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Boostio Reviews 2024

Marketing your business and branding can be a headache that can take up valuable time and money.

Taking on this daunting task yourself can mean more work in just one area and less time spent focusing on other parts of the business. The virtual world of social media and online marketing can help this to an extent.

Using Instagram to build your business is a strategic move that could see it exposed to thousands of more people than if you were marketing elsewhere.

Third party companies can be a great option when you’re low on time and have the budget to outsource. Let’s take a look at one and see if it’s worth using your brand.

What is Boostio?

Boostio describes itself as a social media growth agency, but essentially, they just operate like a bot.

However, they are on the more expensive side when it comes to bot software, which means they apparently believe in what they’re selling. They are very well presented that implies their services are sophisticated and high quality.

Let’s look into Boostio and see whether it checks out as a reliable third-party service you can use to build your Instagram brand.

A Review of Boostio

First, let’s go for the positives

  • Secure Site: one of the first things we can see when arriving at Boostio’s landing page is that they have a safe site. This means that their website has been HTTP secured, making it more reliable and less likely to be hacked or affiliated with any hacking or fraud.
  • Visible Prices: they label their price page as “fair and transparent” – which it is, to a point. While Boostio is quite expensive for what they do, they are right in promoting themselves as transparent because it’s laid all out on the table for you to see. There don’t appear to be any hidden costs with Boostio – what you see is what you get with them.
  • FAQ and Help Page: they have an easy to read and understand FAQ and help page, which is another big positive. This way you can be as informed as possible before deciding on whether to join them.
  • Email and Phone form present: they do provide you with an email and phone form to fill out when you’re signing up for an account with them. This is an essential level of accountability that holds them in good standing.

Now, let’s run through the negatives

  • Real Reviews: they don’t appear to have any genuine reviews backing up their software on their website. This is a disadvantage as it doesn’t give them a tremendous amount of credibility, and it means you have to take extra time out to Google whether anything’s been said about them elsewhere.

Is Boostio a Scam, is Boostio Safe?

While Boostio appears to have the credentials required for running a reliable, safe service, it’s probably best to give it a miss. There is too little information out there about them to know definitively what it’s like to work with them, so it’s hard to tell what your experience would be like exactly.

When it comes down to it, however, they are selling a bot service at costly price points, which at the end of the day aren’t worth it for the risk you’ll take on your account.

You can certainly get better results elsewhere, so it’s worth doing your research and finding something else.

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