Instagram stands out as one of the most popular platforms for sharing photos and videos, and as time goes by, many people are making a living out of it. 

While many people believe you need thousands of followers to gain income on Instagram, the reality is quite different.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to make money on Instagram without followers, discussing various ways that have the potential to make you big bucks.

How To Make Money On Instagram Without Followers

Here are some income-generating methods you can try without having thousands of followers.

1. Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a dynamic and practical way to monetize your Instagram account, regardless of the size of your follower base.

You begin by forming partnerships with companies in your niche.

These companies provide you with unique affiliate links to their products or services.

Your role is to promote these products or services in your Instagram posts.

Craft engaging content highlighting the benefits and features of what you’re endorsing.

The magic happens when your followers click on your affiliate links and make purchases.

You earn a commission for each sale that originated from your promotion.

To make your promotions more effective, choose products or services that align seamlessly with your niche and personal interests. 

Your authenticity will resonate with your audience, making them more likely to trust and act on your recommendations.

By leveraging affiliate marketing, you can turn your Instagram account into a revenue-generating platform, all while offering your followers valuable products or services. 

It’s a win-win situation for both you and your audience.

2. Sell Your Products 

How To Make Money On Instagram Without Followers

If you have a unique product or service to offer, Instagram can serve as an excellent platform to showcase your offerings. 

You can set up an e-commerce store directly on Instagram using features like Instagram Shopping or simply direct your followers to your website. 

Here are some steps to get started:

  1. High-Quality Visuals: Invest in high-quality images and videos to showcase your products. Instagram is a visual platform, so stunning visuals are essential.
  2. Compelling Descriptions: Write engaging product descriptions that highlight the benefits and unique features of what you’re selling.
  3. Use Instagram Shopping: If applicable, set up Instagram Shopping to make it easier for users to purchase directly from your posts.
  4. Sell Your Photos

If you possess photography skills, Instagram can be a lucrative stage to peddle your visual artistry. 

Countless individuals and businesses crave high-quality images for their websites and marketing materials. 

Your Instagram account can double as a portfolio to showcase your work and entice prospective buyers.

4. Market Your Skills

Instagram can be a platform for showcasing your expertise and skills, leading to paid opportunities. 

Whether you’re a freelance writer, graphic designer, web developer, or any other professional, here’s how to leverage your skills:

  • Portfolio Display: Create a portfolio showcasing your best work. Use your Instagram feed to display your skills and talents.
  • Engage in Your Niche: Engage with hashtags and accounts related to your field. This will help you connect with potential clients.
  • Direct Outreach: Don’t hesitate to reach out to potential clients directly through Instagram direct messages. A polite and concise introduction can go a long way.

5. Dropship


Dropshipping is a modern approach to e-commerce that has gained immense popularity, and for good reason. 

It offers a straightforward way to make money on Instagram.

In essence, dropshipping is about selling products without the hassle of stocking inventory.

Instead of purchasing products in advance, you collaborate with suppliers who manage the inventory and handle the shipping directly to your customers. 

This approach provides several advantages for Instagram entrepreneurs:

Dropshipping allows for a diverse product range, and you can offer a wide variety of products catering to different preferences within your audience. 

One significant advantage is the low upfront investment. 

Traditional e-commerce often requires substantial investments in inventory, but with dropshipping, you only buy the product once you’ve made a sale. 

This substantially reduces your overhead costs since you don’t need to manage a warehouse or handle physical products. 

In essence, dropshipping streamlines the process of selling products online and offers a low-risk, high-reward model for Instagram entrepreneurs, which don’t require a massive following to start.

6. Become A Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadorship is an exciting opportunity to monetize your Instagram presence, irrespective of your following size. 

It revolves around genuinely representing a brand and its products or services. 

Here’s what makes it appealing:

  • Authentic Representation: You embody the brand’s values, image, and target audience, offering sincere endorsements that resonate with your audience.
  • Perks: Many brands provide brand ambassadors with free products, and some offer financial compensation for promotional efforts.
  • Exclusive Opportunities: Brand ambassadors may participate in brand events, collaborate on product launches, or co-design products.
  • Networking and Exposure: It opens doors to networking with industry professionals and other influencers, potentially expanding your audience.

7. Become A Micro-Influencer

Become A Micro-Influencer

Here’s a refreshing truth: you don’t need a colossal following to qualify as an influencer.

In fact, micro-influencers with a modest yet highly engaged audience hold distinct appeal to brands. 

To navigate this path to success, concentrate on a precise niche. 

Devote time and effort to craft high-quality content and engage meaningfully with your followers.

This dedicated approach will elevate you to the status of a sought-after micro-influencer.

8. Engage Customers Directly

Engaging with your customers directly on Instagram can be a powerful way to build relationships, address inquiries, and ultimately drive business growth.

Here’s an example of how you can do this effectively:

One of the key methods is proactively monitoring public-facing comments on your posts. 

Responding promptly to these comments shows your followers that you value their input and are attentive to their needs. 

It’s an opportunity to answer questions, acknowledge feedback, and express gratitude for their support.

Furthermore, open engagement allows you to address frequently asked questions transparently. 

By responding openly, you not only provide valuable information to the inquirer but also potentially convert hesitant followers into paying customers. 

This level of personal interaction can be the differentiating factor that sets your brand apart and fosters customer loyalty.

Engaging customers directly on Instagram creates a sense of connection and trust. 

By being attentive and responsive, you can turn casual followers into loyal customers who appreciate your dedication to their needs.

Extra Tips for Making Money Without Followers on Instagram

While we’ve explored several effective strategies for making money on Instagram without needing a massive following.

Here are some additional tips that can further boost your earning potential:

  • Optimize Your Bio and Profile – Ensure your Instagram bio is clear and concise and effectively communicates your niche and expertise. A well-optimized profile can attract the attention of potential collaborators and clients.
  • Collaborate with Local Businesses – Partner with local businesses in your area to promote their products or services. Local collaborations can lead to paid partnerships and open the door to exclusive promotions for your followers.
  • Host Instagram Takeovers – Allow other Instagram users, such as influencers or experts in your niche, to take over your account for a day. This cross-promotion can introduce your account to a new audience and create opportunities for paid takeovers on other charges.
  • Offer Personalized Services – Consider offering personalized services, such as one-on-one consultations, coaching, or tailored content creation for brands. Customized services can be a lucrative way to monetize your expertise.
  • Run Contests and Giveaways – Organize contests and giveaways in collaboration with brands. These events can boost engagement and attract potential sponsors looking to partner with you for future promotions.
  • Invest in Instagram Ads – If your budget allows, invest in Instagram advertising to reach a broader audience. Sponsored posts can help you gain visibility and attract potential clients or partners.
  • Utilize Instagram Insights – Regularly analyze your Instagram Insights to understand your audience better. This data can help you tailor your content and approach to maximize engagement and conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to make money on Instagram without a large following?


This article outlines multiple avenues for generating income from Instagram, regardless of your follower count.

How can I start with affiliate marketing on Instagram?

Begin by identifying affiliate programs that align with your niche and interests.

Promote their products authentically using unique affiliate links in your posts.

What kind of products can I sell on Instagram?

The vast possibilities range from handmade crafts to digital goods, depending on your expertise and passion.

You can even try intellectual stuff like ebooks.

How does someone become an influencer?

If someone can connect with others and leave a lasting impression, then anyone can be an influencer.

Nevertheless, gaining a social media following is not enough to make someone an influencer.

An influencer needs to be able to establish trustworthy relationships with their target audience and effectively convey their message to be considered truly successful. 

Do I need to be a professional photographer to sell photos on Instagram?

While professional skills are beneficial, you can market photos that cater to specific niches and trends effectively.


To sum it up, achieving financial success on Instagram is well within reach, even without a vast following. 

By knowing how to make money on Instagram without followers, using the methods we talked about, you can transform your Instagram account into a profitable platform. 

You may start with small amounts, but don’t get discouraged; keep trying.

With consistency, creativity, and unwavering dedication, you’ll be well on your way to realizing financial gains in social media.