Finding your way through the Instagram accounts of your kids or spouse has always been a plan.

However, you never really put so much effort to make it happen thinking it is impossible to do.

Well, sorry to spill this on you only now: there are a *LOT* of ways to get into an Instagram account of another person. 

If you are worried about your child secretly getting bullied at school or an online predator penetrating in your child’s inbox without you knowing, it’s time to drop worries off because there are many ways you can get past this situation. 

Think of mobile monitoring apps as safety measures rather than privacy-invading applications.

This way, you can utilize their benefits fully and be free to move around as much as you like.

Reminders Before We Reveal How to Hack Instagram Accounts

Before we finally reveal the different ways to hack an Instagram account, let us first set the record straight on your intent.

Bypassing into someone’s account should only be done on a “clean” purpose, as engaging in malicious internet activities is punishable by law in some countries. 

If you feel your child is engaging in an illegal activity and you have no other way to know than to secretly peek into their activities, then by all means use these methods to fulfill your purpose. 

Moreover, another valid reason is when you think you are caught in a cheating scandal and you want to gather more information before starting confrontation.

Lastly, when your account has been compromised and you want to retrieve your information by hacking through your inaccessible login credentials, you can resort to the rescue of mobile monitoring tools like xMobi.

There are a good number of Instagram hack apps that can help achieve your purpose using easy steps.

These are legitimate and trusted platforms made just for this purpose. However, you might have to shed a little money to use them safely.

How to Hack an Instagram Account in 2024

There are tons of mobile monitoring tools you can use to serve your intent.

In this article, we will let you in on some of the most-used ones namely xMobi, uMobix, Hoverwatch, and eyeZy.

Some of these have pay-per-use schemes to let users take advantage of their technologies.

Hacking an Instagram Account Using xMobi

xMobi Instagram Hacker

xMobi is the industry standard when it comes to mobile monitoring tools.

You will find yourself being able to hack an Instagram account in less than five minutes if you resort in putting this platform to your advantage.

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xMobi Features

xMobi is one of the cheapest spy applications available for internet users today.

For as low as $1 per day, users will be given uninterrupted access to its novel features which cannot be found on any other app operating on the same field. 

Tracking multiple devices and accounts, monitoring call and text activities, and an updated GPS all comes with xMobi’s membership package.

It is also compatible with desktop, iOS, and Android users so it’s pretty much working with any device.

Tracking Multiple Devices with xMobi

Cheap does not mean limited. Paying for xMobi’s one dollar a day membership allows users to access beyond just one device. 

As per the website, members can switch to monitor different devices as long as the app is reinstalled every switch.

This means you have to delete the app and install it again to track a new device.

This may take a little bit of work, but it’s free. You do not need to pay for an additional paywall to stick your nose on a new target. 

Tracking Multiple Apps with xMobi

There is no doubt about Instagram’s popularity and this is exactly why this is the account we all want to spy on.

However, for users who want to track another user outside of Instagram, that’s possible to do with xMobi.

The platform can grant access to other social networking sites such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook. 

Tracking Messages and Call Logs with xMobi

We have come to the part we all want to know: can xMobi track messages and calls?

It can, and not just track messages that are in the inbox, but also ones that were deleted or archived. Same with calls.

xMobi allows members to get access to a device’s call history, including those that the user has made, answered, missed, and cancelled. 

Moreover, there will be an available timestamp detailing the time the call was initiated and how long it lasted.

Unfortunately, you will have no way of knowing what went in the call as xMobi does not come with a recording feature as this could be illegal in some countries. 

Tracking of Web Activity

Another novel feature that comes with your xMobi membership is keeping track of one’s web activities. 

The platform gives a detailed view on the websites visited and when did they initiate the search. Moreover, bookmarked pages are also accessible.

This can be an efficient way to generate a solid outline about your target’s overall activities which can help easily figure out what they are actually up to.

Tracking Location

While xMobi does not grant members’ access to an account’s real time location, it gives them an accurate picture of where they have gone in the past.

This includes a user’s visited location and when they visited a place, the geographical coordinates of the location so you can easily find it if you wish to do in-person investigation, and other GPS-related information.

Step-by-Step Guide

Account Sign-up

Step 1. Creating an xMobi account is the first step to utilize its features. You may do so by accessing its website here.

Step 2. After a successful new account creation, xMobi will ask you to select among its many subscription plans to proceed. As a beginner, you may want to try the app first and see if it works for you. 

With this, the optimum plan we recommend is the $1 per day subscription which is one of the cheapest plans available among all device monitoring apps globally

Step 3. An email will be sent on the address you provided detailing the steps you should take next. Make sure to keep an eye on your email to avoid passing on xMobi’s instructions. 

Also make it a habit to check your “Spam” folder as some users have had an experience in the past where xMobi’s email had been flagged as a spam message

xMobi’s Installation

Step 4. xMobi’s emails provides a detailed instruction on how to install their app on your target device.

To do this, get into yout target device’s App Store or Google Play Store, search for “xMobi”, and click “Install”

Step 5. Upon a successful installation, enter your xMobi account’s login credentials on the app.

You are now free to go around the app’s features and know anything there is to know, including passwords, messages, call history, secret conversations, locations visited, and more. 

This is how to hack an Instagram account using xMobi – simply copy their username and passwords and alter according to your liking.

  • One of the cheapest in the industry – as low as $1 per day
  • Provides detailed updates on your target’s activities every five minutes 
  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible with desktop, iOS, and Android devices
  • Can track multiple devices without necessarily having to pay for an additional membership 
  • Aside from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat users can also be tracked
  • Keeps track of all messages and calls, including deleted ones
  • Presents timestamps on locations which helps members know when their target visited a place
  • Unnoticeable and unstriking. It can be installed in a device and look like any other preinstalled app on your phone and tracks users without them noticing
  • Does not come with a free membership or free trial
  • Limited GPS feature – one cannot track a person’s location real time

Hacking an Instagram Account Using uMobix

uMobix Instagram Spy App

In some locations where xMobi is not available, another good option with similar features is uMobix.

Having launched only in 2019, the mobile monitoring tool is a saving grace for many internet users.

Unlike others, uMobix tracks your target’s activities real time, including their location.

The Instagram hacking app can track more than 30 applications which includes mainstream social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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Upon accessing uMobix’s dashboard, you will see a number of tabs listed on the left part of your screen.

These include Calls, Address Book, Messages, Location, Keylogger, Application, App Activity, Spyware Scanner, and Block Device.

What users like most about uMobix is how it gives you the permission to block the numbers on your target’s logs.

This can be done without the target noticing that you did so.

This means you can literally cut the connection of two people by simply clicking “block” on any of the numbers listed on the “Calls” tab.

Another novel feature that comes with a uMobix membership is its ability to detect if the target has a spyware scanner.

Through this, you will be automatically notified before your target gets to know you are tracking them.

Step-by Step Guide

uMobix works very similar to xMobix, only with a little difference in installation process and features.

They both give timely updates every five minutes to let members know what the other person is up to in any given moment.

Step 1. Before you can hack your way through an Instagram account using uMobix, the first step is to create a new account an availing of its subscription using your desktop.

uMobix’s subscription tiers vary depending if you are an iOS or Android user.

  • One month (basic plan) – $29.99 for both iOS and Android users
  • One month (full subscription) – $49.99 for iOS users and $59.99 for Android users
  • Three months (full subscription) – $79.99 for iOS users and $99.99 for Android users
  • One year (full subscription) – $149.99 for iOS uers and $179.88 for Android users

Step 2. Using your target phone, disable Google Play Store’s “Play Protect” privacy setting as this will not allow a mobile spying app like uMobix to be installed.

To do this, simply toggle off the button next to “Scan apps with Play Protect” on your Play Store settings.

This step can be skipped by iOS users. Instead, Apple device users must turn their iCloud backup to “ON” before proceeding. Toggle every button of apps you wish to backup to make sure they will be protected.

Also for iOS users, a 2-factor authentication should be sent on your mobile. Some users need to wait between 5 to 20 minutes to receive their code.

After this, you may now proceed with installing the app.

Step 3. On your desktop, go to uMobix website and reaccess your account.

Copy the download link and type it on your mobile device’s address bar. A “download” button will show once you clicked “search”.

For iOS users, you will need to type your 2FA code before you can proceed with iMobix’s website access.

After this, you will be automatically redirected to your dashboard and your iOS device will automatically be synched on your account.

Note that this process can take up to 24 hours before completion. This is the end of uMobix installation for iOS users

Step 4.  Now for Android users, agree to terms and conditions and enable the keylogger tracker.

Do not skip this step as the keyloging feature will give you the access to passwords and login credentials which will help you hack an Instagram account.

Click “allow” on all proceeding pop-ups. 

Step 5. When asked for the registration code before finishing the setup, scroll down until you see the “additional information” section which houses the 6-digit registration code.

Copy the code and type it on the blank space provided.

Step 6. After typing the registration code, you are all set. You are now free to roam around the app and know whatever information you like to discover.

Simply go to the “Keylogger” tab to discover your target’s passwords and login credentials which you can use to hack an account, including Instagram, Facebook, and even Tinder

Hacking an Instagram Account Using mSpy

mSpy Instagram Tracker

Another of the best alternatives to xMobi is is mSpy – a spy application tool that notifies members once their target removes the app from their phones. 

This feature is not readily available for other platforms which explains why mSpy is trusted by over 1.5 million users in 180 countries around the world.

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Moreover, the Instagram hacker app automatically takes screenshot of your kids’ or spouse’s current activity and sends it to your mSpy account.

It also sends photos and videos sent by the target to another person, including the date they sent it to let you know easily if they are engaging in malicious activities.

What we like most about this app is the use of keywords.

Going through tons of messages is time consuming so what mSpy does is alert you whenever a keyword you have sent appears on a chat or search prompt. 

Step-by Step Guide

Step 1. Like other mobile tracking applications xMobi and uMobix, the first step to get into mSpy is to create a new account and purchase a subscription.

Here are mSpy’s current subscription tiers:

  • One month subscription – $49.99 per month
  • Three-month subscription – $27.99 per month
  • One year subscription – $11.66 per month

Users have a variety of payment options available such as credit or debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, among others. 

Step 2. Download the app using this link which will redirect you to its website

Step 3. Select the device’s manufacturer. A number of options for Android users include Samsung, Huawei, Xiami, and Moto.

Make sure you have picked the right one to avoid encountering problems later

Step 4. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, enter your mSpy login credentials using your target device

Step 5. Note that mSpy will need between an hour or two in order to work efficiently so make sure you are on standy within this given timeframe 

Step 6. To access one’s Instagram, simply click on the “Instagram Messages” tab on mSpy’s dashboard to see who they are messaging and what they are talking about. 

According to mSpy’s website, there is no way that your target will know they are being tracked even when you log in their account at the same time they are using it.

Just ensure you leave no crumbs such as accidental messages and likes to avoid raising suspicion.

Hacking an Instagram Account Using eyeZy

eyeZy Instagram

If you are looking for a dedicated app on Instagram hacking, eyeZy is the one to check. 

Using this hacker app will help you be on top of your target’s Instagram activities, including their conversations, photos and videos sent and received, and a timestamp on when these exchanges have happened.

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Under the same Meta umbrella, members are also granted access to a person’s Messenger activities, on top of Instagram.

Moreover, Telegram which is normally not serviceable with other platforms, is accessible using eyeZy – so as Calendar and Notes entries.

If you are the type to worry about your child’s location safety, eyeZy comes with a geofencing feature which automatically sends an update when the device is near or has entered a “danger zone.”

eyeZy can be synced with WiFi which means information from the target are automatically sent once they connected to a WiFi network.

eyeZy’s Subscription Tiers

  • One month subscription – $47.99 per month
  • Three-month subscription – $27.99 per month
  • One year subscription – $9.99 per month

Step-by Step Guide

eyeZy comes with a simple three-step installation process to help your way to an Instagram account without sweat. 

Step 1. Visit eyeZy’s website and sign up. After creating a new account, you will have to select among the platform’s membership tiers which are known as one of the most inexpensive options available in the market

Step 2. Install eyeZy on the device you want to track. Note that after a successful  installation, you do not need to have access to your target’s device any longer which is convenient and less risky 

Step 3. Explore your way through eyeZy and enjoy! It’s so simple hacking an Instagram account nowadays, especially when using a dedicated app like eyeZy

Hacking an Instagram Account Using Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch Instagram Tracker

Exclusively for Android users, Hoverwatch is among the best mobile monitoring tools available today.

It comes with the same features as other platforms such as the ability to see through the target’s messages and web activities. 

What makes is different is its camer tracking feature which allows members to take photos using the target’s camera and automatically send them on your Hoverwatch account.

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It also sends an alert whenever your target changes sim card with details on when and where the change happened.

Another unique feature is a free trial benefit which is normally not offered on other sites. 

Hoverwatch’s Subscription Tiers

Here are the subscription tiers currently offered by Hoverwatch. We can notice that the site also caters to professional endeavors and business enterprises.

Personal Subscription Tier – comes with all monitoring features to track only 1 device

  • $24.95 per month subscription 
  • $59.95 for a three-month subscription
  • $99.95 for a yearly subscription

Professional Subscription Tier – comes with all monitoring features to track 5 devices

  • $49.95 per month subscription 
  • $99.95 for a three-month subscription
  • $199.95 for a yearly subscription

Business Subscription Tier –  comes with all monitoring features to track up to 25 devices

  • $149.95 per month subscription 
  • $299.95 for a three-month subscription
  • $499.95 for a yearly subscription

Step-by Step Guide

Hoverwatch has a three-step installation process. This means you will find yourself in a target’s Instagram account in no time.

Step 1. Visit Hoverwatch and sign up. After creating a new account, you will have to select among the platform’s membership tiers as detailed above

Step 2. Install Hoverwatch on the device you want to track and make sure you remove the app from the owner’s view to avoid raising suspicion

Step 3. Explore your way through the app and search for everything you need to know. Using Hoverwatch has changed the way users hack an Instagram – it’s easy, fast, and straighforward

Instagram Privacy Guidelines

Meanwhile, if you find yourself in a situation where your data is the one that has been compromised, don’t worry.

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to secure your account if it has been posting unauthorized comments and content without your permission.

Step 1. Immediately change your login credentials which includes your username and password. If possible, you may also change your email to add a layer of protection

Step 2. On top of this, remove a third-party app’s access to your account. Sometimes, hackers make their way through third-party apps so make sure you revoke their access

If any of these do not work, there is a possibilty that your account has been hacked. Here are some of the ways to retrieve your Instagram if you think you have been hacked:

Step 1. First step is to check for an Instagram update on your email. The app usually sends an account owner a notification in cases it detects malicious activities on their account .

If you have received one, click on the hyperlinked message labaled “secure my account” included in the email.

In cases you did not receive an update or securing your account did not work, proceed with the next step

Step 2. Go to or open the Instagram app. Under the login tab, click on the tab labeled “forget password.”

Provide your email address or mobile number you use when accessing your account and Instagram will automatically send a login link on your account.

This will allow you to reset your login credentials.

If your account is still out of reach after trying these two steps, it’s time to contact Instagram Help Center to assist you with your problem.


Hacking your way into someone’s Instagram account is not always self-serving. There are a lot of parents around the world who are worried about their children’s online safety.

This is why mobile monitoring apps like xMobi are the best, if not the only, options available to keep track of their activities quietly. 

Often, children would not understand where you are coming from and see your nosy activities as an invasion of privacy.

And instead of making them feel protected, they will receive your action negatively. 

At a time when children are primary targets for malicious activities such as pornography, trafficking, and other forms of exploitation, resorting to these spy tools can save a lot of lives.

Thanks for reading our article on ways to hack an Instagram account in 2024.