Salesforce is a pioneering American company in management and cloud computing solutions.

With more than 20 years of existence, it is responsible for the # 1 CRM in the world and helps organizations of all sizes and niches to have more control over business data, better serve customers and sell more.

According to a survey carried out by the company , its customers had a 37% increase in sales revenue and a 45% increase in customer satisfaction.

Despite all the advantages, many organizations find it difficult in the process of contracting the plan and starting to take advantage of the features.

Therefore, hiring a salesforce services is important to implement, configure and adapt CRM more efficiently.

If you want to better understand how this service works and how to choose the ideal company for it, continue reading until the end.

Why Choose Salesforce?

Salesforce is not the only option for businesses that need a CRM, but it has differentials that make it stand out and be chosen by more than 150,000 large, medium and small companies worldwide. See some of the main benefits below.

Complete System

CRM Salesforce is a complete platform that encompasses several business areas such as marketing, sales and customer service.

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All data is integrated with the sectors involved and this allows employees to have a 360º view of the business, improving decision-making and avoiding the dreaded rework.

In addition, the resources work with cloud technology, that is, they can be accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world.

For this, authorized employees only need access to the internet. Check out some of the main services that can be contracted:

Sales Cloud

Sales CRM that allows for the automation of tasks, management of interactions with customers in real time, updating of personal data, history and purchase preferences.

Service Cloud

Created to optimize customer service, the tool provides a chatbot, unifies contacts with customers from different channels in one place, monitors the performance of employees in the sector and much more.

Marketing Cloud

Module designed to automate marketing processes, monitor the customer journey, manage leads, structure campaigns, among other features.

Excellent Support And Security

When hiring a product that is so relevant to the company’s strategy, it is necessary to look for reliable suppliers.

Salesforce has more than 20 years of experience, being recognized worldwide for offering an efficient, safe and innovative service.

In case of problems or doubts, it offers extensive documentation and support channels.

High Scalability Potential

It’s no coincidence that it has led the CRM market for 13 consecutive years, according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

In addition to being a complete platform, it is flexible and can be customized to meet the specific needs of businesses of different sizes and market niches.

If the company continues to grow, for example, it will not be necessary to change CRM and go through a new period of implementation and training; just adapt the hiring of the current plan to the new reality of the business.

Why Do I Need A Salesforce Partner?

As we’ve seen, adopting Salesforce CRM offers great benefits. However, like any other type of corporate system, its implementation also brings challenges.

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It’s a complex task to do all the planning, training, and customizations necessary to start leveraging the capabilities of such a robust system. Therefore, if not done properly, the process can:

  • take too long;
  • make the company lose resources;
  • leave employees discouraged;
  • cause the business to miss opportunities.

To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to hire a Salesforce partner — a company specialized in CRM with a team of professionals qualified to carry out the implementation of the company’s solutions.

The idea is that the partner acts to help your business to use the features available on the Salesforce platform in the best possible way.

Here at Imaginedone, we already use Salesforce solutions to leverage and develop tools for clients of various sizes and segments.

To optimize the growing workflows and service, for example, we implemented Sales Cloud and the Customer Success feature. We also use Marketing Cloud features to create an automated billing and docking journey.

If you are still in doubt about the importance of CRM Salesforce consulting, just take a look at the main benefits of hiring below.

Integration With Other Systems

After understanding the business processes and rules, the Salesforce partner can integrate the platform with legacy applications and other systems to leverage and maximize the impact of resources.

Agile Development And Continuous Improvement

It is common for the company to have the need or the possibility to improve its processes, but is unable to put it into practice — either due to lack of knowledge in Salesforce technology, or due to having a lean IT team.

The Salesforce partner’s team of experts will analyze and, together with your company’s professionals, seek the best solutions for the system to deliver excellent results and focus on continuous improvement.

More Efficient Implementation

A good Salesforce partner knows the company’s solutions very well and helps your business plan every step of the CRM implementation.

In this way, it is possible to avoid problems and understand exactly what resources, customizations and training will be needed.

Another positive point of the consultancy is the possibility of making the process faster and more economical.

With that in mind, Imaginedone developed Quickdone — a package of predefined modules with configurations that are useful for companies of all sizes and areas.

This type of implementation allows access to the most traditional Salesforce configurations and allows only minor customizations to adapt the system to your business.

Therefore, it is an excellent alternative for organizations that want to start using CRM in a practical and economical way.

What To Consider When Choosing A Salesforce Partner?

All the benefits mentioned in the previous topic will only come true if your company hires a good Salesforce partner.

Therefore, in order not to waste time and money, it is necessary to ensure that the company has the necessary expertise to understand and solve the specificities of your business, in addition to good service and cost-effectiveness.

Here are some tips on how to analyze the options available on the market:

  • Look for reviews from former customers on social media and sites like Reclame Aqui;
  • Evaluate the time in the market and learn about the company’s successful cases;
  • Observe the quality of service and how much the company is interested in knowing your business;
  • Check if the company cares about data security and is aware of technological innovations.

As we’ve seen, finding a good Salesforce partner makes your implementation much faster, safer, and more efficient.

But, before signing the contract, it’s worth dedicating yourself to doing some market research to make sure you’ve found the ideal consultancy.

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