A few years ago, Dallas, Texas changed their tagline to “Dallas: Big Things Happen Here.”

The thing is, that is a fact, not just a tagline or city motto.

Some of the “things” that happen there include corporation headquarters such as Match.com, McAfee, AT&T, FedEx, Symantec, and more big brand corporations.

In other words, Dallas is fertile ground for business.

Dallas has a population of around 125 million, a moderate subtropical climate, and is the third-largest of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

This city’s economy primarily comes from medical research, healthcare, technology, banking, transportation, and telecommunications.

Did you know that Dallas has the most shopping centers per capita across the nation? 

17 billionaires call Dallas their home and it is the third most popular business venue.

That makes sense because they have no state or local income tax that burdens the business community.

With all the convention venues Dallas offers, it is a hub for conferences.

The tourist industry here is dynamic and hectic.

Starting a business in Dallas could be a lucrative endeavor. 

If you feel stuck for small business ideas in Dallas or Texas, here are some diverse and cost-effective ideas to help get you started.

Some of these ideas are conventional and some innovative, so you can get creative and brainstorm for more ideas. 

Small Business Opportunities in Dallas, Texas

1. Gardening/Landscaping Services

Gardening Small Business Ideas in Dallas

Since Dallas is so saturated with gardens, parks, office centers, homes, golf ranges, and picnic areas, there is a huge demand for gardening services.

This small business requires that you have some skills and knowledge of plants, landscaping, and gardening.

You also need to have some creative ideas, a love for the work, and some investment.

Remember, the more work you provide, the larger you will grow. 

2. Mobile Automobile Repair Business

If you have ever been stuck somewhere away from automotive repair shops, you know that mobile automobile repair is a great idea.

Dallas is a big city with people who drive vehicles.

Those vehicles break down in some inconvenient places.

People are willing to pay for your help.

You will need knowledge of automotive repair and the ability to make quick repairs. 

3. Electronic Repair Service

Electronic Repair

People own appliances, televisions, and other electronic devices that require maintenance and repair.

If you have experience and skills with electronics repairs, you can start up your own small business.

The city of Dallas is so huge that this arena is a great niche to make money.

Consider that electronics stop working or act up and how long it might take for people to get a repair person to them the conventional way.

You can take up that slack and make money helping people with an on-call electronics repair service.

4. Coffee Shop 

Dallas is full of people who love their coffee.

Since many of them are busy with work and their commute, they have little time to make theirs in the morning.

Plus, they often want that midday jolt to get them going again until their workday is over.

Freshly brewed coffee seems to taste better when someone else is making it.

Opening a coffee shop in a busy area of Dallas will be lucrative.

Add some freshly baked pastries like bagels donuts, pretzels, cakes, cupcakes, and biscotti and add to your profits. 

5. Delivery Service

Busy people like to have things delivered to them.

That is one reason a delivery service is such a bright business idea in this large city.

Delivery of take-out, grocery items, dry cleaning, and other store items would be ideal in areas where there are no delivery options.

A desire to be helpful, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a bicycle are all you need to get up and running.

If you want to get a fleet of bikes, you can run the business and hire some young people to do the work.

6. Mobile Restaurant

Mobile Restaurant

How would a mobile restaurant work?

First, you invest in the appropriate vehicle like a food truck, then you put it in a busy location to serve food and beverages to hard-working people, college students, and tourists.

You will also need to be able to cook well so that people will come back because your food is so good.

Finally, take into consideration the equipment.

You will need portable cooking stoves, commercial ice machines, kitchen utensils, etc.

The best thing about a mobile restaurant? If your location isn’t providing the revenues you want, you can move to another area.

7. Social Media Consultant/Manager 

If you already spend a lot of time on social networks and have the skills to get likes and views, you are ahead of the game.

You need no particular education unless you do not know about social media.

If you are already great at social media marketing, there is zero investment, but a lot of profit in it for you.

Otherwise, to become a social media consultant or manager, you may want to invest in some training so that you understand what it takes to create content that appeals to an audience. 

8. Chauffeur Service

As mentioned earlier, Dallas is a hub for conferences, business meetings, seminars, symposiums, and other similar events.

High-profile business people traveling through Dallas on business require transportation, but not just any transportation.

They want a chauffeur to be at their beck and call.

To start out, you can save money by renting a car.

You may also choose not to rent or buy limos, but conventional cars, vans, or SUVs for your service.

Just taking people back and forth to the airport is worth the investment.

9. Small Business Consultant 

Business Consultant

As you sit there thinking about businesses you can start in Dallas, there is someone considering starting a small business consulting service.

Maybe that is you.

If you have business experience running your own business or having the skills to advise others on how they can start their own business, this is a great startup for you that essentially requires an investment of your time.

You must be good with people and knowledgeable about the business. 

10. Hardware Store 

While you don’t need many skills to open a hardware store, it is wise to have some knowledge of hardware and some great customer service skills.

This business will also require some monetary investment in inventory and building rental.

Additionally, you can set up an online ordering system and ship or offer free local delivery.

11. Travel Agency

As with all metropolises, Dallas travel agent services are in high demand.

People in the big city are so busy that they have little to no time to plan their own trips, vacations, business trips, and other travel.

A decent professional circle in travel and some great interpersonal skills will help you be a hit in this niche.

Offer specials for holidays, hook people up with tours and work with tourists, business executives, and others to make their travel planning easier.

12. Meat Shop

Meat Shop

Even though not everyone can or will eat meat, there are still some carnivores out there who love a great cut of meat.

The goal of a meat shop is to have a clean and hygienic environment, properly-cut meat, and proper packaging to ensure the safety and flavor of the meat.

It is good to have some butcher skills for this job.

A meat shop is great for people who love to grill and cook at home instead of eating out all the time. 

13. Warehouse Business

Every big city needs warehouses.

This business is in very high demand with such a populous city as Dallas.

You can start small-scale by using a spare room in your home, which doesn’t require an investment.

If you have a storage building or lot, you may use that as well.

With some research and business savvy, you can have extra income without much investment at all. 

14. Online Gift Shop and Delivery 

Today’s society is one of instant gratification.

That is one reason information products like e-books are so popular.

Buy one and read it now is instant.

You can do something similar with a gift shop.

Create an online store of gifts for a variety of occasions and holidays and offer free delivery.

Your customers order online and you deliver the gift to the intended recipient.

It saves everyone involved time and is a wonderful surprise for the receiver.

Dropshipping is one way to do this.

If you are creative, you can make your own gift items and go for it. 

15. Mobile Salon 

Mobile Salon

More and more people are starting to prefer services that come to them instead of them going to the services.

This is especially true in the beauty salon industry.

You will need an automobile, equipment, and supplies to provide on-demand salon services.

You will need to be a licensed cosmetologist and have skills across skin, hair, and nails unless you choose to niche into only one of these areas.

One way to do this is to invest in a recreational vehicle (RV), set it up like a small salon, and market your mobile salon to get customers.

If you provide especially great services, word of mouth will help you get more customers.

16. Real Estate

Property and Real Estate markets are almost always lucrative in large cities.

This is true for Dallas.

While prices in the industry tend to fluctuate, there is always the right time and right place for profit.

You will need to know that.

Leasing and renting are more popular than buying in the business sector and are very profitable.

Some investment and expertise are required.

17. Sporting Goods Store

Dallas is home to the football team, the Cowboys.

This big city, like most, is heavily into sports.

Sporting goods stores are in demand.

It will require an investment and some knowledge and interest in sports.

Selling and interpersonal skills and business know-how are required. 

18. Legal Consultant

Legal Consultant

Business and personal legal matters are always there.

If you have some expertise and a license to practice, you can become a legal consultant for individuals and businesses.

Paralegals and lawyers are legal consultants, but there are rules that must be followed in the United States and Texas in this field.

You must know how to draft legal documents, visit courthouses, and perform other legal tasks that you are licensed to do.

19. Ad Agency

Businesses need to advertise.

Big cities have some advertising agencies, but with so many people and so many businesses in Dallas, another one would do great here.

You do need an advertising background or know people who you can partner with for a business.

Some things you might plan and design for businesses include brochures, posters, billboard advertising, social media, newspapers, television, and radio ads.

You can choose a niche and expand as you go.

Other than skills and a computer, you need to invest nothing. 

20. Ambulance Service

Did you know that ambulance services are separate entities from hospitals?

When a patient needs to get to the hospital fast and with assistance, an ambulance is what you need.

It will require investing in a few ambulances.

Being on-call is necessary day and night.

You will need properly licensed and medically trained drivers and co-drivers.

You will want to network and contract with local hospitals and medical centers.

It is easier to start with non-emergency ambulance services and then expand later. 

21. Second-Hand Items Store

Second-Hand Items Store

Pre Owned or secondhand are items that have been used.

Some are still in almost new condition and some show some wear.

The idea is to know something about secondhand goods that are worth the investment.

Starting a secondhand store, also known as a thrift store is a lucrative undertaking in this big city.

People like to get a great deal on something they might not otherwise be able to afford.

Quality pre-owned merchandise and interpersonal skills are required.

Some investment in rent will be needed if you do not already have a place.

22. Medical Equipment Business

Medical facilities, hospitals, and doctors all over the city need medical supplies and equipment.

You can start your own medical equipment dealership and cater to them.

You can even start this business out small by dealing with equipment and supplies that are low in investment and gradually expand as you grow and profit.

23. Car Wash Service

Car Wash Service

Busy, hard-working people with cars need them to be clean.

A car wash business is highly profitable in Dallas.

You need very little investment to get started and the return on that investment will be fast.

You can also offer tire pressure checking, tire changing, and checking windshield wipers. 

24. Theatrical Agency

The art culture in Dallas features its own district and is the largest in the United States.

If you are an artistic person with a flair for acting and drama you can start up your own theater group for theatrical performances.

You can rent a theater for the short or long term and entertain the masses.

If you have some investment money to spend, purchase, or build a theater, advertise, entertain, and repeat. 

25. Small Construction Company

Construction Company

Big cities like Dallas are always under construction.

Developments and expansion lend to this industry.

If you have the knowledge, experience, and tools to get started, you are already more than halfway there.

Otherwise, there will be some investment required to open a small-scale construction company. 


There is no doubt that you can use any of these ideas to start a business in Dallas, Texas– or use them to brainstorm for some of your own ideas.

Whatever you do be sure it is something you know you will love doing and that it serves a greater purpose than just making money.

Lucrative endeavors are simply a bonus.