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GetViral Reviews 2024

In this review about, we’ll be addressing the pros, cons, safety, risk, and other factors related to this social media engagement service.

We like to start with some relevant and helpful tips before some of our reviews. We feel it helps you to get more familiar with proper engagement.

Social Media Engagement Best Practices

Before we talk about and its safety or risk factors for social media engagement, let’s discuss the best practices that are helpful and safe for you and your social media accounts.

First, it’s always best if you choose to manually engage, follow, and otherwise interact with your social media counterparts. One of the factors that make people turn to growth and engagement services is their lack of time. 

It’s true that to get to a level of engagement that will grow your account, you will need to spend hours and hours every day just on one social media platform.

Since most of us are using multiple social media sites to promote ourselves or our products or services, it seems to make sense to hire someone to outsource some of these tasks.

While nothing is wrong with getting some help, it’s important to have some level of competency in the service you choose. If you cannot feel peace of mind, you’re using the wrong engagement method.

Most people today want things now, not tomorrow, so instant gratification is something that affects social media engagement method selection.

The best practices help you get real followers that want to engage with your content and who get excited when they know you’re soon to post more. These are your people and the ones that will usually convert into loyal customers. 

That’s what real follower and real engagement can do for you. Fake followers and engagement is nothing more than numbers. Numbers will come and go, but loyal followers will stick with you as long as you’re creating quality and relevant content they want to see. 

You already have a big job ahead of you when it comes to creating content. Add engagement tasks to that, and you can easily get overwhelmed. 

If you have a full-time job, you’re working social media in whatever downtime you can find. This can result in burnout.

So, what about Is it a good solution? Let’s find out. Review

In the world of Instagram, if you’re not making the most of a third party to help you with your growth and engagement, then we can say at this point that you are definitely missing out. The competition these days is simply too much to do everything on your own, which is why thousands of Instagram users have tapped into the resources of the Instagram growth industry.

There are plenty out there that will have your back, but then there are those that won’t, and are just trying to take advantage of naïve Instagram users.

With this in mind, let’s review one company in particular, Get Viral, and decide if you should spend any of your time with them or not.

GetViral claims to be the best real Instagram growth service for Instagram, according to their homepage. GetViral says that they help their clients organically grow their accounts with real Instagram followers, and while this is a nice touch, we seriously think that they are a scam.

What is

GetViral review - dashboard

Get Viral is a company that claims to think highly of itself. It says that it doesn’t mess around with bots or fake accounts, just real people that are going to interact with and love your content. This is nice, but it doesn’t take a lot to go underneath the surface with this company and discover that we actually think they are the opposite.

To be the best in this business, you really need to be able to prove yourselves, and there’s nothing here that we can see that is proving Get Viral to be a legit company. Let’s give them a review. caters to multiple social media platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Instagram.

The information we have gathered will relate to the overall service and website safety and performance to help you better understand how it works and what is involved in this service.

We can only garner what we can find and what the company shares about itself. We are dedicated to delivering unbiased reviews to our readers.

Also, we will share our opinions and recommendations with you. This information comes from a place of experience and expertise. We strive to be reliable and credible in all our reviews.

A Review of GetViral


  • Secure Site: of course, while this is a positive feature, we’re not surprised that GetViral has managed to remember this aspect of their website. This is because it’s more common than ever right now, which means that it’s not going to help you determine whether they are a scam or not. Most companies these days have remembered to include this security measure, so while it does mean that you can share personal information, it also doesn’t help us all that much determine whether they’re legit or not.
  • Visible Pricing: GetViral has remembered to include pricing on their website, so you can get a good idea of what they’re going to cost before committing to anything. We have to say that their pricing comes across as too good to be true, which means that their features aren’t only fake, but low quality.


  • FAQ and Help Page: we couldn’t find anywhere anything to indicate that Get Viral is willing and prepared to help potential clients learn more about their company through FAQs, which is definitely disappointing. It means that you will have to go in blind, not really knowing what’s going on. However, we didn’t expect anything less from a company like this.
  • Email and Phone Form: one of the most common ways that companies like Get Viral can make sure they stay accountable to their clients is to ask them to fill out a phone and email form before they sign up for anything. This is their way of getting vital information, so that they can be in touch should something change about their features, or they need to provide an update.
  • Real Reviews: we couldn’t find anywhere on Get Viral’s website evidence that they are prepared to share real reviews from existing clients about how their experience has been with their features. This paints an interesting picture and means that they are more than likely what we say they are.
  • Secure Payment System: we couldn’t find anything to indicate that Get Viral offers their clients a safe way to pay, which means that you have to watch out for hackers obtaining your personal information. We don’t suggest that you share sensitive information on websites like this.

Top GetViral Alternatives

We don’t recommend GetViral for several reasons.

We checked it out on Scamadviser and found out that has a very low trust score. How low? 15/100 low. With that low trust raring, Scamadviser says this site may not be safe to use. We concur. 

One of the markers that resulted in this decision is that the site is quite new, but it has a suspiciously high number of reviews. We believe those reviews have been bought and paid for by the company to boost their ratings. It’s a young site, yet it seems to get a lot of traffic. 

There are more negative highlights, but these stood out the most to us. 

Likewise, Scam Detector ranked this website 8.4/100 and will not endorse this website due to this low trust rank. This site shows its validator tool and why this site has such a low trust rank.

While these are not the only research methods we rely on, these provide some interesting insights into the lack of legitimacy of this website and its services. 

One of the things that we noticed is that the site relates closely to others that are considered high-risk.

Our recommendation is to find a legitimate method of outsourcing for your social media engagement.

Something else you should know is that services like this one are no longer working on Instagram and have been getting more negative reviews in recent months. 

Bots, automation, and buying engagement are all on the chopping block on the Instagram platform. It’s likely that other social media platforms will follow suit.

Be alert and cautious.

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Is GetViral Safe to Use? Is It a Scam?

So, what do we ultimately think of GetViral? Do we think that they are safe, or are they just another scam? We’re sad to announce that we think they’re just another scam.

Their pricing is way too good to be true, they haven’t put enough effort into their website to make sure that their clients are safe, and they haven’t got any positive reviews on their webpage that backs what they claim about their features up. They are so shady, they have even been deleted from Trustpilot completely!

This means that we cannot recommend them to you to use for your Instagram growth, and highly recommend that you go elsewhere. Good luck!

Review Summary

Get Viral

GetViral say that they help their clients organically grow their accounts with real Instagram followers, and while this is a nice touch, we seriously think that they are a scam.

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