Working remotely was one of the critical ways many businesses survived during the COVID-19 pandemic that brought the world to a halt. After the pandemic, many companies decided to adopt it because of its benefits. This trend has led to the rise of digital nomads who can work from anywhere in the world.

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As much as it’s beneficial, working remotely can pose a challenge for people who lack organizational skills and self-discipline. These people fail to separate personal time from work time and end up getting little to no work done. This behavior can result in serious consequences, including termination of employment.

Organizing your workspace will help you stay focused and get more work done. Here are some great tips to help you get started so you can enjoy the best possible remote working experience:

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Identity The Best Spot

A home office shouldn’t be set up in just any location in the house; it should be set up in the best location. It’s best to use your room or a part of the house not visited often by others. This ensures you have a level of privacy and can work without distractions.

If you hate absolute silence while working, setting up near a window close to the street might be a good idea.

Consider Lighting

Natural lighting is the best for remote workspaces. However, don’t worry if you don’t have a room with a lot of natural light or if the room is in an unsuitable location.

You can use natural-light bulbs to brighten up your space. Working in a dark place can lead to burnout, lack of concentration, and decreased motivation.

As much as lighting is important, the room shouldn’t be overly bright, or the light will hurt your eyes.


Make sure that your office is comfortable but not too comfortable. Comfort is a big part of remote work. You’ll constantly be tempted to fall asleep if it’s too comfortable. It’s important to use an ergonomic chair that offers adequate back support, elbow support and adjustable height. This will enable you to work long hours at a stretch without developing back pain.

Set Work Hours

Flexibility is one of the reasons why remote work has become so popular. People want to freedom to work when they wish. However, setting working hours is vital for maintaining a healthy work-family balance.

If there are no set hours for working, it’s easier for family time to become swallowed by work and vice versa. Inform your clients or employer about your working hours, so they don’t contact you outside those hours.

Make The Space Lively

Since you’ll spend a considerable amount of time every week in your home office, decorating the space and making it lively to improve productivity is a good idea.

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You can add fancy plants, decorated pen holders, and farmed motivational quotes on the wall. In your decoration, you should use colors that promote concentration —blue, green, and orange.

According to a 2010 research by the University of Exeter, employees who have control over the design and layout of their workspace witnessed increased productivity levels of up to 32%.

Use Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to improve your organization by placing everything you need within your reach. They provide much storage space without being bulky so that they can be utilized in tight spaces.

In addition to providing storage space that helps with decluttering, floating shelves are also a great way to add some style to walls that would otherwise have been uninteresting.

Have A Work Calendar

A work calendar is a good addition to a remote office. Asides from providing a visual appeal, it also helps you stay on track. You can write down daily and weekly tasks so you don’t forget.

A chalkboard calendar is ideal for this because it’s easy to edit. If you’re not a fan of physical calendars, you can use the one on your phone or a personal assistant app to help you remember essential activities.

Working from home will always be preferred by most people because of the advantages it has over working in an office.

Employees get to work when they want and from multiple locations. Proper home office setup and organization will help you stay productive. Remember always to take regular breaks during work hours to stretch and exercise a bit so you won’t suffer from sedentary-related diseases.