TripAdvisor was the product of a bad holiday planning experience.

It led four people, Stephen Kaufer, Langley Steinert, Thomas Palka, and Nick Shanny to create the idea, find finance, and launch the site in September 2000.

Initially, the company struggled.

In fact, it took two years and several changes to the business model before they hit the jackpot.

That was the site you know today, focused on customer reviews. 

The premise took off, and today Tripadvisor is recognized as one of the most important players in the industry.

Of course, there have been plenty of controversies on the way. 

Perhaps the most concerning of these is the acknowledgement that fake reviews and even blackmail are possible on the site.

Today, the business is no longer owned by the founders, but it still operates in the same way and, as the following TripAdvisor statistics show, it remains one of the most popular online ticket-booking websites.

Key Statistics

  • TripAdvisor worldwide revenue is $1.49 billion
  • There are 3,100 TripAdvisor employees globally
  • 58% of employees are female
  • 61% of Tripadvisor employees are white
  • The average employee makes $102,094 per year
  • 72% of consumers will look at a review before booking
  • There are over 700 million reviews on TripAdvisor
  • The site lists over 7 million locations
  • Tripadvisor is visited by 490 million users every month
  • Tripadvisor is number one in the us travel & tourism industry
  • 30% of travelers start researching a trip 3 months in advance
  • 87% of reviews share positive experiences
  • 90% of hotels state TripAdvisor is essential for business success
  • 12% of us travelers book via TripAdvisor
  • 7 out of 10 of the most popular destinations are outside the US
  • Approximately 16,563 zipline tours were booked in 2022
  • Beach is the most searched phrase

Top TripAdvisor Statistics in 2024

Tripadvisor Statistics

1. TripAdvisor Worldwide Revenue Is $1.49 Billion

When the team started Tripadvisor they raised just $4 million to get the business off the ground.

The company was sold in 2004 for $210 million.

A good return on investment. 

Of course, that’s nothing compared with how much the company turnover today. 

According to the latest Statista reports, worldwide revenue for Tripadvisor in 2022 was $1.49 billion.

This was a significant improvement from 2021 when the company managed a global revenue of $902 million. 

Of course, 2021 was a bad year for the company, like so many other businesses, thanks to the pandemic. 

Prior to this, Tripadvisor’s revenue had been steadily climbing for years.

As far back as 2014 it was clearing $1 billion per year. 

As the market continues to recover it seems likely that Tripadvisor’s global revenue will continue to grow. 


2. There Are 3,100 Tripadvisor Employees Globally

Tripadvisor relies on customer reviews.

Anyone who visits a hotel or other type of accommodation can leave a review.

Other site visitors can read the review and use it to help them choose the right vacation spot. 

Every time a visitor clicks on a hotel, the business is charged a small fee, that’s how Tripadvisor generates billions of dollars of revenue every year. 

With this approach, it may seem surprising that the company has over 3,000 employees around the globe. 

Interestingly, this figure represents a 15% growth on 2021.

However, this growth is largely due to the global pandemic when Tripadvisor needed to lay off over 600 staff. 

Naturally, the majority of employees are computer-based, ensuring the systems are working correctly and algorithms performing as expected.

There are also many customer support positions. 


3. 58% Of Employees Are Female

It’s always interesting to see whether a business is following or bucking a trend.

In this instance, Tripadvisor seems to be bucking the trend and has employed more women than men. 

According to the latest figures, 58% of employees are female, meaning that 42% are male.

It’s higher than the national average but reflects the way many industries are moving. 

For example, as of December 2022, research showed that women held 50.04% of all American jobs.

That means men held 49.96%. There is little difference but the figures do favor women. 

It seems likely that this trend will continue. 


4. 61% Of Tripadvisor Employees Are White

The latest figures show 61% of Tripadvisor employees are white.

A further 19% are Asian and 10% are Hispanic or Latino.

The other 10% of employees fall into other minority groups, such as black, African American, etc. 

This division is similar to that of the US population.

It currently consists of 63% white, 18% Hispanic or Latino, 12% Black or African American, and 6% Asian.


5. The Average Employee Makes $102,094 Per Year

According to research the most common qualification among Tripadvisor employees is a bachelor’s degree.

Approximately 80% of the employees have this level of qualification. 

Business is the most common major found among Tripadvisor employees.

It’s estimated that 13% of employees have this level of qualification.

Marketing qualifications are held by 12.4% of employees and communication by 11.9%.

This level of education may explain why the average Tripadvisor employee makes $102,094 per year. 

The high average salary is likely a contributing factor in employee loyalty.

According to the latest figures the average employee will stay with Tripadvisor for 3-4 years.

It’s worth noting that 67% of its employees are aged between 20-30 years old.

No one under 18 works for the business but 26% of staff are aged between 30-40, and just 6% are older than 40.


6. 72% Of Consumers Will Look At A Review Before Booking

Checking reviews has become the norm for many industries.

It’s not surprising as most people have access to a smartphone and this allows you to review anything instantly. 

When it comes to something as important as your next vacation, it’s natural to want to see what others have to say. 

The good thing about Tripadvisor is that all reviews are visible.

It’s particularly useful to look at negative reviews and see how the hotel has responded. 

Seventy-two percent of consumers will look at reviews, such as those on Tripadvisor, before they book anything.

It’s interesting to note that over 50% of these people use their smartphones to access the website and read reviews.

This is similar to the number of people who now access the internet via a mobile device rather than a desktop. 


7. There are Over 700 Million Reviews On Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor has been in business for over 20 years, during that time millions of people have posted reviews on the hotels and other places they have visited. 

It’s currently estimated there are 702 million reviews on Tripadvisor talking about personal experiences at the world’s leading hotels. 

Alongside the reviews, the figures show there are at least 160 million photos from travelers and users have recommended over one million attractions around the planet. 

Impressively, new reviews and topics appear on the site daily.

A survey in 2016 found that an average of 2,600 new topics appeared in a variety of forums every day.

With so much information at your fingertips it can almost feel like you’re vacationing while you look at the reviews and recommendations. 


8. The Site Lists Over 7 Million Locations

The Site Lists Over 7 Million Locations

According to Statista over 7 million locations are listed on Tripadvisor.

In fact, there may even be as many as 8 million. 

That’s not just hotels and other forms of accommodation, it’s also tourist attractions and other places of interest. 

In other words, if you’ve been somewhere on vacation you can add pictures and a review to help others know if it’s worth visiting or not. 

You’re not alone if you’re considering posting on Tripadvisor.

According to Statista, 47% of internet users aged between 16-24 will post an online review every month.

The review can be on any site but Tripadvisor is a popular option. 


9. Tripadvisor Is Visited By 490 Million Users Every Month

Tripadvisor is potentially the most famous vacation advice website on the internet.

It frequently comes top in any vacation-related searches and is valued by millions of people across the globe. 

In fact, the latest figures from Statista suggest that the site is visited by at least 490 million visitors every month.

Impressively, the site estimates that 66% of these visits originated in the US. 

In contrast, the UK contributes just 2.11%.

The next biggest contributor is, surprisingly, Poland with 1.73%, followed by Canada with 1.43%, and Thailand with 1.21%.

Other countries around the globe combined make up 27.35% of visits to Tripadvisor every month. 

It’s interesting to note that vacations are no longer things booked by mom and dad.

Generation Z has become the most popular generation for booking vacations.

This is a sign of shifting priorities.

As many as 33% of Americans are planning to increase their spending on vacations and traveling in the next year


10. Tripadvisor Is Number One In The US Travel & Tourism Industry

This statistic isn’t that surprising but it is notable.

The travel and tourism industry is extremely competitive and has been growing steadily in value. 

In 2018 it was worth $1.7 trillion.

By 2022, despite a downturn thanks to the global pandemic, the industry was valued at $1.9 trillion.

Thanks to excellent publicity, Tripadvisor is the first place many people visit when looking at vacations and things to do on vacation. 

It’s estimated that 80% of searches come from desktops, compared to over 50% of reviews from smartphones.

The average US visitor to the site will look at 6-7 pages to help them make a decision.

This average is higher in Italy where users often look at 10 or more pages. 

Tripadvisor has proved useful for many Americans, especially when you’re looking for something different to the main destinations.

It can help you find a spot to connect with the locals. 

That’s one of the reasons it’s so popular and the number one in the US travel and tourism industry.

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11. 30% Of Travelers Start Researching A Trip 3 Months In Advance

There are people who love to book a destination at the last moment and simply go with the flow, enjoying whatever happens. 

While it is an attractive idea, many people only get one vacation a year and they want to get it right.

That means choosing a place that will appeal to all members of the party. 

Of course, that can be difficult which is why the reviews matter so much. 

According to TripBarometer, travelers take the decision process very seriously and as many as 30% of them will start looking at and comparing destinations as much as 3 months before they intend to go anywhere. 

The study also showed that 35% of travelers between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four will start out by comparing the destination options. 

Research regarding the destination is critical to these people as 72% of Millennials and 63% of Generation Z are more interested in having experiences than owning physical possessions. 

This fits with the main desire of vacationers to experience local culture and interact with people. 


12. 87% Of Reviews Share Positive Experiences

Most businesses worry about negative reviews as they can be seriously detrimental to business.

However, while Tripadvisor reviews need to be monitored and bad reviews dealt with promptly, the majority of reviews posted are positive. 

According to Tripadvisor, 87% of all reviews posted are intended to share a positive experience and desirable destinations. 

That’s good for business and all it takes is a little monitoring regarding what is posted.

It’s worth noting that 57% of site visitors are looking for beach vacations and two-thirds of Tripadvisor consumers use Tripadvisor to find places to stay. 

All visitors should be aware of negative reviews but it’s important to note that these are in the minority. 

In short, hotels and other accommodation providers should be encouraging their guests to post a review. 


13. 90% Of Hotels State Tripadvisor Is Essential For Business Success

90% Of Hotels State Tripadvisor Is Essential For Business Success

Tripadvisor is recognized as the most dominant force in the travel and tourism industry, both in the US and globally. 

That’s why all vacation-based businesses need to pay attention to the service it’s offering. 

The good news is the message seems to be getting through.

90% of hoteliers recognize that Tripadvisor is extremely beneficial to their business and, in fact, essential for its success. 

Its benefits are demonstrated by establishments such as Cambodia’s Virith’s Hotel which was named the best hotel in 2018.

That simple award instantly multiplied interest in the hotel. 

You should note that the above hotel is just $135 a night.

It doesn’t need to be the most expensive to be recommended and good value.

The study also found 31% of visitors will ignore a review if it uses bad grammar.

Yet, 87% of users state a thoughtful response to a bad review dramatically improves the way they view any business. 


14. 12% Of US Travelers Book Via Tripadvisor

A recent survey by Statista found that 12% of Americans have booked a hotel or other accommodation through Tripadvisor within the last year. 

It illustrates just how popular this site is when booking accommodation. 

The survey also discovered that mountains, rural locations, and beachside properties were the ones in highest demand during 2022.

Perhaps the most impressive statistic from this survey was that 70% of hotels booked in January 2022 were used for domestic trips.

The fact they were booked in January suggests people were eager to plan a getaway while the weather was gloomy. 


15. 7 Out Of 10 Of The Most Popular Destinations Are Outside The US

There are hundreds of stunning locations for a vacation within the US.

Yet, according to Tripadvisor, seven out of ten, or 70% of the best and most popular destinations are actually not in the US. 

The list of the top ten destinations, according to Tripadvisor, includes Dubai, London, Cancun, Bali, Crete, Istanbul, Paris, Hurghada; and Cabo San Lucas. 

If you want to stay in the US then the top ten destinations are Las Vegas, Oahu, Maui, Key West, New York City, New Orleans, Savannah, Miami Beach, Nashville, and Sedona.  

Of course, you can also search for specific activities, as opposed to destination.

For example, top food destinations or top skiing destinations.

The drive to head outside the US is backed by a Tripadvisor survey showing that Americans intend to spend an additional 29% on their vacation this year compared to one year ago. 

This, alongside the pandemic, has meant that many people are eager to explore new horizons, Tripadvisor is helping them to do just that.


16. Approximately 16,563 Zipline Tours Were Booked In 2022

Approximately 16,563 Zipline Tours Were Booked In 2022

Mention Tripadvisor and most people think of hotels, alternate accommodation, and perhaps the option to book flights at the same time.

However, as the Tripadvisor statistics have already revealed, there’s a lot more to the site than that.

It has become a popular place to find attractions and even book them.

This approach keeps things simpler on vacation. 

To illustrate the point, during 2022 an impressive 16,563 zipline tours were booked through Tripadvisor.

On top of this, 47,015 ghost and vampire tour tickets were purchased and 1,636 opportunities to dive with sharks. 

In short, Tripadvisor can help you find a reputable business whether you’re looking for somewhere to sleep or something to give you an adrenaline rush. 


17. Beach Is The Most Searched Phrase

Beach Is The Most Searched Phrase

Although people are looking for a wide variety of destinations, many people are still unsure of where to go. 

This means they are simply staring at Tripadvisor for inspiration. 

Of course, to get inspiration you still need to give the site an idea of what type of vacation you want.

The vast majority of people opt to start their search with the word ‘beach’.

This word was searched for an impressive 4.8 million times!

The second most popular search is simply ‘resort’.

This was entered into the search engine approximately 3.2 million times. 

Spa grabbed the third spot with 1.7 million searches.  


Getting Started With Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor has been around long enough to streamline its booking process.

That means, if you want to use the service you’ll find it very easy to join. 

You’ll need to visit the Tripadvisor page and choose the ‘open an account’ icon.

This will open a default form you’ll need to fill in. 

Enter your email address, choose a password, and a nickname.

You can use your full name if you wish.

You can then go to the main page and select the search option. 

That means choosing between hotels, vacations, things to do, restaurants, and flights.

Once you’ve selected the results you want to see and entered your intended travel dates, you can confirm the number of people going on the vacation.

Click the find option and you’ll be provided with a list of potential hotels; including prices, local attractions, and other relevant local information.

You’ll then be able to click on each one, read the details and reviews, and even compare the different hotels. 

Remember, Tripadvisor isn’t actually a booking site, it merely suggests places based on customer reviews.

You can click on the relevant hotel or attraction and be taken to the booking site to finalize your reservation. 

Once you’ve booked you can see the booking information in your Tripadvisor account, keeping the entire process simple. 

Summing Up

The above Tripadvisor statistics clearly show a website which is dominating the travel and tourism industry. 

The site does exceptionally well in the US but has also earned global recognition and a large following.

Many people won’t book any accommodation or attraction without first looking at Tripadvisor. 

With such a high profile and associated success in helping people find the right vacation, Tripadvisor is highly likely to continue to be an industry giant.

All you have to do is sign up and start reading reviews today.


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