The number of calories burned while running or jogging regularly can be estimated by keeping track of the total distance covered.

Miles may be the preferred unit of measurement for some, but not everyone agrees.

Even more so, the Apple Watch automatically converts miles into kilometers when measuring distance.

Your Apple Watch will automatically set your preferred measurement system to either kilometers or miles for the Workout and Activity apps.

Workouts and Activities will be captured in kilometers (KM) if you’re in a country that tends KM and in miles (M) if you’re in a country that prefers M.

So, modify the Apple Watch’s settings to read in miles rather than kilometers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using an Apple Watch or an iPhone; changing the measurement unit on one will immediately reflect on the other.

This quick guide will show you how to change KM to miles on Apple Watches.

How To Change Km To Miles On Apple Watch

The Workout app on the Watch allows you to switch between kilometers and miles, should you prefer one measurement system over the other.

The best part is that the Workout app will memorize your setting and initiate future workouts based on the unit of length you prefer. 

It has been decided to update the unit in the Activity app on the Apple Watch and the Activity app on the iPhone regarding the Workout app.

Apple Watch’s capability to toggle between kilometers and miles is helpful for frequent travelers and ex-pats who may prefer one measurement system over the other.

If you’re using the Apple Watch Workout app, you can easily convert kilometers to miles by following these instructions. 

First, Use Your iPhone

Apple Watch

This conversion is one of the things you can’t adjust on your Apple Watch without using your iPhone.

It’s a feature of the Apple Watch that can’t be adjusted through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. Get the Health app instead. Then:

  • Tap on Activity
  • Tap Walking + Running Distance after scrolling down the page.
  • Find “Unit” and click on it.
  • Select between the metric system’s km or mi notation for kilometers and miles.

The units will update instantly if you do this today while viewing your Apple Watch’s Activity screen and scrolling down to your Total Distance.

Change Kilometers To Miles Apple Watch

  • Start the Workout app on your Apple Watch.
  • Select a program with a distance component, such as “Indoor Run,” and continue.
  • Select Indoor Run from the menu on the card (the one with three dots).
  • Select the ‘Distance’ option from the subsequent menu that appears.
  • Using this screen, press firmly with one finger to set a distance for your workout. Your Now Watch will automatically calculate the distance for you.
  • There will be Miles and Kilometers options available to you. Select the menu item you’d like to select by tapping on it.

This means that Apple Watch will always use your specified unit throughout exercises.

You may easily swap between miles and kilometers on Apple Watch by repeating the previous steps.

Take, for example, the option to view your progress in kilometers, available under the Watch app’s Walking and Running Workouts. Health app updates instantly reflect the same. 

That is to say, you need to change the unit preference in one location, either the Health app or the Watch app. 

Changing For All Activity

  • Access the iPhone’s configuration menu. Open the Settings menu.
  • To access General, you must first scroll down. You’ll find it at the very top of the preferences screen.
  • Swipe down and touch those options to change the language and region settings. This is toward the bottom of the page labeled “General.”
  • Tap Region. You can find it toward the bottom of the page.
  • Go to a country or area that makes use of the metric system. Select an area or country from the drop-down menu whose inhabitants prefer to measure distance in miles over kilometers. Select a region that utilizes miles if you’re trying to convert from kilometers.
  • Tap Done. 
  • If prompted, tap Continue. 

If you do this, your iPhone will automatically adopt the regional settings of your chosen nation.

Assuming the country you’ve chosen also employs the units of measurement you’ve chosen for your Apple Watch, it should start using those units automatically.

Changing the default unit of measurement on your Apple Watch from miles to kilometers (or vice versa) may take some time.

Restarting your Apple Watch may also be necessary.

In order to get the Workouts app to update for your chosen location, you’ll need to adjust the value back to kilometers from miles (or vice versa).

The Difference Between the US, UK, And Metric


Apple incorporates the US, UK, and Metric performance metrics inside the International Components for Unicode (ICU) collection of internationalization libraries.

International System of Units (SI)-compliant; the metric system (SI). We use centimeters, meters, and kilometers to measure distance.

Liters, milliliters, hectares, grams, kilograms, and metric tons are some more common measurement systems.

To use Apple Maps with miles, simply choose the United States or the United Kingdom as your location.

Select Metric if you want to enter distances in kilometers.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have answered the question of how to change Km to miles on the Apple Watch.

In recent software releases, Apple has quietly added many customization options to the Apple Watch.

Changing the distances units on your Apple Watch and Health app on your iPhone is a simple yet helpful feature.