Is it common knowledge that you may embed a post from another user into your Instagram Story?

Regarding stories and recollections, Instagram’s programmers appear eager to just let you post everything you wish. 

Instagram story feature is one of the best options available on this social media giant. Millions of people post and share posts on Instagram stories.

Posting regular stories can help you gather more audience and followers. Find out everything you need about posting to your Instagram Story and more here! 

How to Add Post to Instagram Story

How To Add Post To Instagram Story

Open Instagram and select the Story tab at the upper left. You can view photos and videos stored locally on your mobile. Choose one image, or use the Select button to upload several at once.

However, you can record a video or take a picture by swiping right on your Instagram timeline. However, what we need to do is access our photo archive.

When you do this, the picture picker will appear at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, you can select the photograph icon in the left-hand corner of your screen.

Selecting photos from certain albums on mobile is as simple as tapping Recents and browsing the pictures by album or category.

Select the image or clip from your mobile’s or computer’s storage that you’d like to share. Here, you can add notes before submitting it.

You can utilize multiple photographs by tapping the Select button and picking the pictures you intend to use.

Making An Insta Story

Rather than being permanent, stories are collections of media (video, photographs, or text) that are intended to be viewed as a whole and convey a story.

Instagram Stories can be initiated in several ways: 

You can add friends by swiping right, clicking the blue + symbol on your profile image, or selecting the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen.

The following steps should be carried out once one has been completed.

  • To snap a picture, tap the round icon at the top of the screen; to record a video, press and hold. A slide up from the bottom of the screen or a click on the camera symbol in the upper left corner will bring up your photo or video library for easy addition.
  • To add text to a photo or video (using the Aa option) or a design (the option with three dots).
  • Select “Done” to store your story.
  • You can choose to share it with your Story followers by tapping the Your Story icon, or you can select Close Friends to share it with a predetermined group of accounts.

By tapping the arrow button, you can simultaneously send your photo or video to a friend and post it to your story.

Simply check the boxes corresponding to Your Story, Message, and the individual you wish to share it with. Once your friend views the picture, it will be gone forever.

Share Feed Posts To Instagram Stories

Instagram Story

You can now instantly add a sticker of an inspiring post from your feed (such as a friend’s campaign for a good cause or a snapshot of a new product from a business you love) to your story for all your friends and fans to see.

Just like sending a Direct message, you can add a feed post to your story by tapping the paper airplane icon at the bottom of the post.

The option to write your own tale has been moved to the top.

If you tap it, you’ll see the feed post rendered as a sticker that you can personalize and add to your tale.

The sticker is fully rotatable, scalable, and mobile; you can even tap it to switch between other designs.

Shared tales always credit the original author by username. If you see a post in someone’s story and are interested in reading the original or learning more about the poster, you can do so by tapping on the post.

Sharing is restricted to public content only. You can easily change your settings to prevent other users from sharing your posts with stories.

Final Thoughts

This post addressed how to add post to Instagram story. As your Instagram story grows in popularity, you may want to make a post.

To gain more followers, you can add an interesting Instagram post to your story and make it visible to all of your followers.