The possibilities for showcasing one’s talents and making a career as an artist are endless in today’s digital world.

The revolutionary program Procreate has been a game-changer for digital painters, illustrators, and designers. 

It provides a platform for creative expression and many new ways for people to make money. 

And we are here to assist you because, in this article, we’ll show you twenty ways how to make money with Procreate.

Read on to learn more in-depth about our selected effective methods, ideas, and recommendations for making income with Procreate.

How to Make Money With Procreate

How to Make Money With Procreate

1. Freelance Illustration Services

Make the most of platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, where you can showcase your Procreate skills to clients worldwide. 

Whether crafting custom illustrations for businesses or creating personalized digital portraits, your artistic flair can cater to various creative needs. 

From eye-catching logos to intricate character designs, your Procreate expertise can turn concepts into captivating visuals that resonate with clients.

2. Print-on-Demand Merchandise

Step into Redbubble and Society6, platforms that provide a canvas for your Procreate designs on various products. 

Picture your artwork adorning T-shirts, phone cases, and even home decor items, instantly attracting a global customer base. 

The power of your Procreate creations lies in their versatility – from statement-making wearables to unique decor pieces, your designs can add a touch of artistry to everyday life.

3. Digital Products and Resources

Share your Procreate knowledge by offering digital resources such as crafted brushes, captivating textures, and templates. 

These resources aren’t just tools but essential assets for fellow artists aiming to enhance their work. 

In a world hungry for creativity, your Procreate expertise can inspire and provide the means for others to elevate their art.

4. Art Commissions

Tap into the potential of social media platforms to propel your Procreate art commission services and bring custom illustrations that align with clients’ preferences. 

From transforming photographs into digital masterpieces to creating unique gifts that capture personalities, your Procreate expertise can bridge the gap between imagination and reality.

5. E-Books and Online Courses

Assemble your Procreate insights and techniques into comprehensive e-books or engaging online courses. 

Art enthusiasts eager to explore the field of digital illustration can become your devoted students. 

By breaking down complex processes into digestible steps, your expertise can serve as a guiding light, helping others master the intricacies of Procreate with confidence.

6. Webcomics and Graphic Novels

Webcomics and Graphic Novels 1

Embrace Procreate’s capabilities to create immersive webcomics and captivating graphic novels. 

With each drawing, you can make engaging visual narratives that resonate with readers. 

Whether it’s a whimsical fantasy world or a thought-provoking story, your Procreate skills can transform ideas into captivating visual stories that keep audiences coming back for more.

7. Illustrated Branding and Logo Design

Seize the opportunity to offer logo design services, catering to businesses searching for distinctive and visually appealing brand identities. 

The versatility of Procreate empowers you to improve business brands, massively translating concepts into memorable visuals. 

By seamlessly merging creativity with strategic branding, you can leave a lasting impression that speaks volumes about a company.

8. Social Media Engagement

Forge a robust social media presence by consistently sharing your Procreate creations. 

As your follower count flourishes, doors to brand collaborations and sponsorships swing open. 

With each post, you showcase your evolution as an artist, inviting others to witness the transformation of blank canvases into captivating narratives.

9. Art Print Sales

You can sell your Procreate artwork by offering high-quality prints to a broad audience online and at local art events.

The exclusivity of limited edition prints can drive demand, turning your creations into collectible pieces. 

As enthusiasts acquire a portion of your art, they take a fragment of your creativity into their lives, creating a tangible connection beyond the digital realm.

10. YouTube Tutorials

Consider creating a dedicated YouTube channel if you’re passionate about sharing your Procreate skills and knowledge. 

This avenue allows you to connect with an engaged audience eager to learn the ins and outs of digital illustration. 

By crafting insightful tutorials, offering practical tips, and showcasing time-lapse videos of your creative process, you open doors to monetization through ads and sponsorships. 

Your channel becomes a hub of learning where aspiring artists can find guidance and inspiration to enhance their Procreate journey.

11. Stock Illustrations

One particular way you can make money with Procreate is by contributing your designs to stock illustration platforms. 

Each time someone downloads one of your creations, you earn a royalty. 

This accumulation of royalties gradually transforms your designs into a passive income stream

As you build a diverse portfolio, your Procreate art becomes a valuable resource for designers, bloggers, and content creators seeking visual assets that resonate with their projects.

12. Editorial Illustrations

Editorial Illustrations

Another way you can make money with the app is by collaborating with publishers to provide editorial illustrations. 

Magazines and online articles often seek visuals that enhance their written content and captivate readers. 

Your Procreate artwork can breathe life into articles, helping convey messages, evoke emotions, and provide context. 

As you infuse your creativity into editorial projects, you contribute to visual storytelling and open doors to a rewarding income source.

13. Art Licensing

Unlock a realm of possibilities by licensing your Procreate designs to companies for use in various products. From stationery to home decor, your creations can adorn many items. 

You earn royalties with each product featuring your plans, creating a dynamic income stream. 

Your art becomes a part of people’s lives, enriching everyday objects with your unique touch. 

This approach offers a blend of creative expression and financial gain as your designs find their way into countless homes and spaces.

14. Virtual Art Workshops

Offering online workshops where you teach Procreate techniques presents another avenue for income generation. 

Enthusiasts pay to access your expertise in real time, benefiting from your guidance and insights. 

These virtual sessions offer an interactive learning experience, allowing participants to ask questions, receive personalized feedback, and witness your techniques. 

15. Art Exhibitions

Participating in galleries, exhibitions, and craft fairs is another avenue to showcase and monetize your Procreate art. 

One of the most powerful aspects of art lies in its ability to evoke emotions and spark conversations. 

By exhibiting your Procreate creations, you invite viewers to experience your work firsthand, fostering connections and inspiring dialogues. 

The networking opportunities within the art community can lead to direct sales, commissions, and collaborations with fellow artists who recognize the value of your unique perspective.

16. Game and App Artwork

Collaborating with game developers or app creators lets you infuse digital products with captivating visuals. 

Your Procreate skills can be the key to enhancing the overall visual appeal of interactive experiences. 

From character designs that resonate with players to immersive environments that draw users in, your creative contributions can breathe life into virtual worlds.

17.  Interactive E-Books

Blend your illustrations with storytelling to craft interactive e-books that offer readers a unique experience. 

Platforms like Apple Books provide an ideal medium for distributing these multimedia creations. 

18.  Mural and Wall Art

Mural and Wall Art

Consider creating murals and wall art to transition your digital art into the physical world. 

Local businesses, cafes, and even public spaces offer potential canvases for your creativity. 

Commissioned pieces can transform ordinary walls into vibrant and visually stimulating displays, leaving a lasting impression on passersby and patrons alike.

19. 3D Modeling and Texturing

Expand your skill set by incorporating 3D modeling and texturing into your Procreate repertoire. 

This multidimensional approach opens doors to many industries, from animation and architecture to gaming. 

Craft intricate structures, lifelike characters, and intricate textures that enrich the visual experience and add depth to your artistic capabilities.

20. Art Challenges and Contests

Participating in online art challenges and contests provides a platform to demonstrate your skills to a broader audience. 

Winning or gaining recognition in these competitions can significantly boost your visibility within the artistic community. 

The exposure can lead to valuable networking opportunities and attract potential clients eager to collaborate with a recognized talent.

Adding Business Skills to Your Procreate Business

While artistic ability is essential, combining it with necessary business abilities will help you succeed in Procreate-based money production.

Here’s how you can improve your entrepreneurial skills:

1. Marketing and branding

Create a consistent online presence throughout social media platforms and a well-designed portfolio website and branding features. 

Content production, social media interaction, and targeted advertising are all effective marketing techniques that can increase your visibility and attract potential clients.

2. Collaboration and networking

Building a creative industry network can lead to partnerships, commissions, and possibilities. 

Participate in art events, exhibitions, and seminars to meet other artists, possible clients, and industry professionals. 

Collaboration frequently results in unique ideas and cross-promotion, which broadens your reach and influence.

3. Financial Administration

Keeping track of your revenue, spending, and taxes is essential for a long-term creative profession. 

Track your payments from multiple Procreate ventures, allocate funds for investments, and make sure you’re budgeting for taxes. 

Financial literacy enables you to make informed decisions that benefit your artistic development and financial stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Procreate suitable for beginners?


Procreate’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible to artists of all levels.

How do I price my digital art?

Research similar art styles and consider factors like time invested, complexity, and demand.

What role does social media play in monetizing Procreate art?

Social media platforms are powerful marketing tools, helping you reach a larger audience and potential clients.


Procreate can help you achieve both artistic and financial success. 

Artists may carve their position in the digital arena through clever monetization tactics, brand-building strategies, and mastery of Procreate’s sophisticated features. 

By adopting our expert advice on how to make money with Procreate and fully utilizing the app’s capabilities, you will be able to outrank competitors and establish yourself as a renowned person in digital art entrepreneurship. 

Remember that your artistic journey is more than just brush strokes; it is about strokes of brilliance that form your future.