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The thing about Instagram is that if you aren’t putting a lot of effort into your Instagram profile every day, you’re probably falling behind. This is not because you aren’t producing great content, and it’s not for lack of trying.

One of the biggest reasons is because the landscape on Instagram these days is so competitive, even seasoned influencers are finding it difficult to stay ahead of the pack and remain on top.

This is because Instagram is just so popular at this point that it’s virtually impossible to continue to ride the wave of success without outside help.

ActiveIG Review

The good news is that there are companies out there that can help you, but the bad news is that some of them aren’t authentic.

Let’s review ActiveIG and see how they stack up.

ActiveIG says that they are the top place to help you buy Instagram followers, and they also say they are the only place for all of your Instagram growth needs.

They are proud to devliery quality engagement for their clients, but we think that they’re selling fake engagement.

What is ActiveIG?

ActiveIG Reviews

ActiveIG is quite clearly the kind of company that is selling their clients fake engagement. For a start, they say that you can buy Instagram followers, and they say that you can do this almost instantly.

They talk about how they are a platform where you can get maximum viral exposure overnight, and they encourage their website visitors to remember that they only offer real quality Instagram services to boost visibility, recognition, and profile engagement.

All of these things point towards this company being a proprietor of fake engagement, and the kind of company that you need to avoid at all costs, especially if you care about your Instagram reputation.

Active IG pricing

A Review of ActiveIG


  • Secure Site: ActiveIG gets attacked for securing their website with HTTPS, but this is as far as we will go when it comes to their security. There was nothing else on their website to indicate that they care about the security of their website in general, and they’re most likely just doing this so that they can get a better ranking on Google. They certainly won’t be doing it so that their client’s personal information is encrypted, although this is a side effect of securing a website in general. Either way, it’s no indication of whether they are a legit site or not.
  • Visible Pricing: ActiveIG isn’t shy about sharing their pricing with their clients, in fact, you can find all of their price points on their home page, ready to go. They say that 100 Instagram followers is going to cost you $2.99, and 500 Instagram followers is going to cost you $7.99. It goes on and on from here, and the most expensive price point is 5000 Instagram followers for $39.99. We have to tell you at this point that we think that all of their pricing is on the cheap side, which reflects the low quality of the services. Despite what they say on their website, they definitely aren’t putting the kind of effort into their features that they need to be.
  • FAQ Page: ActiveIG kind of has an FAQ section, but it’s certainly not comprehensive and relatable to their features. Yes, it includes a lot of information on how to grow your Instagram profile in general, but when it comes to pertaining to their features, it’s pretty vague. We definitely think that they are lacking in this area and believe that they could put a lot more relevant information on their website that relates directly to their features so that you can get a good idea of what kind of company they are from the beginning.


  • Customer Support: ActiveIG claim on their website to help their clients with 24/7 customer support, but we highly doubt that this is true. There are only a few companies in the social media marketing industry that can pull this kind of accountability off, and even with these guys, there is going to be moments in your working relationship where you won’t be able to get in touch with them straight away. Companies that are spending this little on their features certainly haven’t splashed out and invested in a customer support team that can help you around the clock.
  • Accountability Form: ActiveIG has no interest in being accountable to their clients, which is why they haven’t included an accountability form on their website. An accountability form is something that you fill out in the beginning when you first register for them and includes sharing personal information like your email address and phone number. A legit company will keep these safely tucked away on file, so that they can get in touch with you about any updates or features.
  • Secure Payment System: ActiveIG wants the payment process to go through as quickly as possible before their clients realize what they are actually getting themselves into. This is why they haven’t really spent a lot of time on the security of their payment gateways, and there isn’t even any information on their website in general about payment. In fact, we don’t suggest that you go for any company out there that can’t offer encrypted payment gateways, or a third-party payment option, like PayPal.

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Is ActiveIG Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

ActiveIG is so obviously trying to con their clients, it is cringy.

You might think that their website looks alright, and you might think that they have put a reasonable amount of effort into sharing price points and other features, but at the end of the day, ActiveIG are selling their clients fake engagement, and it is because they’re trying to make a quick profit, before disappearing again.

Trust us when we say that you can’t rely on a company like this to help your Instagram profile for a long time, so definitely avoid ActiveIG at all costs.

ActiveIG User Reviews

Here are some reviews we found for ActiveIG on Trustpilot. There is also a user reviews section at the end of this article for you to check out.

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Review Summary


ActiveIG says that they are the top place to help you buy Instagram followers, and they also say they are the only place for all of your Instagram growth needs. They are proud to devliery quality engagement for their clients, but we think that they’re selling fake engagement.

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