Several qualities should be evident in a great marketing CV. It must be well-formatted and include information about your education, employment, and unique value proposition. The job or company you’re applying to may determine what you add to other sections of your marketing resume or CV, such as skills and certifications. Professional CV writers from  UK Careers Booster advise what to include in your CV and give tips for writing an excellent marketing CV. 

What to Include in Your CV

1. Personal information

This is usually at the top of the CV and includes personal details such as full name, physical address, phone number, email address and nationality. With this information, it’s easier for an employer to reach out to you for an interview

2. CV Profile

This follows your contact information and summarizes who you are and your accomplishments in a few sentences. It helps you highlight your best qualities and experiences relevant to the job and gives the recruiter a reason to consider hiring you. 

3. Educational background

This section includes a simple breakdown of your academic background from the highest to the lowest level. Digital marketing is a highly competitive career, so it makes sense to add your professional development courses and conferences that you’ve attended. This will give you a chance to stand out from other applicants. Also, the extra courses show your commitment and passion for success. 

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4. Work experience

The work experience section includes your employment history, but you should refrain from mentioning your roles. Instead, this section should show how effective you are and prove it with relevant statistics and significant accomplishments. Also, to prove your knowledge in this field, ensure to use industry-standard terms. 

5. Skills

Employers expect candidates to possess several soft and hard skills relevant to the job. Even if you lack work experience, you can make up for it with college programs and volunteering experience, but nothing makes up for skills acquisition. Provide your traits and specialized marketing abilities relevant to the role you’re seeking. 

6. Personal interest

This part is optional, but it’s the section to mention your passions and hobbies. Again, this can give the employer an impression of how well-rounded you are. So make sure you don’t lie about your hobbies. 

Tips for Writing an Excellent Marketing CV

There are several tips that you can follow when writing your marketing CV, and these are a few of them:

1. Know your target audience

This is a phrase commonly used by digital marketers when talking about running a marketing campaign, but it also applies to you if you’re applying for a job. First, you have to know what your prospective employers want in their employees and the skills and abilities they’re looking for.

This information will help you tailor your resume statement accordingly. Start by talking about these attributes and how your experience is valuable to them, and you will have gained their attention. Next, knowing your prospective employers helps you determine the right keywords to use, skills to highlight, and what part of your CV will interest the hiring manager more. 

2. Quantify your achievements with bullet points to market yourself

Your bullet points make up a large substance of your resume. They help you explain what you accomplished in your previous roles. This is even more important for a role as a marketer because future employers can use it to determine how good you are at creating a brief, straightforward, digestible statement that quickly catches the reader’s attention. 

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Ensure not to only list your duties alone in your bullet point; emphasize your accomplishments more. For example, how much return did you get on ad spend? Were you able to increase your user base? By how many per cent? The bullet point should be about your achievements, what you did, and how well you did it. 

Quantifying your bullet point is the best way to show your results and the effect of your hard work. Also, ensure to start each sentence with an action word. 

3. State your unique value proposition

As a marketer, you have unique characteristics, skills and experiences that differentiate you from other marketers. To help you create an effective resume, it’s essential to define your unique blend or value proposition clearly.

To do this, think about your unique traits that help you stand out from other marketers, whether your in-depth market analytics knowledge, how you write compelling headlines or the compelling nature of your videos. Whatever you do best that makes you stand out from the rest is your value proposition, and you must state it clearly. 

To some extent, your value proposition is dependent on the company you’re targeting and the position you’re applying for. Large companies mainly look for different skill sets from small companies, and the necessary skill set may also vary across industries. So, in stating your unique value proposition, it’s also essential to know your audience. 


Your marketing CV is used to determine your effectiveness as a marketer. So, you must write it excellently. If you’re not as good at creating your CV as you are at your job, contacting a professional CV writing service may give you the boost you need to clinch the job.