Success in running a company stems from different factors, like leadership, intelligence, or any skill and quality we think entrepreneurs must possess.

However, there’s one underestimated aspect that many business owners overlook: power dressing.

Power dressing is a styling technique that combines strategic clothing and accessorizing with certain practices to convey authority and professionalism.

These choices go beyond fashion trends or personal preferences but are employed in a corporate setting to make a respectable impression among peers and employees.

Practice power dressing effectively. Read below to learn more about the best tips to remember. 

Essential Tips When Power Dressing 

As mentioned, power dressing is not about buying what’s trending in fashion. It’s about standing out and not blending in. The following are not fashion tips but practices you must follow to do power dressing correctly.

Develop A Signature Look

Power dressing can help create a lasting impression within a corporate environment.

Develop A Signature Look

To achieve such an effect, you must carefully choose a recognizable style that people will associate with you whenever you’re in the office or meeting clients and partners outside. 

Creating a signature look doesn’t mean wearing something odd to stand out. It’s about choosing a style combination that will make you easily recognizable and memorable in your place of business.  

The key is to create an image that best represents your brand identity and industry. Then, choose the best clothing and accessory combinations to embody this idea.

For instance, if you’re in a more creative field, you can experiment with bolder colors, accessories, and finishes that reflect your brand’s visions. The classic suit and tie with neutral colors could be your best bet in a more formal setting. 

Take Apple’s iconic co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs, as the best example of having a signature look.

Jobs always donned the signature black turtleneck, blue jeans, and trainer shoes, perfectly fitting the tech industry and his personality. His style undeniably became among the most recognizable signature looks globally. 

Aside from choosing a style that fits the industry, what we can learn from Steve Jobs’ iconic look is consistency.

Once you’ve decided on your signature style, you must always use it in your business setting to achieve that remarkable impression.

Accessorize Strategically

Accessories add flair and substance to your professional attire. However, you must do so strategically.

Wearing too many of them will only distract people in your business, giving the impression that you’re boasting instead of looking professional.

When choosing your accessories, always ensure that they complement your desired style. They must also be appropriate for the business setting.

Some of the best options are ties, belts, scarves, and watches. If you plan to wear jewelry, ensure it’s subtle, like one necklace or ring, to avoid drawing attention to such embellishments. 

Invest In Quality Material 

Nothing conveys success more than wearing high-quality clothing and accessories. It helps instill confidence in clients, partners, and employees by showing how you take your role seriously because you’re willing to dress up to represent the company.

Additionally, these materials often have a refined appearance and feel. That means they’re likely to wrinkle, fade, or lose their shape, offering you a superior look that elevates your chosen style.

Premium materials also tend to be more durable. They may be more expensive, but they ensure you won’t have to make frequent replacements.

Prioritize Your Comfort 

Always prioritize comfort when choosing your clothing. They must fit well and offer excellent breathability to provide ease of movement.

Prioritize Your Comfort

Wearing restrictive or tight clothes will only distract you from performing your duties as a business owner. 

Plus, any signs of discomfort while dressed professionally could reduce your style’s impact.

If employees, partners, or clients notice you’re having difficulty with your clothing, it will come off as trying too hard to look professional.

The same principle goes for your shoes. Aside from getting a professional look, it must provide excellent comfort and mobility.

Find Your Trademark Fragrance

Like your signature look, using the same fragrance can achieve a lasting impression, especially when meeting partners and clients.

When used strategically, a specific scent will make you more memorable in your place of business, allowing you to build that respectable image you desire. 

The key is to wear an appropriate and subtle fragrance. Avoid wearing too much of your selected cologne or perfume because it will be distracting in the business setting. Plus, it will come off as unprofessional.

Once you find your ideal scent, always wear it in the office or any professional environment to create a signature fragrance that people associate with you.

Pay Attention To Grooming

To represent your business, you must go beyond your clothing and focus on grooming to boost your respectable appearance.

Some may think this is unnecessary, but getting the right haircut and skin care can also help instill confidence in your company and its clients. It shows your dedication to your work by looking as presentable as possible. 

Dress With Confidence

Finally, the most significant factor to make power dressing effective is confidence. You may find your signature clothes, accessories, and fragrance, but without confidence, it may not have the same impact you’re hoping for. So, stand tall, carry yourself with assurance, and represent your business with style.