Dr Disrespect has a loud and brash online persona that it is impossible not to know him if you are in the gaming world.

He is too popular and it makes us wonder, what is Dr Disrespect net worth?

It is not news that gamers and basically all content creators can make money online via different platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

If they want to sell products, that is also possible.

Dr Disrespect does not get his money from patients because he is not a medical doctor.

He is a live streamer who gained popularity on Twitch and was earning money through it until he was banned permanently in 2020.

Regardless, his online content creation journey started on Twitch. And it is said that he was earning around $35,000 monthly from his 30,000+ subscribers when his account was active.

Currently, you will find his live streams on his YouTube channel, which has become his home after Twitch banned him.

He has over 4 million subscribers as of January 2023.

Dr Disrespect Net Worth 2024

Dr Disrespect has a lot of income streams, so it is not surprising that, according to LADbible, EarlyGame, and Wealthy Gorilla, Dr Disrespect net worth is around $6 million.

Apart from being an esports content creator, he is also an entrepreneur, a book author, an advisor, and a bourbon connoisseur.

Let us talk about his sources of income in detail.

1. Twitch

If you have been on Twitch since over five years ago, you probably knew Dr Disrespect as that hilarious and overly confident mustached guy who wears a mullet wig and sunglasses.

He looks similar to Freddie Mercury but cooler and with long hair — which is consistent in all of his videos.

Dr Disrespect’s original platform was Twitch.

Before the banning, he was mostly sharing H1Z1: King of the Kill and Apex Legends content on his Twitch channel, and it was gaining thousands of views.

Due to his popularity on the platform, Twitch signed an exclusive deal with him on March 12, 2020.

But just a few months later, on June 26 in the same year, he was banned from the platform for some undisclosed reason.

2. YouTube

Dr Disrespect Youtube

Dr Disrespect continued his live streaming on YouTube, which has over 4 million subscribers.

He was able to amass many subscribers within a short period as most of them were from Twitch.

So, he has two YouTube channels.

One is his main channel where he posts live streams and shares videos about random topics, but mostly gaming.

Second is a channel for his short videos lasting less than 2 minutes.

YouTube ads are the most popular way to monetize a YouTube channel. Dr Disrespect allows ad placement in his videos, and he earns from that.

He also accepts donations from viewers.

3. TikTok

Dr Disrespect Tiktok

Dr Disrespect has a TikTok account, and he earns from his content on the platform.

To be eligible for TikTok creator fund, the creator must be 18 years old, have over 10,000 followers, have 100,000 total views, and post original content.

Dr Disrespect is in his 40s, has 2.3 million TikTok followers, and quite possibly has over 10 million total views considering his videos get over 100,000 views on average.

He is very eligible!

Both the views and the engagement play an important role in the calculation.

All of his videos are different in those aspects, so it is hard to tell how much exactly are his TikTok earnings.

4. Merchandise

Dr Disrespect Merchandise

It is not unusual for popular live streamers like Dr Disrespect to have their own merch shop.

After all, it is helpful for brand promotion and for strengthening the fan base.

Dr Disrespect sells his merch items on ChampionsClubGG. He sells shirts, hoodies, and posters.

5. Sponsorships

Dr Disrespect Sponsorships

Dr Disrespect is such a big name in the gaming world, so there are brands who want to partner up with him. He earns from sponsorships: money and free stuff.

Among the brands who work with him are Fan Duel, Roccat, G Fuel, and Turtle Beach.

If you have noticed Dr Disrespect’s setup, everything seems high-tech. Some items were given to him by Turtle Beach and Roccat.

If you want to buy computer accessories that can turn your gaming setup to the next level, you can check out Dr Disrespect products on Roccat here.

6. Violence. Speed. Momentum.

It is uncommon for a live streamer to be a book author because it seems like they don’t have any interest in writing. But Dr Disrespect earns from book sales as well.

On March 30, 2021, his memoir Violence. Speed. Momentum. became available to the public. It is a 256-page book where he told the story of how he became who he is today.

Buy his book Violence. Speed. Momentum. on Amazon.

7. Midnight Society

Dr Disrespect Midnight Society

Midnight Society is a game studio that he co-founded alongside Quinn Delhoyo, Sumit Gupta, and Robert Bowling.

Learn more about Midnight Society here.

Deadrop, the first game they developed, is free. However, it is not available to the public as of January 2023 as they need to polish the game.

Most of their earnings are coming from their merch shop, which sells beanies, hoodies, shirts, mugs, mouse pads, and long sleeves. You can check it out here.

Midnight Society also has a Discord with over 60,000 members.

Discord servers can earn from subscriptions, and the price depends on the server owner.

8. Black Steel Spirits

Dr Disrespect is not just a gamer, live streamer, and YouTuber. He is also a bourbon guy who established a bourbon business due to his love for it.

Black Steel Spirits is an alcohol business he founded.

Black Steel Bourbon, the main product he sells, has 46.5% alcohol content and costs $64.99 per bottle.

It sells out fast, so visit the Black Steel Spirits website here now if interested.

9. BoomTV

Dr Disrespect is an advisor at BoomTV. It is not known how much BoomTV pays him, but considering his popularity, it probably is a six-figure income.

Dr Disrespect Personal Life

Dr Disrespect Personal Life

Dr Disrespect or Doc is Hershel Guy Beahm IV in real life. He was born on March 30, 2021, so he will be 41 years old in 2023.

Before he rose to fame as a live streamer, he was a multiplayer map designer of Call of Duty.

There is very little information about his personal life.

He is married to Mrs Assassin, which is not her real name, and they have a daughter.

He is quite a tall guy, standing at 6 feet 8 inches. If he is live streaming or filming content, you will see him wearing his mullet wig and his shades.

The games he plays are Call of Duty, H1Z1, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Black Ops, Apex Legends, and Fortnite, among others.


He seems to be a high man on the totem pole in the gaming world, so it is interesting to know Dr Disrespect’s net worth.

As per many sources, Dr Disrespect is worth $6 million in 2023. High, but it is not questionable due to his many income streams.

Apart from being a live streamer and content creator, he founded businesses, owns merch shops, and is a published author.