, the first being that it sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

Instag Follow says that they want to help their clients get famous, but we think that there’s more going on here than meets the eye.

They claim to also offer instant delivery on all of their features, and that’s about it.

They have a video tutorial on their homepage that you can watch to figure out how it is they work, and they have a little disclaimer at the bottom – nothing else.

They’re not giving us a lot to work with, here, which of course makes us think that they’re just trying to sell their clients fake engagement.

A Review of Instag Follow


  • Site is secure: we’re actually surprised to see that Instag Follow has bothered to secure their website with https. Usually, only companies that plan on being around for a good amount of time are prepared to do this. Otherwise, they can just make a quick profit and disappear without any regard. They probably did it to rank better with Google. 


  • Visible pricing: while their entire premise is that you can get free engagement with them, we are a little bit let down to see that they don’t have any paid rates anywhere, and haven’t bothered to show pricing. We think that a company like this still needs to offer rates that you can pay for – it shows that they are legit.
  • FAQ and help page: again, we noticed a little disclaimer at the bottom of the page, but this doesn’t come anywhere near to being the FAQ section that we had hoped for. They are basically trying to avoid being implicated in any legal issues should Instagram get wind of what they’re doing as far as we can tell.
  • 24/7 customer assistance: we can say very safely at this point that there is no way that Instag Follow has a customer support system anywhere where you can get in touch with them should you need. They have a notification coming in every few seconds on their website that tells you who has signed up for their free engagement, but other than that, there is no sign of life. 
  • Real reviews: you can probably already guess what we’re going to say about this – they certainly don’t have any real reviews on their website that can back their free engagement up. This means that you have to go digging elsewhere to uncover the truth, which takes up more of your time in the long run. It obviously is suspicious as well, as they more than likely don’t have any good reviews anywhere.
  • Email and phone form: Instag Follow basically wants to be able to have as quick of a turnaround with their clients as possible, which is why they don’t hold any level of accountability toward them. If they do get you to put any information in when you sign up for their free followers and likes, it’s most likely so they can steal it.

Is Instag Follow Safe to Use? Is It a Scam?

We think that it’s pretty obvious at this point that we don’t like the look of Instag Follow at all and think that they’re nothing more than a scam operation trying to steal their client’s sensitive information, and send them fake engagement.

While the notion of free engagement might be appealing and something you don’t want to turn down, we think it’s vital if you want to take care of your Instagram account.

Avoid these guys at all costs. 

Instag Follow Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Instag Follow.

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