Large corporations hire in-house general counsel, a lawyer (or multiple lawyers) who work full-time to provide legal advice on day-to-day company concerns, deal with litigation difficulties, navigate a maze of regulatory issues, and generally keep the company out of legal trouble.

Smaller organizations, from start-ups to the lower middle market, can reap many of the same benefits for a cheaper cost by hiring an outside legal counsel for businesses.


Legal concerns are frequent for early-stage technology enterprises. You may encounter legal challenges, ranging from intellectual property concerns to compliance queries to employee disagreements.

The problem is that most digital start-ups do not yet have the resources to retain an in-house attorney to tackle all of these challenges. It is where hiring outside legal advice can be an effective and practical option. 

Expert Mentor And Confident

Consider a skilled outside general counsel to a corporate subject matter expert who can serve as a mentor and confidant.

Expert Mentor And Confident

They can be invaluable in assisting you in understanding the underlying ramifications of a company issue and determining the best way to fix it and go forward.

To assist you in strategically concentrating on the legal ramifications of your business actions, your outside general counsel will offer an extensive array of services.

What works best? Your outside general counsel will provide these services for substantially less than it would cost to engage a single individual to serve as general counsel for your organization. That’s a good value offer.

Efficient And Responsive

When you’re a software firm without in-house counsel (as most are), the thing you want to do when you run into legal problems is scramble to recruit an attorney and bring them up to speed.

Hiring an outside legal counsel for businesses before these concerns develop ensures that your GC is the scenario and can respond swiftly and efficiently, minimizing business impact. It gives you the same edge in legal conflicts as if you employed in-house counsel.

Drafting Employment Agreements, NDAs, And Non-Competition Agreements

A business lawyer may assist you in drafting employment and non-compete agreements for staff to establish corporate governance documents.

These contracts can help establish a company’s hierarchical structure and prohibit employees from profiting from your proprietary information.

These documents can be complex, so seek the advice of a reputable company law firm to help you design them in a way that will be successful for a long time.

Contract Negotiations

If you’re seeking strategies to bargain with your clients, partners, or staff, you’ll most likely need to talk with an attorney.

After all, a qualified lawyer can analyze the terms of your contract and advise you on what needs to be altered or removed to ensure that it meets the interests of both the business and its many stakeholders.

Employee Termination Advice and Support

Your attorney can ensure that you are in compliance with all applicable laws and provide practical guidance on how to terminate an employee in a way that is both fair and acceptable to all parties concerned.

Employee Termination Advice and Support

After considering the various services that outside counsel can offer to businesses, it is evident that employing a lawyer in any capacity is a sensible investment.

It is essential to safeguard your company or other stakeholders from legal concerns.


Your outside general counsel will be familiar with your business. As a result, they will be able to manage any issues before they happen and collaborate with you to limit risk when they do occur.

They can also provide an objective perspective on your company’s legal issues. Even if your firm has an in-house legal staff, hiring an outside general counsel might be beneficial for motivation.

For example, you can consider employing external counsel to engage with the company’s lawyers on a specific issue.

Outside general counsel may be knowledgeable in areas of the law and able to offer additional services.

Expertise And Insight

While any qualified lawyer may provide legal advice, a tech-savvy general counsel will have specific knowledge in dealing with legal concerns that frequently afflict digital enterprises like yours.

An experienced attorney can deliver business-specific insights and advice and assist you in navigating the complex legal terrain ahead of you.

You don’t realize what you don’t know. Because of significant business knowledge, an outside general counsel can proactively steer and assist your company’s growth.

It could be an employee of the firm or someone from a boutique firm that specialises in your specialised needs, such as patent applications, IRS litigation, or a regulatory concern.

Unlike the well-known attorney or law firm you found on Google, your outside general counsel will almost certainly have prior experience working with these subject matter experts and can supervise the work of seasoned attorneys or consultants who can offer the services you need at a lower cost.