In 1995, a website called AuctionWeb was launched by Pierre Omudyar to bring buyers and sellers together in an open and honest marketplace.

A broken laser printer was the first item sold on the site.

Today, AuctionWeb is called eBay (as of September 1997) and is used by people all over the globe. In the next few paragraphs, we will address how to cancel a return on eBay. 

There are a few reasons someone might want to cancel a return on eBay, but the main reason is that an eBay customer wants to return an order or an item from an order.

The reasons for this may include:

  • An item that arrived damaged.
  • The item didn’t match the product description in the listing.
  • The incorrect item was received.

The seller is always obligated to accept returns and refund their customers under the above conditions.

No matter what you take away from this article today, know that eBay will always work in the customer’s favor when they are asking to return an item, which is part of the money-back guarantee policy.

Once in a while, a customer changes their mind about returning an item, so they want to cancel it.

It’s important for buyers to know that they must handle return request cancellations at their end of transactions. 

Sellers cannot cancel return requests at their end. Now that you know this, it’s still wise for buyers and sellers alike to know how to cancel a return on eBay.

If a customer asks you as a seller, you can pass along the following information. 

Your customer will appreciate your help, even if it’s not something you can directly do for them. Let’s talk about canceling eBay returns. 

How to Cancel a Return on eBay


The following will include steps to cancel returns on eBay. If you’re reading this and you are a buyer, you need to know this since this must be done from your side of the transaction.

If you’re a seller, you should know how to explain this process to your customers.

  1. Log into your eBay account and navigate to the resolution center on the site. You can find it by clicking on Help & Contact across the top menu of the site after your account name. 
  2. Or, you can just go to your purchase history by hovering over the “My eBay” menu and choosing “Purchase History” from the dropdown.
  3. Now you should be where your purchase history is located. You can look at orders by year, or from the last 60 days, which would be more likely for canceling a return request. 
  4. Find the order for which you want to cancel the return request. 
  5. When you find the right order, click on “see case details” which will provide you with more information on the order. You will see the order history, when it was ordered, when it shipped, and when the return request was accepted by the seller. 
  6. You will see a “Next Steps” button, which is normally highlighted in yellow to make it easier to see.
  7. Click on “Next Steps” and choose “Cancel this return”. This action will be sent to the seller and to eBay, so they know the return request is canceled. It also indicates that you are keeping the order/item.

After you follow these steps, you will need to give a reason for canceling the return request. Some of the options given to you in a dropdown menu include:

  • I already received a refund.
  • I accidentally started a return.
  • I no longer want to return the item
  • Other.

What Happens if A Problem Arises with The Return Cancellation? 

If a problem arises with your return cancellation via these steps, you will need to contact eBay customer service.

You can contact the customer service team through email, chat, or on the phone. This usually only happens if/when the seller hasn’t been able to resolve an issue. 

Alternatively, you can also flag your order through your order history to flag it as an issue that will notify eBay customer service and the seller. 

Where Does the Seller Fit Into the Return Request Cancellation?


Since the buyer and the seller are the two main parties involved in a transaction, both have responsibilities when returns and return cancellations occur.

Sellers can accept or decline your return. If they decline, they must give a reason.

Sellers have 3 business days to respond to order cancellations, return requests, and return cancellations.

That means that if a weekend is involved, it could take 5 or so days. 

If a seller hasn’t accepted your return request, you can simply send them a message or cancel the request without an issue.

You can find out the status of a return request via your purchase history by clicking on your order. 

What you will see on the details page of your specific order is the status of the return you initiated.

It may say that the return has been initiated, or it has not. If it has, click on “View return details”. 

The next page should give you the option to “close this return”. If this is what you see in your return details, click on it.

After that, you will give the reason you want to cancel the return, which are listed in the steps for canceling a return section. 


Here are a few commonly asked questions about eBay returns

Who Pays Shipping on Returns?

The seller usually checks the box that says the buyer is responsible for shipping costs on returns. 

Do Sellers Have to Refund Your Shipping on An Order if You Return It?

Generally, the seller only refunds the cost of the order or item being returned once it’s returned.

They don’t usually refund shipping costs. Sometimes they might if it’s an escalated situation. 

What if An Item Is Damaged During Shipping?

If an item is damaged during the shipping process, the seller can refund all or part of your order at their discretion.

Sometimes, they will deduct funds from your refund to cover a loss in an item’s value. 

What if The Seller Doesn’t Respond to A Return Cancellation? 

If the seller hasn’t responded to your return cancellation, close the cancellation and the return will be canceled.

If they don’t respond within 3 business days, you need to contact eBay’s customer service team to seek a resolution or confirmation that your return has been canceled. 

Can You Just Call eBayy Customer Service to Cancel a Return?

You can absolutely contact eBay customer service if you want to cancel a return.

They will check if the return was accepted, initiated, and started first.

It’s essentially the same process we explained in this article, except you’re not the one taking the steps. 


There you have it. It’s usually quite simple to cancel a return request on eBay.

If you have changed your mind about returning an item or an order, you start by going to your purchase history and looking at the details of the order.

From there, you mostly follow the directions on the screen.

As you may have noticed, sellers have some control over whether they accept returns or give refunds on eBay, but there are instances where they must comply with a return.

If the item isn’t as described, it’s damaged, or if you got the wrong item in an order, they must accept a return and refund your money.

Keep in mind that it’s rare for eBay sellers to refund shipping costs. 

We hope you have learned how to cancel a return on eBay by reading this article. Our goal is to inform and help our readers with accurate and precise information.