Lyft’s share of the rideshare market ranks it second in the United States only to Uber.

Lyft is available in Canada and the United States only.

However, it still ranks third on the globe among rideshare companies. 

Today, we will answer the question, “How many Lyft drivers are there as of 2024?”

We will also take this topic and discuss more pertinent information about Lyft and its drivers.

You will get some demographic data, Lyft statistics, the company’s worth, its revenue, and more.

If you have considered driving for Lyft and you live in an area where this service is available.

This data will help you decide.

If you’re a rideshare enthusiast, you will learn more about Lyft to be a more informed rideshare user.

Plus, marketers will get the data and demographics they need to create a solid marketing strategy.

Let’s discuss Lyft drivers and more.

Key Lyft Driver Statistics

  • There are around 2 million active Lyft drivers
  • Lyft is second to Uber in the United States rideshare market.
  • The Lyft app ranks in the Apple App Store. 
  • In the United States alone, Lyft has 700,000 drivers.
  • The average age of Lyft drivers ranges between 50 and 59 years old.
  • 40% of Lyft drivers have a bachelor’s degree.
  • 72% of Lyft drivers identify as male.
  • 69% of Lyft drivers are minorities.
  • 7% of Lyft drivers are from the LGBT+ community.
  • 75% of Lyft drivers are over 40 years of age.

How Many Lyft Drivers are There in 2024?

Lyft 721

1. It’s Estimated that There Are Around 2 Million Active Lyft Drivers Across the United States and Canada.

Lyft doesn’t regularly report its number of drivers, so the latest estimate is that Lyft has 2 million active drivers in the United States and Canada.

Lyft isn’t a global ride hailing service, but it ranks high among rideshare services.

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2. Lyft Is Second to Uber in The United States Rideshare Market.

Among ride hailing services in the United States, Lyft ranks second to Uber.

Lyft has a share of 29% of the market and Uber has 71%.

That said, both rideshare companies have seen a significant increase in sales since the pandemic (2020+-2021).

In fact, Lyft sales were up by 62% in January 2022.


3. The Lyft App Ranks in The Apple App Store. 

Lyft Apple App Store

In terms of the share of app downloads among rideshares, Uber is #30 and Lyft is #70 on the Apple App Store.

On Android, Uber’s rank is at #54 and Lyft’s is #100.

Lyft has seen 5.6 million downloads on Android devices as of January 2023. 


4. In the United States Alone, Lyft Has 700,000 Drivers.

In the U.S. alone, Lyft has 700,000 drivers.

For perspective, there are more than 1.7 million rideshare drivers in the United States, which are split between Lyft and Uber.

In Canada, it’s estimated that there are fewer than 50,000 Lyft drivers.

Since Lyft doesn’t give out information like how many drivers it has, these are educated estimates.


5. The Average Age of Lyft Drivers Ranges Between 50 and 59 Years Old.

Data shows that overall, most Lyft drivers are over 30 years old.

The most active age demographic is between 50 and 59 years old at 28.44%. Second to that, 23.41% of Lyft drivers are 60 and older.

Lyft drivers between 40 and 49 account for 22.07% and those between 30- and 39-years old account for 20%.

Only 6% of Lyft drivers are between 18 and 29.

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6. 40% of Lyft Drivers Have a Bachelor’s Degree.

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Statistics show that 40% of Lyft drivers have a bachelor’s degree.

Another 42% have at least a high school diploma or equivilent and 15% have a master’s degree.

From this we can surmise that most Lyft drivers have a solid education foundation.

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7. 77% of Lyft Drivers Identify as Male.

Most of Lyft’s drivers identify as male as 77% of them say they are male.

Only 21% of Lyft drivers say they are female, and a scant few preferred not to provide their gender or said they were non-binary.


8. 69% of Lyft Drivers Are Minorities.

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9. 7% of Lyft Drivers Are from The LGBT+ Community.

A small portion of Lyft drivers say they are from the LGBT+ community.

Another 48% are married and 28% report being single.

Divorce Lyft drivers account for 17% of respondents.

Moreover, 37% don’t have children and 63% do have children. 

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10. 62% of Lyft Drivers Say They Work Full-Time.

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Of all the estimated 2 million Lyft drivers, 62% of them claim to work full-time for Lyft.

Keep in mind that Lyft drivers are independent contractors working for themselves.

Some people refer to Lyft and Uber as “side gigs” or “side hustles.”



How Can You Become a Lyft Driver?

To become a Lyft driver, you must first meet their requirements which are as follows:

• Be at least 21 years old.
• Have an active driver’s license for at least a year.
• Have a valid Social Security number.
• Pass a background check and vehicle inspection.
• Have a reliable automobile that meets Lyft requirements. 

What are the Benefits of Being a Lyft Driver?

Having a job at all or a side gig is a benefit all its own, but the benefits for being a Lyft driver include:

Flexible Hours: You get to choose when and how much you want to work.
Earnings: You can potentially earn a living income, especially if you work during the peak hours.
Tips: Lyft riders are encouraged to give their drivers tips, so you can earn more in tips along with your regular pay.
Community: You get to meet people from everywhere and learn more about your town/city.

What are Some Challenges of Being a Lyft Driver?

Anything that comes with benefits also comes with challenges.

We found these challenges mentioned about being a Lyft driver:

Long Hours: You may have to work long hours if you want to maximize your income. This is especially true during special events, weekends, and holidays. For instance, college football games.
Traffic: You are likely going to be challenged by traffic jams and a lot of traffic which can be annoying when you’re feeling rushed.
Difficult Passengers: Not everyone who requests a Lyft ride is going to be super nice. You can be as nice as you please, but you will still sometimes experience cranky, rude, drunk, or demanding passengers.
Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle: You may find that driving people around with Lyft takes a toll on your vehicle. You need to be prepared for any wear and tear that your car will endure.

How Does One Become a Successful Lyft Driver?

Here are some tips to help you be a successful Lyft driver:

• Be reliable and show up on time and/or respond to passenger messages.
• Be professional and friendly by greeting passengers with a smile and make them feel comfortable in your care.
• Keep your vehicle clean and neat so your passengers will see how much you care about keeping a well-maintained vehicle. It goes a long way to making them feel comfortable.
• Drive safely and obey all traffic laws and drive defensively to avoid accidents.
• Be prepared for anything. For instance, keep a phone charger available for passengers (iPhone and Android). Also, keep some snacks and water in case of unexpected delays or problems.


Now you know that Lyft has about 2 million drivers in the United States and Canada, with the highest penetration being in the United States. 

We also share some demographic data about Lyft drivers and some tips for becoming a successful Lyft driver if you’re considering that.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about “how many Lyft drivers are there” and the data and statistics relevant to the topic. 


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