Moving to a hybrid work setting is not always easy, but it is something many businesses will eventually have no choice but to consider. Not only do they have to stay active in times of restrictions, but more employees are starting to demand remote and hybrid work arrangements. That’s when they don’t outright expect them.

Making the switch is not always the easiest, however, and there are some challenges inherent to these workplaces you need to be aware of. Here are some of the things you should know before moving to a hybrid workplace.

Keeping Tabs of Everyone Will be Difficult

One of the most difficult things about hybrid workplaces is keeping track of everyone. We’re not only talking about punching in and out here, but also how devices are used.

There are many security implications to remote and hybrid workplaces, and if you have a sizable number of employees, then you have probably thought about letting them use their own devices. This means that you’ll have people with different phones from different companies with different editions of the operating software connecting to your networks.

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You’ll need to have clear systems in place to monitor connections with your network and have a security protocol in place for device upgrades, usage, theft, or loss. You can do this in-house, but it would usually be a better idea to work with a third-party IT service that will manage this for you.

You May Need a Full Office Makeover

If you have an old-style office, then you may need a complete commercial office buildout. Starting from scratch will often be easier than trying to move things around since you may need to bring new elements and completely change your floor’s layout to accommodate them.

Hybrid workplaces are synonymous with hot-desking, so you will need to have one or a few large desks with open seating. But you also need to have secluded areas where employees can work on their own or get into conversations without having someone eavesdropping. In addition, you still need to be in enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces where small groups can collaborate.

You Have To Train The Team For Remote Work

One of the very important parts of a hybrid workplace is how the team is trained for remote work. You cannot simply lead this to chance. Most people believe that remote work is something that happens at home, without too much input from the management team.

In reality, it is an arrangement. A group of employees or an employee will mainly work from alternate locations. Communication happens with employers through digital mediums. And that remote working space can be a café. 

Moving from the regular in-office work we are all used to and relying on remote work is not a process that happens fast and in a natural way. Training is almost always necessary. This includes things like best practices and the technologies used. 

The team has to master brand new technology and several tools that will help make work possible. Extensive training will be needed. In a similar way, new practices necessary in training employees have to be enforced. These apply to the core values of the business, company culture, and work standards. 

Building Cohesion and a Culture Can be Tough

You have to take the steps necessary to make sure that everyone is on the same page too. Employees often get disconnected when they don’t see each other, so you will have to force them to be together from time to time. You should consider having days where everyone has to be on the premises either for group briefings or scheduled events. 

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You should also encourage collaboration between remote workers and workers in the office as much as you can while still allowing them to work on their own so they can reflect on ideas and strategies without falling into groupthink. This can only be done with proper monitoring, and by using the right collaborative tools, project management systems and methods.

The reason why collaboration is so important is that it improves the quality of the work done by the entire team. When you have some people who are not working as a part of the team, your project will suffer.

Final Thoughts

Many challenges come with managing a hybrid team, but your efforts could pay off if you do it correctly. Make sure that you have a plan in place before making the switch and consider hiring outside help to help you implement your systems.

The plan is one of the most important parts of making remote work effective for your business. If you do not have a plan, your efforts are going to fail. Take the time needed to think about everything mentioned above and make sure you have all necessary tools in place before you start doing remote work.