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Hey, want a 20-50 free Instagram followers or likes trial?

Free Instagram Followers Trials / Free Instagram Likes Trials

Instagram is still the premier platform for all things social media marketing.

After all, you can pretty much do anything on Instagram— even sell products and services. It’s a huge opportunity for making money from a variety of different endeavors.

But how can you be more successful? 

You need more followers and likes, of course.

This can take a lot of time to fortify on your own, so many people have turned to fake follower services that claim to shell out both of those things. 

The sticking point?

Some services claim to offer you free Instagram followers or likes.

Yes, there are websites that say they will give these to you for free. 

While that sounds like an incredible option, it may not be what you really need to boost your Instagram growth.

In fact, gaining a free 10-50 Instagram followers isn’t going to do a whole lot of good for your account, and is probably a gimmick to try and get you to buy something. 

Let’s take a look at the reason why you may want to avoid these types of offers and what alternatives are out there. 

Free Instagram Followers or Likes? 

Instagram is no stranger to companies trying to sell their followers and likes; Instagram has been on the hunt for years to strike down companies that say they give free followers and likes (more on that later). 

The truth is that if you’re really looking to build something worthwhile and long-lasting on Instagram, getting a few fake followers here and there isn’t the way to do so.

Heck, even buying fake followers for Instagram isn’t the way to go, and we’ll tell you exactly why that is. 

It’s no surprise that social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and others have been fighting for a while now to reduce the number of fake followers and engagement on their platforms, as it messes with the integrity of their social media network and lowers the user experience. 

If you are trying to get free Instagram followers or likes, you are putting your account at risk of being banned, flagged, or completely removed. 

Why Fake Followers Don’t Help Your Instagram 


So, you’ll notice in the header that we said “fake” followers. Wait, I thought we were talking about free followers? 

Well, if you are getting “free” Instagram followers, you are getting fake ones. The same goes for likes.

There is no way for a company to provide you with real ones unless they have access to a wide network, and this is not the case when you are getting a free service. 

These companies simply want your data or your credit card information to continue to charge you for something that isn’t even worth your time.

This is the whole premise around these 20-50 free Instagram followers gimmicks, and they work for a lot of people because they truly need help. 

When you take on a free Instagram followers or likes trial, you are not going to be happy with the results, and you aren’t going to be experiencing any new levels of Instagram growth.

These companies offer a “free” trial so that they can get your info and hope you actually believe that they can get you valuable Instagram followers or likes. 

Let’s take a look at why the fake “free” Instagram followers or likes you gain from these trials are not valuable.

Instagram Removes Them 

When you get these 20-50 free Instagram likes or followers, they are fake, and they will eventually drop off. Why would that be? 

Well, if you didn’t already know, Instagram goes through and removes followers and engagements that are not real.

If they are identified as fake, inactive, or are generated with Instagram bots, Instagram will remove them. 

So, you’ll effectively give your information to a service that claims to give you free followers and likes, and you’ll end up getting virtually nothing.

If they continue charging you for their services, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll be getting nothing of value there either. 

Fake Followers Don’t Engage 

Not only will the followers and likes disappear, but they also won’t bring you more followers nor engagement.

Fake followers don’t engage with your content, which means you don’t get any extra engagement levels. 

Your likes don’t engage either, as they simply sit on your profile until Instagram recognizes the account as a fake and removes it. 

You need healthy follower and engagement levels to get more reach on Instagram, therefore getting some free followers and likes isn’t going to do much for your account.

You need a company that is going to give you some real, organic followers. 

Alternative Options to Get More Instagram Followers 

Buying fake followers and likes is a terrible long-term Instagram growth strategy, even when you’re getting them for free.

It’s unsustainable, will hurt your reputation, and can get you in trouble with Instagram. 

Growing your Instagram account should always be done as naturally and organically as possible.

You may have heard the term “organic Instagram growth” thrown around here and there, but what does that really mean? 

When you focus on organic Instagram growth, you’re focusing on something sustainable and compliant with Instagram’s terms of use.

Not only that, you won’t put your reputation or account in jeopardy.

When you have more real Instagram followers, you won’t have to worry about buying a bunch of fake likes because your content will get more engagement from real, interested followers. 

How Can You Get More Organic Instagram Followers? 

There are a few ways, but the best strategy is to engage with your target audience on Instagram; this is the best, surefire way to get followers who will care about what you post and help to keep a healthy engagement ratio.

They could even share your content with their friends or family. 

This is no doubt the safest way to get more Instagram followers and likes, and our recommended Instagram follower service is able to do just that, manually, with no bots or fake followers involved.

And what’s more?

Kicksta has a free Instagram followers trial!


No doubt doing it yourself can take so much time, which can weaken your content strategy and execution.

Let the top Instagram growth service help bring you more free followers for Instagram real.