In the present day, civilization runs on software. Software is the glue that connects billions of individuals with trillions of devices worldwide.

These are managed by Software developers who are the architects and who lay the groundwork and determine the future. They are considered to be highly designated positions and services.

Software engineers are the ones who are shaping and building the modern world connecting people from all over the world.

And you must be pondering on the question, as to how many software engineers in the world are there?  The answer will be with you once you walk this article, where we will attempt to answer your queries.

The unpredictable expansion in technology presently happening requires top engineers to power it. Many companies are in a hiring mode all year round as these professionals are so much in demand.

The number of developers is ever-increasing as new software emerges in the market every day with new benefits and requirements of expertise.

Software Engineers and Geographical Locations

Europe churns out a massive number of software developers. With the highest numbers in Germany, the U.K., France, and the Netherlands.

All these statistics help us comprehend worldwide requirements for developers, how those needs are being met, and where in the world that support is coming from.

Diverse development in software languages attracts increased numbers of developers. Of course, they may intersect as several developers are skilled in manifold languages.

For someone paying attention to business news, the demand for developers shows an upward trend, and the need for software development skills is mounting.

These trends, correspond to only a small segment fast-paced world of technology that we live in today.

One of the biggest questions regarding the developers supporting various businesses is where they are located in the world.

Companies understand that if their expansion needs cannot be met in their vicinity — because there are too few of them accessible or because they are too highly priced — these needs can be taken care of by developers of other regions.

It is not surprising that the software industry and developers are in the leading positions in other fields that bring high incomes to the countries in which they are developing.

Factors Leading to the Proliferation of Software Engineers

Software Engineers

The IT bubble offers abundant benefits to the workforce and attracts them with the occasion to generate products that have all the probability to revolutionize the world.

The tech bubble has many guidelines which people can follow and fulfill their prospective.

So, let’s take a closer look at how many developers worldwide took their chances to work in one of the most dynamically growing industries.

There are many factors and demographic results that come into the picture when we analyze how many software engineers in the world there are and where they are based.

What are the most common platforms they work on and from where? 

If you are wondering how loads of people know how to code in a particular region the numbers might exceed your expectations due to the below reasons:

Work from home (WFH) arrangements

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to post all, or at least several, of their developers to work from home. Of these businesses, many have reaped the benefits of a WFH system.

Developers are required to guarantee such organizations have the equipment they require to execute their important work successfully and professionally without being physically proximate.

This was a blessing in disguise for developers and many companies have reported a massive increase in productivity and profits.

Here are a few key areas that showed a massive increase in software engineers with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic:  


The Pandemic has given a huge thrust to the online gaming business, including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications, which are powerful, highly effective, and keeps increasing by the minute.

Developers are working relentlessly for this industry as reports confirm huge growth and economic benefits from this industry. It means that brilliant developers capable of gaming programming are in demand.

Companies are ready to invest any amount in them and the rise of developers in this field shows an enormous upward trend.

Mobile Phone Technology

Companies do recognize how much time their clientele splurge on their mobile devices.

They cannot be complacent and miss out on opportunities to reach them. Developers in the mobile industry are the most sought after and the most in number. 

The requirement in this segment is huge; every minute new software is being developed for a better customer experience. 

Businesses that understand the requirements are taking benefit of developers who can help them create mobile-friendly apps to connect with customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating waves in the software development business. 

The theory of the Internet of Things (IoT) includes everything with a sensor and an internet connection and the software that manages it.

The potential of this technology is practically endless.

Smart homes and cities are new areas where developers are needed to make sure normal things can be changed into highly useful data-driven and interconnected objects.

Developers are changing the way business is done based on the collected data and applications. The recent trend of outsourcing projects to developers is the latest trend.

Not only small and medium businesses are relying on them but big corporate giants are equally involved in outsourcing work to IT developers in other regions. 

In this era of internet communication, it is unnecessary to depend on local talents.

Developers all over the world can work on the same platform with rich expertise and are developing customer-friendly software.

This pandemic era has taught the developers a lot and their demand has increased manifold.

You cannot have a defective website during this period which means losing a large part of your profit.

Companies are keeping developers on standby for this kind of emergency and they can be from any part of the world troubleshooting your problem.

The online business treats developers as their god who can save them from any number of unprecedented blackouts.

The Advent of Cryptocurrency

How Many People Use Cryptocurrency

Since we all know that cryptocurrency and blockchain had gained a lot of awareness in the last few years, it is prudent to say that every other company in the world is looking to take get involved in this relatively new wealth generator.

And, software engineers rule the roost in this field as well.

Blockchain has laid the foundation for ground-breaking expansion, which is a dedicated sector of progression.

This has resulted in an upswing in new work projections for developers and programmers.

So, is there something exclusive that one wishes to learn or develop?  The blockchain architecture is the most decentralized allowing any developer who is good at it to participate.

Developers are working hard on this and the new sets of development that they are looking into are:

  • Data Structure
  • Smart Contacts
  • Cryptography
  • Data Capacity
  • Blockchain Architecture

Developers are discovering ways to execute blockchain transversely in financial services, supply chains, government, healthcare, retail, and several other industries to change business models.

The online delivery market depends completely on the developers of the blockchain to keep track of the product they are selling from origin to delivery.

The new software developed by them can verify the authenticity of the product and protect the company from losses due to fraud.

Every business in the world is now dependent on software developers and how many software engineers in the world are needed to comply with the business norms and follow the structure developed by them for the business to survive.


A few years ago, a software developer in retail might have considered such a job a dead end.

But at present, the retail industry employs more software engineers than even in Silicon Valley.

Many conventional retailers are ready to do anything to break out of the box and for that, they are dependent on software developers.

Some of these companies are blowing up their whole profits to build new micro-services platforms, and they are luring away top software developers for their work to fight the battle with giant digital competitors.


Software engineers play an enormous role in the healthcare industry.

Engineers in the field develop clinical applications, cloud systems, analytics, patient portals, and previous clinical and customer health applications.

Software developers in the health industry work for an assortment of employers, including consulting companies, insurance companies, software vendors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.

The job is to enhance, organize, and analyze health data, send information to patients, and improve healthcare in general.

The array of functions in healthcare for developers is never-ending.


The present scenario of fraud and hacking is taken quite seriously by the government authorities focusing on secure software development; you have to think about the government-industrial complex.

One and all from municipal and state governments to federal agencies and government contractors are assertively hiring secure software developers in huge numbers to seal all the loopholes.

Cyber security experts are the cream of this profession. The government has plenty to spend to safeguard their data.

The defense services are an integral part where software engineers are needed for their deep technical skills, certifications and expertise.

Silicon Valley

Software engineers always desire to work for a technology-driven, innovation-focused company in Silicon Valley to get exposure to various new developments, there are ample options for developers outside of small companies rather than working for the giants. 

Developers are in constant search of start-ups to earn an early reputation which can be both at an early stage or at a later period.

The established digital companies are always in search of creative and hard-working software engineering talent. They are keen to compensate with an attractive sum.

The digitalization of the world and the online economy is getting diversified every day.

The specific description of this is supported and developed by developers and there is no end to it the more they develop the vast expanses are sighted.

Everywhere be it macro or micro the projects are handled by the software engineers and based on the recent predictions the growth rate is supposed to triple the demand due to the present pandemic as every bit of the supply and demand chain is getting transformed by software developers. 

The various languages and codes are getting popular due to the software developers and their effort to make things easier.


Robotics, cryptocurrencies, computer images, healthcare, finance – everywhere you have the possibility of expansion.

The software developers are presenting new paths to business that no one ever imagined could be streamlined so drastically.

So how many software engineers in the world is only an approximate figure that can be obtained, and the domain is sure to grow into a vibrant industry.


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