In the ever-evolving world of advertising, brands are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to make a lasting impression.

One such method that has gained traction in recent years is the concept of getting paid to get tattoos.

This unique blend of body art and advertising offers individuals the opportunity to earn money by turning their bodies into walking billboards.

For tattoo enthusiasts, it’s a chance to combine their passion for ink with a potential income stream.

And for advertisers, it’s an unmissable opportunity to create buzz and visibility in an overcrowded market.

If the idea of monetizing your skin space intrigues you, read on to discover how you can dive into this unconventional yet rewarding venture.

How to Get Paid to Get Tattoos

Let’s now dive into this unique blend of art and advertising as we list the sites and methods that can turn your body into a canvas for profit.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr How to Get Paid to Get Tattoos

Fiverr, a global freelancing platform, has become a hub for unique gigs, including skinvertising.

By creating a specialized gig, individuals can set their terms, and pricing, and showcase previous work.

The platform’s vast user base ensures that the gig gets visibility, potentially attracting a variety of advertisers.

While Fiverr takes a 20% commission, the exposure to a global audience can lead to multiple opportunities.

It’s a testament to the platform’s versatility, accommodating even the most unconventional services.

Fiverr’s reputation as a reliable platform also ensures that transactions are secure, making it a preferred choice for many.

2. eBay

ebay How to Get Paid to Get Tattoos

eBay, while primarily known for buying and selling items, has seen a surge in skinvertising auctions.

By auctioning body space, individuals can attract bids from potential advertisers.

Notable instances include auctions where participants received substantial amounts for temporary tattoos.

Such listings often garner media attention, amplifying the advertisement’s reach and creating a buzz.

It’s a creative way to use a platform known for selling items to sell advertising space on one’s body, merging commerce with personal branding.

The auction format also adds an element of excitement as individuals await bids and negotiate terms.

3. HostGator Campaigns

HostGator How to Get Paid to Get Tattoos

HostGator, a renowned web hosting company, has recognized the potential of skinvertising.

They’ve offered individuals significant amounts to tattoo their brand logo, making them walking billboards.

Such campaigns provide participants with a unique experience, a handsome payout, and a story to tell.

Being part of a brand’s promotional strategy in such an intimate manner can be both thrilling and financially rewarding.

It also showcases how even tech brands are exploring unconventional advertising methods to stand out.

Collaborating with a brand like HostGator also adds credibility to the individual’s portfolio.

4. Craigslist Listings

Craigslist Listings How to Get Paid to Get Tattoos

Craigslist, a vast platform for classified advertisements, can be an unexpected avenue for skinvertising opportunities.

By creating a listing, individuals can offer their body space to potential advertisers.

While the platform is free, it’s essential to exercise caution, vet potential advertisers, and ensure that the terms are favorable.

It’s a grassroots approach to a modern advertising method, allowing individuals to take control and set their terms.

With the right strategy, Craigslist can be a goldmine for those looking to venture into skinvertising.

The platform’s wide reach ensures that listings get ample visibility.

5. Social Media Promotions

social media promotions How to Get Paid to Get Tattoos

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are ideal for promoting skinvertising services due to their visual-centric nature.

Showcasing previous tattoo advertisements and creating engaging content can attract brands.

Engaging directly with brands can lead to collaborations.

With the right strategy, social media can be a goldmine for skinvertising opportunities.

It’s about leveraging personal branding to attract advertising deals and creating a buzz in the digital space.

Regular updates, engaging content, and networking with brands can significantly boost one’s skinvertising career on these platforms.

6. Toyota’s Tattoo Campaigns

Toyota has experimented with skinvertising, recognizing its potential in modern advertising.

They’ve hired individuals to get tattoos promoting their vehicles or brands.

Such campaigns might be sporadic but offer participants attractive rewards.

Being associated with a global brand in such a unique way can be a memorable experience.

It’s a testament to how even traditional brands are exploring unconventional advertising methods to resonate with a younger audience.

Toyota’s commitment to innovation is evident in its willingness to adopt such novel marketing strategies.

7. Red Sun Cigarettes Challenge

Red Sun Cigarettes launched a unique campaign, challenging individuals to tattoo their logo.

Participants were compensated handsomely, with standout designs earning special prizes.

Such campaigns offer financial rewards and the thrill of participating in a brand challenge.

It’s a blend of creativity, brand loyalty, and the allure of financial incentives.

Engaging in such challenges can also provide participants with a sense of community as they join others in promoting a brand.

The competitive nature of the challenge also adds an element of excitement.

8. Air New Zealand’s Cranial Billboards

Air New Zealand’s unique campaign involved participants getting temporary tattoos on their heads.

The campaign duration was short but offered attractive financial rewards.

Such innovative campaigns highlight how brands are willing to push boundaries for visibility.

It’s a blend of creativity and marketing, aiming to create a buzz in unconventional ways.

Participants also get the thrill of being part of a larger campaign, making them feel connected to the brand.

The campaign’s success showcases the potential of skinvertising in the aviation industry.

9. FeelUnique’s Eyelid Campaign

FEELUNIQUE How to Get Paid to Get Tattoos

Beauty website, FeelUnique, ventured into skinvertising by paying participants to tattoo their website address on their eyelids.

This campaign garnered significant media attention.

It showcased how even niche brands are willing to explore unique advertising methods.

The campaign’s success lies in its ability to merge shock value with brand promotion.

It’s a bold move that highlights the lengths brands will go to stand out in a crowded market.

The campaign also provided participants with a unique platform to showcase their commitment to the brand.

10. Direct Outreach to Brands

Being proactive can yield better results.

By directly reaching out to brands with a proposal, individuals can negotiate better terms.

This method requires research and initiative but can be more rewarding.

It’s about taking control of the narrative and showcasing how a brand can benefit from skinvertising on your body.

Personalized pitches can often lead to more favorable deals, and building a direct relationship with brands can lead to long-term collaborations.

This approach also allows individuals to target brands that align with their personal values and interests.

11. Voice Over Agencies

Voice-over agencies are branching out into skinvertising.

By signing up, individuals can access a curated list of brands looking for skinvertising opportunities.

These agencies provide guidance, ensuring tattoos align with the brand’s vision.

It’s a more structured approach to skinvertising, offering both guidance and access to potential clients.

Being associated with an agency can also lend credibility to individuals, making them more appealing to brands.

The agency’s expertise ensures that participants are well-prepared and informed throughout the process.

12. Online Workshops and Webinars

Engaging in online workshops provides insights into skinvertising.

Hosted by industry experts, they offer guidance on approaching brands and maximizing earnings.

They also provide networking opportunities, potentially leading to job offers.

Continuous learning and networking can significantly boost one’s chances in the skinvertising industry.

It’s about staying updated, understanding market trends, and positioning oneself as a valuable asset to brands.

These workshops also provide a platform for individuals to share their experiences and learn from others.

13. Tattoo Advertising Rates Research

Understanding tattoo advertising rates is crucial.

By researching and staying updated on industry rates, individuals can negotiate better terms.

Online forums and communities often discuss rates, providing valuable insights.

Being informed ensures that individuals don’t undersell their services and get the best possible deals.

It’s also about understanding one’s worth and ensuring that brands recognize and compensate it appropriately.

Regular research and engagement with the skinvertising community can lead to better opportunities and financial rewards.

14. LeaseYourBody

LeaseYourBody is a pioneer in the realm of “Skinvertising.”

This platform connects individuals willing to tattoo advertisements on their bodies with interested brands.

Once an agreement is reached, the individual gets the brand’s design tattooed, either temporarily or permanently.

The platform’s flexibility is its main draw, allowing participants to choose the duration and type of tattoo.

Payments can range widely, with some tattoos fetching up to $5,000, although a 30% commission is deducted.

This platform has revolutionized the way we think about advertising, making it a personal and intimate experience.

It’s an innovative approach to marketing where personal aesthetics meet commercial interests.


The concept of ‘get paid to get tattoos’ is a fascinating intersection of personal expression and advertising.

As brands continue to seek unique promotional methods, the allure of skinvertising grows.

If you’re intrigued by this unconventional method, the opportunities are vast.

Dive deep, research, and you might just find a brand ready to pay for a piece of your skin real estate.

Always remember to prioritize your comfort and ensure that any tattoo you get aligns with your personal values.