Anything goes these days on the internet and its fair game to those who are innovative enough to use marketing tools like social media to promote their business and drive traffic to their niche. Often the most successful people have found their popularity in the most unlikely of places, using websites to their advantage to reach even more people and broaden their business to the international stage.

There’s no one right way to do this, but knowing what you’re getting into can help immensely.

Here are three ways to market your Tumblr, improving your chances at having a globally recognized business online.


Following People

The best way to get followers on Tumblr is to do the same for everyone else. Following other people gets your name out there, so it makes sense that the more people you follow, the more people are going to see your name and be inclined to visit your page and find out more about your brand. Like any other social media, Tumblr is built upon a community of like-minded people who scroll in search of things that interest them, so the more you appear on their scroll feed, the more interest you’ll garner.


Tagging Posts

There is a technical side to this social media game, involving a couple of tricks and tips that could mean the difference between your posts being seen by ten people or ten thousand. Tagging your posts is vital to gaining exposure. The primary way people find things that they are interested in is by searching keywords and tags. If your posts are tagged with keywords relevant to your demographic, your post will come up in these searches when that keyword is looked up, and people will have a much easier time finding your Tumblr.


Tumblr Url

Everyone has a URL associated with their Tumblr account, and for the advantageous among you, this is the ticket to easy business promotion. Most people who have Tumblr have other social media like Instagram or Facebook, so taking your URL and posting it to other social media sites you have means that other people who might be on Tumblr but haven’t had the opportunity to come across your page yet will, through that extra exposure. The more places online you can paste your URL and promote your Tumblr, the more traffic you’ll drive to go and visit your page. You’ve got to put the work in to get the attention.

It would be nice if you could sit back, relax, and watch as people slowly start to trickle in the door and realize how much they love your Tumblr page and business. Unfortunately, with so many fish in the sea, this isn’t how it works.

Like any successful business, the hard work is put in first before the reward is seen, and sometimes it can take more of this than you realized. But using these tips to market your Tumblr is the best way of driving traffic to your page, boosting your business and giving you better exposure.