is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with over 10 million users. It is one of the best platforms in the market where you can trade over 250 cryptocurrencies at true cost.

The platform offers many features to help users create the best portfolio and trade crypto safely. 

You can even receive rewards up to 14.5% on your crypto assets. 

They also have a partnership with visa. You can use the Visa card to enjoy up to 8% on all your spending.

But as amazing as may sound, users face issues occasionally.

Most users have recently complained about a transaction error when attempting to complete their payment verification process.

In this article, we’ll discuss all about the error declined by Issuer and look at some quick fixes to solve the issue. Declined by Issuer: What’s the Deal with Declined Transactions?

Let’s understand aspects around the error declined by Issuer.

Crypto exchange platforms host millions of trades every day.

They let you purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat money.

This happens by integrating fiat payment methods into exchange platforms. uses a similar model. You can verify one of many fiat payment methods to add yours to the account.

The level of verification plays a critical role. This is because it decides how much balance you can add.

Most users face an issue while completing this step. You might as well have faced this. The card you’re attempting to get verified gets declined by

You also receive a message explaining the reason your card declined.

Why Does Your Card Get Declined? card 1024x576 1

Well, during the process, you come across an issue where your card gets declined by

So, why does this happen?

There are three prime reasons this can happen. 

Let’s discuss them and their fixes.

Server Issue

The first reason your card gets declined during a payment transaction is because of problems with the server of the card issuer.

Often, servers face outages and internal errors that block all the transactions happening on them.

In such cases, payments get declined, money gets debited even for incomplete transactions, and more.

The good news is this issue gets solved within a few hours. Card issuers around the world take this issue seriously and work on it around the clock.

Hence, if therefore your card is getting declined, wait for a couple of hours and retry.

Error with The Card

The second reason this might happen is you are entering incorrect details.

Most people make this mistake. They want to add the card quickly and complete the transaction. In the rush, they end up entering incorrect card details.

For instance, you might enter a different CVV or card number or expiration date. 

Hence, you must recheck the details before concluding.

Insufficient Funds

The third reason is your account has insufficient funds in it. 

If the amount you need to pay is more than the funds in your account, the card gets declined. 

You must also check the maximum amount you can spend on each transaction. People often set out to complete a transaction for massive amounts, even though their maximum spend limit is low. 

You can check and edit this in your card issuers application or website.


There you have it. Now, you know all about the error declined by Issuer. You also know some quick fixes that you can apply to solve the issue. I hope this article helps.