Fansly is a relative newcomer to the adult content industry.

It was started in 2020 and has presented itself as a viable alternative to the well-known OnlyFans. 

OnlyFans was started in 2016 and currently has 210 million users with approximately 2.1 million content creators.

Impressively, Fansly has 130 million active users and in excess of 2 million content creators.

Not bad for a service that started just three years ago. 

As the Fansly statistics for 2024 will show you, this adult content platform has found a niche and is making serious waves among the competition. 

Key Statistics

  • Fansly gains 4,000 users every hour
  • The platform has over 130 million active users
  • Fansly has over 2 million content creators
  • It offers three potential revenue streams
  • The most successful content creators earn $10,000 a month
  • There are 29 million visitors to Fansly per month
  • The Fansly sub Reddit account has over 40,000 subscribers
  • Fansly ranks 141 in global adult content lists
  • 39.3% of Fansly traffic originates in the US

Top Fansly Statistics in 2024

1. Fansly Gains 4,000 Users Every hour

Fansly 838

In 2020, the year Fansly was launched, the global pandemic hit.

This made it the perfect time to launch as people were desperate for things to keep them busy during lockdowns. 

Fansly’s take on adult content proved an immediate hit, especially as OnlyFans was attempting to move their business toward less explicit content. 

The simple, yet effective, approach to adult content meant Fansly got 10 million followers in their first year of trading. 

By the middle of 2021 this figure had jumped to 50 million and then to 100 million in 2022. 

It moved upward again, to 130 million in 2023. Content creators moved upward at a similar rate.

From 200,000 in 2020, to 800,000 in 2021, then 1.6 million in 2022. In 2023 there are currently 2 million content creators. 

Although the increase in new users has slowed, this content platform is clearly still doing well.

2. It Offers Three Potential Revenue Streams

Fansly has adopted a fairly standard subscription service. However, creators are allowed to set their own subscription tiers. 

Most users adopt the same approach. The first tier is free and the content creator will show sexy, enticing photos with all their clothes on.

The aim is to get people interested and signed up for the next tier. 

The second tier gets access to photos and short videos. These are usually more erotic but still showing minimal skin.

Again, the aim is to draw the user in and get them to commit to a higher tier. 

Once users commit to the third tier they’ll get a lot more for their money. This is where the photos become more risqué, as do the videos.

Users can expect to see plenty of flesh and can even request specific poses and kinks. 

It’s up to the content creator whether they publish the images privately for the user or not. 

After all, the top tier tends to be designed for just that, requests.

Users that sign up for this, the most expensive tier, will be able to request virtually anything in picture or video format. 

Joining this tier allows a user to request virtually anything.

However, they’ll have to pay extra to receive it. This is where content creators can make a substantial amount of funds. 

The top tier is effectively a pay-per-view. Receiving individualized photos is usually done by request and the user will give the content creator a tip.

The value of the tip is predefined. 

It’s worth noting that Fansly takes 20% of the content creator’s revenue, regardless of which tier revenue is received. 

3. The Most Successful Content Creators Earn $10,000 A Month

It takes a lot of work to become a successful content creator.

In the first instance you’ll find it easier if you already have a good following on social media. 

Simply requesting your followers check you out on Fansly will get you an array of subscribers. 

If you don’t already have a social following you’re going to need to start building one.

That means posting something to social media daily and answering every comment that is made. 

You can also try to attract subscribers on Fansly but this isn’t easy, you will have to post images that attract attention and get people interested in seeing more. 

Once you have followers you’ll be able to earn money through the subscriptions. In general, content creators will charge between $5 and $15 for tier one subscriptions.

The better known you are the higher the subscription charge. There is no limit to what a content creator can charge. 

A popular and well-known content creator can make anything between $5,000 and $10,000 a month. 

In contrast, part-time content creators without a following may make $180 to $250 a month. 

It’s very much a case of the more you put in the more you get out.

4. There Are 29 Million Visitors To Fansly Per Month

The statistics show that Fansly sees 29 million visitors a month, that’s impressive for any site. 

Each visitor will stay for an average of 3 minutes and 31 seconds.

They are likely to visit between four and five pages and the site enjoys a low bounce rate of 32%. 

The bounce rate is how quickly people leave a page. In the case of Fansly it’s a low rate, meaning people like to stay and explore a little.

It’s worth noting that Fansly has become increasingly popular as a Google search term since 2021. This shows that the site is still growing and improving, not simply a flash in the pan.

The pandemic may have given Fansly an excellent start but the continuing popularity shows that they are getting something right. 

5. The Fansly SubReddit Account Has Over 40,000 Subscribers

Subreddits are common for most of the biggest and most popular sites.

It gives people a chance to discuss the site and associated issues without worrying about the adjudicators on Fansly.

The Fansly subreddit currently has over 40,000 subscribers. This means it’s 10,850 in the Reddit ranking table.

That’s impressive for a new business considering how many websites there are. 

The Fansly subreddit has approximately 86 posts per day and an average of 31 comments. It’s grown fast, in May 2021 there were no subscribers.

Many Fansly content creators use the subreddit to help attract subscribers.

Currently, the top posts on Reddit are:

  • “I’m always taking everything off” – u/Kittydanx
  • “Fill me up” – u/sexyflowerwater

6. Fansly Ranks 141 In Global Adult Content Lists

The adult industry turns over somewhere between six and fifteen billion dollars a year.

There are many different players and the competition is generally fierce. 

As a testimony to the stellar rise of Fansly, it is already rated 141 in global adult content lists. 

In fact, it rates 74 in the US list.

Fansly makes its money by charging a 20% subscription on all content creator revenue streams.

The subscription can be paid monthly or annually. It is one of the higher charges and was deemed necessary as the business was just getting started. 

It’s hoped that the commission rate will drop in the future. 

It’s worth noting that Fansly doesn’t take a commission on any requests sent through as a private chat with payment agreed in the same way. 

7. 39.3% Of Fansly Traffic Originates In The US

Fansly is a US company and has proved to be a big hit in the US. In fact, 39.3% of users are located in the US. 

Of course, it is popular in a host of other countries, including the UK, Canada, Germany, and even Russia. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, subscribers are predominantly male. The current statistics suggest 82.19% are male and just 17.81% are female.

That may be something the creators want to look at in the future. 

The Top Fansly Creators

Fansly Statistics

It takes time to get to the top of the content creator list. But, it’s worthwhile. 

Currently, the top spot is occupied by Valerie Vampyr who has earned approximately $1 million.

Second place goes to Atlaseuu with earnings of $800,000 and LovelySpaceKitten takes third with $700,000.

Even number ten on the list has a very profitable Fansly account. It’s Catziila and they earn a respectable $200,000.

Summing Up

The Fansly statistics show a business which is booming and offers plenty of potential to keep doing so. 

Whether you’re interested in boosting your income or having a bit of fun, you can sign up as a content creator and potentially earn good money. 

Of course, you can simply subscribe to the account or accounts you like and enjoy the regularly updated content. 

One thing is certain, this platform is becoming increasingly popular and may even threaten OnlyFans for the top spot in the future. 

Fansly has plenty of content creators, ensuring you’ll find the perfect content creator for your kink.

All you have to do is take a look at Fansly today and subscribe once you find the perfect account.