Technology is advancing faster than ever before, and any business that fails to make use of the latest advances may soon find itself left behind.

Technology can bring a massive range of benefits to companies, from cutting down on time spent on certain tasks to making flexible and remote work possible to analyzing processes for efficiency and profitability.  

The way you implement tech into your business is largely dependent on what your company does and how it operates.

There are some things such as security tech that can benefit any business and more still that will fit specific niches.

Read on for some of the best uses of tech for companies in Houston this year.  

Make Use Of Apps  


With the rise of smartphones came the rise of apps. In 2021 people want to be able to access services on the go from their mobile phones.

Setting up an app for your business can be an excellent way to encourage your customer base to browse no matter where they are.

Many commuters use apps on their phones during the long hours on the train or bus to and from work, so it can be a massive opportunity to reach these people.  

You should ensure you use a reputable company to build your business’s app. It should be intuitive to use and provide everything the customer may need.

Ideally, your app shouldn’t take up too much memory on users’ phones, which can discourage them from downloading it. 

We actually have a resource on app testing that you might find useful before launching yours here.

Find High-Security Payment Methods 

People want to use online businesses they can trust. It is crucial to have secure payment methods for customers to feel comfortable using your e-commerce website or app.

You should look into the different options available to offer your customers and ensure you choose reputable and trustworthy ones.  

Utilize Customer Service Chatbots 


Customer service can be a time-consuming area of business. Many companies are utilizing chatbots to handle customer queries that don’t require attention from a human operative.

This can significantly reduce the amount of time customer service staff spend on basic tasks and free them up to complete higher-value work.  

You could consider using a ready-made customer service chatbot or hire an agency to build you a bespoke AI chatbot.

When programming the questions and answers, it may help to have your customer service team note some of the most common queries that people face when using your services.  

Hire The Best IT Support 

The quality of your IT support will directly impact the quality of service you can supply to your customers.

It is vital to find an IT support company that can offer 24/7 availability, bespoke services tailored to your business and that supports your expansion as you grow.

You can find out more about the quality of IT support in Houston to expect by checking out DYOPATH.

DYOPATH are industry leaders in providing business IT support to help your business flourish.  

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Consider Automation  

Automation can help you complete tasks with the push of a button that might take hours if done manually.

It is worth considering the different processes around your office that could benefit from automation.

Things such as sending out payment reminders and invoices can all be automated, freeing up time for your administrative staff to focus on higher priority work.  

You can do this by using an invoice processing tool like GetYooz.

With it, you’ll be able to completely automate your accounts payable and receivable process, and on top of that get rid of all the unnecessary paper that’s usually involved in invoicing.

Automation also helps with the security of all transactions and makes your AP process fraud-free

Choose Communication Software 

As your business expands, you will likely have team members working in different locations.

This can make it challenging to ensure your staff have the communication links necessary to ensure collaboration.

An excellent way to combat this issue is by investing in communication software.  

You could consider finding a reliable video conferencing platform that will allow different team members in multiple locations to connect face to face.

Another excellent option is instant messaging platforms that enable employees to be in easy regular contact throughout the day.   

And, last but not the least, don’t forget that a vast majority of people still use mobile phones to make calls. If your business is in a different country, let’s say Switzerland, you should definitely have a Switzerland virtual phone number, so you can casually communicate with your customers.

Use Tech That Allows Flexible Working 

Flexible working allows you to hire the best people regardless of their geographical location. This is a huge asset for businesses as it will enable you to hire from a much larger pool of talented candidates.

You should look into different technologies that will allow people to work remotely, such as cloud storage and project management software.  

Consult With An Ethical Hacker 

Ethical hackers are people who use their expert knowledge of technology to try to infiltrate your systems.

They will then provide you with a comprehensive report on any areas for improvement and potential vulnerabilities.

This can be an excellent way to protect your business against malicious actors and cyber threats.  

Implement Biometric Security 

Biometric Security 

If you are concerned about security as your business grows and becomes more profitable, there are advances in tech that can help ensure that your business is physically as well as digitally secure.

The use of biometric security has seen swift advances in recent years. You could consider using fingerprint scanning to ensure that only authorized personnel can gain access to your business premises.

If you’re a small business owner and want to find out some useful technology to help manage and grow your business you can find our article on the 5 Must-Have Tools For Small Business Owners here.