Troubled companies for sale

Troubled companies for sale

The last few months have seen a spate of small business getting gobbled up by larger companies at bargain basement prices. Just last month, BusinessWeek got sold to Bloomingdale for a mere $5 million. California’s oldest bookstore, Vroman’s both an independent local bookstore bought Book Soup. In both instances, getting sold can spell the difference […]

Retraining the Unemployed

Retraining the Unemployed

With the last few months seeing an upsurge in the unemployment rate, it may be a good time to think about the vast number of employable people out there who could very well fill in what you need, given the right training. The Chicago Tribune reports that a local company, Extended Care Clinical, is tapping […]

Give your customers a break these holidays


It’s not altogether unusual to give sales discounts during holidays. Online retailers can take a hint from their brick-and-mortar siblings who normally give thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine or Mother’s day discounts to their patrons. One option online retailers can take is to offer a Free Shipping Day on those holidays. This means a lot to online […]

Recognizing Outstanding Small Businesses

Recognizing outstanding small businesses

Anything that can help businesses to flourish in the current economic downturn is welcome. Small businesses need all the government encouragement and the Small Business Administration is accepting nominees for the national Small Business Week Awards that is held annually. There’s a Small Business Person of the Year to be awarded in each state and […]

Allowing Small Businesses to Become Big Business

Allowing small businesses to become big business

If you do, you can no longer avail of some incentives like availing loans from the Small Business Administration.  Well, cheer up, SBA is proposing to increase the size limits it had earlier defined for small businesses since 1984.  That means small companies that have grown bigger can remain qualified for low interest SBA loans […]

The Role of Public Relations in Marketing Strategies

The Role of Public Relations in 2016 Marketing Strategies

Public relations (PR) has been somewhat overlooked in marketing, much like the postscript of a letter; until now. Today’s marketing schemes and environment are making better use of PR to boost brand marketing efforts. PR has always had a minor supporting role in marketing, whether it was added as an afterthought or minimally used from […]