Since its debut, Magento has been a driving force in the e-commerce platform arena.

Its comprehensive suite of features quickly attracted businesses looking to excel in the digital marketplace.

In a strategic move in 2021, Magento Commerce underwent a transformation, reemerging as Adobe Commerce.

This shift was more than just a rebrand; it symbolized the integration of Magento’s sales, marketing, and product teams into the Adobe Experience Cloud business unit.

This fusion of expertise enabled a new level of innovation and synergy, aligning Adobe’s proficiency in digital experiences with Magento’s e-commerce prowess.

Along the way, we’ll examine some intriguing Magento Statistics that highlight its impact and significance in the realm of online commerce.

Let’s explore this remarkable journey and uncover the strategic vision behind this monumental shift!

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Key Statistics

  • Businesses that use Magento experience a threefold growth rate
  • In 2018, Adobe purchased Magento for $1.68 billion
  • 202 entities in the Internet Retailer Top 1000 utilize Magento
  • Magento powers 0.7% of all websites on the internet
  • The Magento platform is downloaded over 5,000 times each day
  • Majority of Magento users (95,645 individuals) are from the U.S.
  • Over 150,000 developers are using Magento
  • The Adobe Magento forum contains 470,000 members

General Magento Statistics in 2024

Magento Statistics

1. Magento holds a position in the list of top 10 eCommerce platforms

When it comes to eCommerce platforms, Magento stands tall, securing a coveted spot among the top 10.

With its outstanding features and robust capabilities, Magento has firmly established itself as a powerhouse in the world of online retail.

With its recognition as one of the leading eCommerce platforms, Magento has captured the attention of businesses and entrepreneurs seeking a reliable solution for their online stores.

Its popularity can be attributed to a range of factors, including its flexibility, scalability, and extensive customization options.


2. Enterprises using Magento achieve a growth rate that is three times higher

Magento is an e-commerce platform that’s not just a choice, but a growth catalyst.

Recent statistics reveal a stunning trend – businesses opting for Magento experience an average growth rate that’s 3x faster.

The secret to Magento’s growth-boosting aura lies in its adaptability.

From startups to giants, Magento offers a scalable and customizable solution tailored to each business’s unique needs.

Its user-friendly interface empowers smooth store creation, providing customers with an unmatched shopping journey.


3. The Internet Retailer Top 1000 list includes 202 entities that use Magento 

In the world of e-commerce, where numbers often define success, Magento has emerged as a clear leader.

The Internet Retailer Top 1000 list features an impressive 202 users of the Magento platform, solidifying its position as a powerhouse in the digital retail landscape.

What’s particularly noteworthy is that more than a fifth (20%) of the top 1000 e-retailers in the United States and Canada have chosen Magento as their preferred e-commerce content management system (CMS).

This statistic alone speaks volumes about Magento’s popularity and effectiveness. 

Whether you’re a small business with modest ambitions or a corporate giant with grand visions, Magento caters to all.

Its unique feature is its unparalleled ability to seamlessly adapt and scale as your business grows.

This scalability sets Magento apart from other e-commerce CMS options.

(Maven Ecommerce)

4. The Magento platform experiences more than 5,000 downloads each day

One undeniable testament to Magento’s charm is the astounding number of daily downloads it garners.

Each day, the Magento platform experiences over 5,000 downloads, a figure that shows its significance in the e-commerce landscape.

This remarkable statistic serves as a proof to the platform’s features, flexibility, and user-friendly interface that have made it a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes.

Beyond the sheer magnitude of daily downloads, the numbers reveal a deeper narrative about Magento’s influence.

The platform’s popularity transcends geographical boundaries, resonating with entrepreneurs, developers, and organizations across the globe.

Its versatility shines through as it caters to a diverse range of industries, from fashion and electronics to health and beyond.


5. Magento statistics indicate a remarkable 300% surge in downloads since the year 2018

Given the previous statistics, what truly captures attention is the interesting trend the number of downloads has grown over recent years.

When we dive into the realm of Magento statistics, a remarkable pattern emerges.

Since 2018, the daily downloads of Magento have skyrocketed by an incredible 300%.

This surge is a clear indication of Magento’s constant evolution and its ability to cater to the ever-changing needs of online businesses.

These surging download figures signify more than just numerical growth; they signify the increasing trust and confidence that businesses place in Magento.

With its array of features and customizable options, Magento empowers businesses to craft distinct and hassle-free online shopping experiences for their customers.


6. The acquisition of the Magento platform by Adobe in 2018 amounted to $1.68 billion

In 2018, a noticeable shift happened throughout the e-commerce landscape as Adobe, a dependable company in creative software and digital marketing, acquired the Magento platform for an impressive $1.68 billion.

This momentous deal was more than a financial transaction because it marked the convergence of two industry leaders, each bringing their unique strengths to the table.

The synergy between Adobe’s digital expertise and Magento’s e-commerce capabilities became evident as the platform underwent a transformation.

The infusion of resources sped up the development of innovative features, propelling Magento to evolve beyond its previous boundaries.

This union led to the creation of a more refined and comprehensive e-commerce solution, empowering businesses with advanced customization, performance, and security options.


7. Magento processes transactions worth a substantial $155 billion annually

Renowned for its remarkable influence on the digital marketplace, Magento has etched its place with impressive achievements that reveal its true power.

Year after year, Magento demonstrates its might by processing an astonishing $155 billion in transactions.

This colossal figure serves as an evidence to Magento’s standing as a trusted medium for online commerce.

This achievement’s significance is remarkable, particularly in a fiercely competitive digital landscape.

The ability to smoothly handle such an immense transaction volume not only underscores Magento’s technological strength but also underscores the immense faith given by businesses and consumers alike.


8. Among all websites in the internet, 0.7% utilize the Magento platform

websites utilize the Magento platform

Within the vast expanse of the internet, Magento asserts its presence by empowering a notable portion of websites.

Recent statistical data indicates that approximately 0.7% of all websites existing on the internet owe their functionality to the Magento platform.

Despite the seemingly small percentage, this figure still emphasizes the remarkable reach of Magento across the online realm.

Central to Magento, its strength lies in its ability to seamlessly facilitate e-commerce activities.

Businesses of all sizes, spanning from startups to well-established enterprises, rely on Magento to bring their digital storefronts to life.


9. A total of 7% of websites using eCommerce technologies rely on the Magento platform

This powerful platform of Magento has left its mark on the digital landscape, with an impressive 7% of websites utilizing eCommerce technologies opting for Magento.

The significance of this statistic becomes apparent when we consider the vastness of the online realm.

Countless websites are engaged in eCommerce, each vying for attention and success.

In this bustling virtual marketplace, Magento has managed to secure a substantial slice of the pie.

What sets Magento apart? It’s more than just a statistic; it’s a testament to the platform’s capabilities.

Businesses and entrepreneurs have recognized the potential that lies within Magento’s framework, flocking to it in search of a robust and flexible eCommerce solution.


10. Magento’s presence is found in approximately 0.9% of all online retail stores

Magento, the e-commerce powerhouse, has silently but significantly etched its presence, targeting a distinct market.

Recent statistical insights shed light on Magento’s impressive claim, 0.9% of the entire collective of online retail establishments is accounted for by Magento.

While 0.9% might seem like a modest fraction, it resonates with the considerable number of online retailers who have embraced Magento as their preferred platform.

In a competitive e-commerce arena bustling with alternatives, Magento’s 0.9% slice is a noteworthy accomplishment.

It highlights the platform’s determination to fulfill unique business needs, thriving in a specialized domain. 


11. At present, over 239,000 live websites are powered by the Magento platform

Few platforms have left as significant a mark as Magento.

Boasting a remarkable presence, Magento currently fuels the operations of more than 239,000 active websites.

This massive adoption speaks volumes about Magento’s appeal and effectiveness as a versatile e-commerce solution.

The numbers tell a compelling story – over 239,000 live websites have chosen Magento as their preferred platform.

This impressive figure underscores Magento’s widespread influence, spanning across various industries and business sizes.

Whether it’s fashion, electronics, or specialty goods, Magento has demonstrated its adaptability to cater to the unique demands of different sectors.


12. The lifestyle industry is the most popular industry in the Magento platform

Whether you’re a fashion retailer seeking an elegant online boutique or a tech company aiming to streamline sales, Magento offers an array of tools to craft tailored solutions.

The platform’s flexibility has been a game-changer, allowing businesses to mold their digital presence according to their unique requirements.

Among these industries, the Lifestyle industry has found a reliable ally in Magento.

From boutique clothing stores to holistic wellness brands, many have harnessed Magento’s capabilities to elevate their digital storefronts.

Shown in the following data are the most popular industries that are utilizing Magento:

  • The industry of Lifestyle has a popularity rating of 8.95% within Magento
  • The industry of Home & Garden has a popularity rating of 6.41% within Magento
  • The industry of E-commerce & Shopping has a popularity rating of 6.15% within Magento
  • The industry of Computers, Electronics, & Technology has a popularity rating of 4.86% within Magento


13. is the top website that uses Magento with 31.9 million monthly visits

When it comes to online business success, the platform you choose can make a significant difference.

Magento, a versatile e-commerce platform, has proven its worth by boosting websites’ performance.

A prime example is, a major player in the consumer electronics industry, which attracts a remarkable 31.9 million visitors each month using Magento.

LG’s thriving online presence showcases Magento’s capabilities and underlines its effectiveness in driving substantial website traffic and engagement.

LG’s impressive monthly visitor count is also a testament to Magento’s scalability and its role in accommodating such large numbers.


14. The official marketplace of Magento boasts a collection of over 3,700 extensions

Magento’s official marketplace is home to a remarkable 3700+ extensions.

These digital tools, similar to customizable add-ons, empower businesses to transform their online stores into finely tuned, customer-centric destinations.

From streamlined payment gateways and efficient shipping solutions to SEO optimization and problem-free marketing integrations, each extension holds the potential to elevate an online store’s capabilities.

Merchants can pick the tools that align with their brand identity and business objectives, creating a tailored shopping experience for their customers.


15. Within the 3,600+ extensions offered by Magento, 309 are available through subscription

Among the expansive selection of over 3600 extensions available on the Magento marketplace, a specific group of 309 extensions has chosen the subscription path.

This choice signifies a departure from the traditional one-time purchase model and mirrors a shift in the e-commerce sector.

The appeal of subscription models is becoming increasingly obvious as the digital landscape evolves.

Beyond the mere exchange of products, these models create a dynamic partnership between platform providers and extension developers.

The steady flow of support, continuous updates, and feature enhancements packaged within subscriptions empowers merchants to optimize their online storefronts effectively.


16. Globally, 13,000 companies/agencies offer solutions or services related to the Magento system

A striking indication of Magento’s reach is the extensive network of over 13,000 companies and agencies worldwide that specialize in providing solutions and services related to the Magento/Adobe Commerce system.

This data uncovers the platform’s global acceptance and the trust placed in its capabilities.

From small businesses to large enterprises, Magento has become the platform of choice for establishing and enhancing online stores.

What truly sets Magento apart is its flexibility across various industries and business models.

This adaptability has fostered a vast network of companies aligned with Magento, collaborating to provide tailored solutions to businesses worldwide.


Magento User Statistics

Magento User Statistics

17. The official Adobe Magento forum has a membership of over 470,000 individuals

Behind Magento’s success in the world of e-commerce lies its vibrant and supportive community.

A key indicator of this community’s liveliness is the remarkable statistic that the official Adobe Magento forum boasts over 470,000 registered members.

This substantial membership figure is a clear demonstration of the widespread influence and attraction that Magento holds within the realm of online commerce.

Forums, like the one maintained by Magento, serve as essential hubs for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

The community’s diverse composition, spanning from seasoned professionals to newcomers, creates a melting pot of insights and experiences.

This collective supply of expertise not only enhances the individual experiences of members but also contributes to the overall growth of the Magento platform.


18. A global community of 150,000 developers is engaged in utilizing Magento

Unlike its counterparts, Magento isn’t only tailored for the everyday user; instead, it also entices a diverse community of developers who are pleased by its intricacies.

With an impressive 150,000-strong global developer network, Magento stands as a testament to the synergy between technology and expertise.

While some platforms prioritize ease of use, Magento takes a different approach.

Its complexity is a canvas for developers to paint upon, rather than a barrier.

This distinctive characteristic has fostered a dedicated community of over 150,000 developers worldwide.

These developers, united by their love for challenges, use a variety of Magento tools to create solutions, seamlessly integrate systems, and engineer optimal strategies for clients.

(Maven Ecommerce)

19. Within LinkedIn, a community of 157,000 professionals is linked to matters related to Magento

LinkedIn, a social media platform for professionals, has transformed into a thriving hub for experts across various industries.

Within this expansive network are the passionate advocates of Magento.

Presently, the LinkedIn domain boasts an astonishing group of over 157,000 individuals associated with the Magento sphere.

This numerical insight, extending beyond its mere digits, captures the widespread acceptance and integration of the Magento ecosystem.

It offers a glimpse into a dynamic community fueled by innovation, collaboration, and a shared zeal for e-commerce excellence.


Magento 2 Statistics

Magento 2 Statistics

20. PHP accounts for more than 80% of the core code in Magento 2

At the heart of Magento 2’s complex framework lies a compelling statistic: an impressive 80% of its core code is carefully crafted using the versatile scripting language known as PHP.

This dominance of PHP highlights its importance in driving the functionality and performance of Magento 2, elevating it to the top of e-commerce platforms.

From managing product catalogs to seamlessly processing customer orders, PHP’s influence affects every aspect of the user experience, ensuring a smooth and dynamic journey for online shoppers.


21. 1,533 active contributors are enhancing the Magento 2 GitHub repository

Within e-commerce solutions, Magento 2 shines as a preferred option for businesses venturing into the online marketplace.

Yet, the true driving force behind its growth is a bustling community of dedicated individuals who tirelessly enhance the platform’s capabilities. 

At the epicenter of this collaborative effort lies the Magento 2 GitHub repository, where an impressive assembly of 1,533 active contributors unite their skills and insights to advance the platform’s evolution.

Their common objective revolves around fortifying Magento 2’s core, introducing novel features, and swiftly resolving any underlying issues, all aimed at delivering an enriched experience to businesses and consumers alike.


22. The United States is the primary hub for Magento users, accounting for 59,739 sites on Magento 1 and 35,906 on Magento 2

When dissecting the numbers, it’s clear that the United States is a key player in Magento’s user community.

With a staggering 59,739 websites on Magento 1 and an additional 35,906 on Magento 2, the U.S. proudly claims a significant portion of Magento’s user base.

Among the various countries using Magento, the United States takes the lead, demonstrating a substantial concentration of users.

This is unsurprising, given the country’s active e-commerce environment and affinity for technological progress.

The impressive count of 59,739 Magento 1 sites give emphasis on the platform’s enduring influence, while the 35,906 sites on Magento 2 highlight its seamless transition to an updated version.


23. Approximately 38% opt for Magento 2, while the remaining 62% prefer Magento

Lately, the spotlight has been on Magento 2, the upgraded iteration of Magento 1.

Recent data reveals a distinct divide in the adoption of Magento versions.

Notably, around 38% of businesses have transitioned to Magento 2, harnessing its advanced features to elevate their online presence. 

This significant proportion underscores the appeal and practicality that Magento 2 offers.

Conversely, the remaining 62% of businesses continue to rely on the earlier version of Magento for their e-commerce ventures.

The allure of Magento 2 may lie in its improved performance, improved security measures, and a set of features designed to optimize user experience.

It’s no surprise that a growing number of businesses are gravitating towards this upgraded version.



In conclusion, Magento Statistics shed light on the extraordinary capabilities of this platform to transcend the boundaries of a typical eCommerce solution.

It also shows how it integrates technology, commerce, and human ingenuity, revolutionizing the dynamics of digital transactions and online experiences.

Magento goes beyond being a mere tool; it functions as a business companion for digital success.

As businesses increasingly embrace online avenues and consumers opt for digital shopping, Magento plays a pivotal role in shaping the eCommerce landscape. 

Its intuitive features, coupled with its substantial financial impact and collaborative community, sum up the seamless fusion of technology and human innovation.

Through this harmonious interaction, Magento is steering us towards a future that is empowered by digital possibilities.


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