Bigo Live is a popular social streaming platform where people go live to entertain, interact with their followers, and, most importantly, make money. 

However, not everyone feels comfortable or has the time to go live regularly.

The good news is that there are alternative ways to earn on Bigo without hitting the live button. 

This article will explore 21 ways to make money on Bigo without going live.

How to Make Money on Bigo Without Going Live

1. Be an Engaging Moderator

Be an Engaging Moderator Ways to Make Money on Bigo Without Going Live

Moderators help maintain an enjoyable environment during live streams.

They can ban or silence disruptive users and can help manage the chat. 

In return, moderators earn beans, which they can convert into real money, making it a rewarding, non-live option for those who prefer behind-the-scenes work.

2. Participate in Contests and Challenges

Bigo Live frequently organizes contests and challenges, providing a unique opportunity to earn money without going live. 

These events may involve sharing a certain number of streams or being the most generous gifter during a specific timeframe.

Winning these contests can result in substantial cash rewards.

3. Refer Friends to Bigo

By referring your friends to join Bigo Live, you can earn a commission for every friend who registers and completes specific tasks. 

The more friends you introduce to the platform, the more you can make.

It’s a simple and effective way to boost your earnings.

4. Create Compelling Content

While you may not want to go live, you can still upload prerecorded videos to your Bigo profile. 

If your content is engaging and garners attention, you can earn rewards through virtual gifts from your followers. 

Additionally, popular content creators may attract sponsorship opportunities from brands.

5. Virtual Gifting

Virtual Gifting Ways to Make Money on Bigo Without Going Live

Supporting your favorite broadcasters by sending them virtual gifts can also be a way to earn money on Bigo. 

You’ll receive a share of the money spent on these virtual items when you gift streamers.

The more you give, the more you can potentially earn.

6. Complete Daily Tasks

Bigo Live features daily tasks and missions that, when accomplished, reward you with beans, diamonds, or other in-app currency. 

These virtual currencies can later be converted into real money, providing a consistent income stream without going live.

7. Take Advantage of the Level System

Bigo Live’s level system rewards users for their activity and engagement. 

As you level up, you’ll gain access to various features and receive bonuses, including beans, diamonds, and other perks. 

Progressing through the levels can enhance your overall earnings.

8. Promote Your Bigo ID on Social Media

Leverage your social media presence by sharing your Bigo ID with your followers. 

Encourage them to follow you on Bigo, and as your follower count grows, so do your potential earnings. 

The more followers you have, the more gifts and promotions you can receive.

9. Join Talent Agencies

Talent agencies on Bigo Live connect broadcasters with sponsorship opportunities and brand collaborations. 

Even if you’re not regularly going live, you can still benefit from these partnerships, earning money through sponsored content and promotions.

10. Participate in Bigo Live Events

Participate in Bigo Live Events Ways to Make Money on Bigo Without Going Live

Keep an eye out for special events hosted by Bigo Live.

These events often offer substantial cash prizes for participants. 

You can increase your earnings by actively engaging in these events without committing to regular live streaming.

11. Play Games on Bigo Live

Bigo Live offers a variety of interactive games within the platform.

You can win beans, diamonds, or even real cash rewards by participating in these games. 

Games like Ludo, PK, and Quiz can be entertaining and profitable.

12. Sell Virtual Items

You can create and sell virtual items like stickers, chat emojis, or backgrounds on Bigo Live. 

When other users purchase your items, you earn some of the revenue.

This is an excellent way to monetize your creativity and design skills.

13. Offer Support Services

If you possess a skill or expertise in a particular field, you can offer support services within the Bigo Live ecosystem. 

You can help users with design, tech support, or any assistance you excel at, earning money by assisting others.

14. Teach and Share Knowledge

Bigo Live provides an educational platform where you can conduct classes workshops, or share your knowledge in various subjects. 

You can charge attendees for access to your instructional content.

15. Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborate with Influencers Ways to Make Money on Bigo Without Going Live

Collaborating with Bigo Live influencers and broadcasters can help you earn money through cross-promotions and exposure to your audience. 

Negotiate terms and find ways to work together that benefit both parties.

16. Host Watch Parties

Organize watch parties where you stream popular movies, TV shows, or trending content. 

Encourage your followers to join in, and you can earn rewards based on participation and viewer engagement.

17. Create and Sell Merchandise

You can design and sell merchandise related to your Bigo Live persona, such as branded apparel, accessories, or digital products

Selling merchandise can be a lucrative way to monetize your online presence.

18. Freelance as a Content Creator

Leverage your content creation skills and offer services to other Bigo Live users or outside clients. 

You can provide services like video editing, graphic design, or content writing, earning income based on your skills and expertise.

19. Write Reviews and Recommendations

Share your opinions and reviews on various products, services, or apps on Bigo Live. 

You can attract sponsorships or affiliate marketing opportunities by providing valuable recommendations and generating income.

20. Promote Affiliate Products

Promote Affiliate Products Ways to Make Money on Bigo Without Going Live

Promote affiliate products or services related to your niche or interests.

When your followers purchase through your affiliate links, you’ll earn commissions, offering a passive income stream.

21. Host Giveaways and Contests

Organize giveaways or contests for your followers, encouraging engagement and participation. 

By partnering with brands or sponsors for prizes, you can boost your followers and earn money from sponsorships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make money on Bigo without going live?

Yes, you can make money on Bigo Live without going live yourself.

Bigo Live offers a versatile platform that allows users to explore various income-generating options beyond live streaming. 

Whether you are interested in moderating, creating content, referring friends, participating in contests, or offering support services, there are numerous ways to accumulate earnings on the platform. 

The key is finding the best method for your skills and interests.

By diversifying your approach and actively engaging with the Bigo Live community, you can unlock the full potential of earning money without the need to go live yourself.

How do I convert virtual currency into real money on Bigo Live?

Bigo Live provides multiple options for converting virtual currency into real money.

To get started, accumulate virtual currency, such as beans and diamonds, through various activities on the platform. 

Once you have a substantial balance, you can convert it into real money.
Bigo Live typically offers cash-out options, including bank transfers, digital wallets, or other payment methods. 

The exact process can vary, so reviewing the platform’s specific guidelines and ensuring you meet any withdrawal requirements is essential. 

Following these steps, you can seamlessly transform your virtual currency earnings into tangible income.

What skills can I offer on Bigo Live for support services?

Bigo Live is a diverse platform with a wide-ranging user base, creating opportunities for users to offer a broad spectrum of support services. 

Some of the most popular services include tech support, graphic design, counseling, language lessons, and fitness coaching. 

The key is to leverage your unique skills and expertise to provide valuable services to users who require assistance in your specific area of knowledge. 

By offering these services, you contribute to the Bigo Live community and create income streams based on your expertise and the demand for your skills.


Bigo Live offers many ways to make money on the platform without going live in front of an audience. 

While live streaming is the most prominent feature, the platform’s versatility opens the door to many income-generating opportunities. 

From moderating live streams, participating in contests and challenges, and referring friends to creating engaging content and converting virtual currency into real money, Bigo Live caters to diverse preferences and skill sets.

By exploring these 21 ways to make money on Bigo without going live and tailoring your approach to your strengths and interests, you can steadily accumulate earnings on Bigo Live. 

Whether you’re a tech-savvy problem-solver, a content creator, or a savvy networker, the platform provides avenues to generate income.