As a freelancer, your income is a direct function of how many hours you work, plus how productive you are while working. As such, maximizing your productivity should be on the top of the list for every freelancer.  

Here are 6 of my favorite productivity tips if you’re a digital nomad working for the best boss in the world- yourself.

1. Get Rid of Those Distractions

Distractions are the biggest robbers of one’s work focus and attention.  Excessive unofficial mobile phone use, youtube watching, checking your emails 10 times an hour all contribute to a lot of time lost when added up.  

Tech gadgets have become one of the biggest distractions in workplaces, especially mobile phones according to numerous studies.  It is therefore a must that you limit or manage efficient use of these gadgets while you’re working.

2. Streamline your Daily Work Routine

The freedom to work on your own time may be a dream come true for many freelancers. But unless you can properly streamline your daily work routine using an efficient schedule and proper organization, it can also become a curse.

The best way to avoid the later is to follow a strict daily routine, such as using a morning ritual and setting up daily to-do lists. Only then can you attain that real freedom of working in your own space and time while still getting stuff done.  

Bear in mind that flexible scheduling requires flexible work discipline. It is, therefore, best to have a mindful mentality in order to cope up with your daily work routine.

3. Optimize your Workspace

“You are what you eat” so the saying goes. While your environment is how you work. Your workplace must be designed to allow you to work as efficiently and focused as possible.

This includes a clutter free work space, good lighting, and most importantly if you’re on the computer a lot, an excellent ergonomic mouse that won’t cause carpal tunnel or other strains on your hands and fingers over time.

4. Early Bird Gets The Worm

Mornings are where most of the work action happens.  It is also during this time that your creative juices flourish.  It’s easy for freelancers to slip into a chaotic, irregular daily routine, waking up late and going to bed well past midnight.

Try to reset your lifestyle to wake up and go to be early as if you’re working a regular 9-5 job. The productivity and health benefits are well worth it.

5. Network and Socialize

Contrary to popular belief, socialization isn’t just a waste of time, and networking in particular can be invaluable in getting consistent work as a freelancer  Numerous reports confirm that networking is key to freelancers and workers in general gaining an upper hand in business.  

Include your goals in socializing to make it part of your productivity network and to gain maximum benefit from it. A good place to start your networking is using social media, and sites such as

6. Reward Yourself

‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.’  Although the freedom of freelance work can be addictive and rewarding, give yourself some time for pleasure by rewarding yourself a break and pamper your workaholic self.

Remember that your body is your prime asset and you must always be mindful of how to fine-tune it to give its full work potential.