Houston, Texas is America’s fourth most populated city.

There is always something happening in Houston because it’s jam-packed with intensity and spirit.

This energetic city is filled with talent, fabulous attractions, imagination, and excitement that makes it a wildly popular tourist destination.

Houston is a global city with a viable industrial infrastructure in aeronautics and energy (literally).

The strong global ties give this huge metropolis strength in culture, international trade, business, media, sports, science, education, technology, fashion, research, and medicine.

It is also quite diverse in ethnicity and religion.

The economy is vigorous and loaded with potential for any ambitious new small business owner.

Did you know that according to economists, if Houston were its own nation that it would be the 30th largest economy in the world?

That says a lot about their economy. 

You only need to bring unique and interesting small business ideas in Houston to the table to reap the rewards of the local economy.

After all, you have a ready-made population large enough to provide you with plenty of prospective customers. 

Business Opportunities in Houston

The following will address 25 of the best small business ideas in Houston.

With all these ideas, you will no doubt find something interesting to start.

1. Career Guidance Consultant 

Career Guidance Consultant Small Business Ideas in Houston

Houston is a huge city where young people are seeking employment all the time.

There is a large population of working age young people here.

They need advice about jobs and careers and you can help them with that.

If you have a network of business professionals and expertise in this industry, you could profit from this with your own small business

2. Virtual Assistant 

If you are familiar with computers and administrative type tasks, you could cash in on your skills and offer virtual assistant services.

Whether you are adept at cold calling, creating and maintaining databases, efficient with computers, and you have high-speed internet, you can earn a good income at this business. 

3. Job Placement Agency

Job Placement Agency

This metropolis hosts 23 Fortune 500 companies alongside of other multinational and local companies all around the city.

You can help people find their perfect job while you are enjoying your perfect job as a job placement guru.

There may be several of these agencies around town, but there is always room for more in such a populous area.

4. Temp Recruitment Agency 

Some people prefer working temp (temporary) jobs where they replace an employee that is out sick, on vacation, or when the company is between employees.

Temp jobs can include oilfield work, cleaning jobs, painters, office administration, and other types of jobs in a wide array of industries.

You earn a commission in return for the services you provide.

This kind of business is booming and will continue to do so.

5. Hotel/Hostel 

Because Houston is such an enormous city, there is always a need for lodging for students, business people, executives, and tourists.

Houston is a hub of activity where people choose to go to college where people need a place to stay without having to engage in a contract for an apartment or other temporary lodging.

It requires only a little investment and offers a high ROI (return on investment).

6) Cab Service

Cab Service

Just like every busy city in America, transportation is always needed by the locals and tourists.

Did you know that Houston has three airports each handling thousands of passengers and lots of baggage every day?

You could be cashing in with a cab service taking them to and from the airport as needed.

You can start with one car, and add to it to build it into a cab company with a fleet.

The profits are big with this business. 

7. Nanny Service

Families where both parents work, or where single parents work require some help with child care.

Many of them require a bigger commitment than babysitting due to their hours and lifestyle.

Nanny services are sometimes live-in arrangements, though time off is provided.

If you are great with infants, babies, toddlers, and children in general, this could be a great business or side business for you.

Students sometimes provide nanny services to help them pay for college and still have time to study and enjoy a social life.

8. Drama Theater/Performing Arts

Drama does not belong in the workplace unless your workplace is a drama house or theater.

The theater district in Houston is downtown and features 17 blocks of performing arts offerings.

There are a few ways you can go about this.

You can create a theater and perform popular plays and concerts, become an actor or actress, or be an acting coach. 

9. Photography Service

Photography Service

Due to the size of this city many events, festivals, and celebrations happen every day.

All of these events are likely to need a good photographer.

You can use your photography skills and make a good living in Houston.

You can also take pictures to promote Houston and make money.

Weddings, office events, special festivals, and more are revenue-generating ideas. 

10. Financial Advising 

Financial matters are important to everyone, but in the big city, many big businesses and wealthy people are in need of advice regarding their money.

If you have experience in the financial field, you can become a well-paid financial advisor.

Being professional and a good marketer will help you gain top clients. 

11. Data Entry Outsourcing 

Data entry is a role that is not likely to disappear anytime soon.

While this can be a monotonous role, it pays very well and businesses need someone to perform certain data entry that no computer can handle (yet).

If you are good with time management and data entry keying, this could be your ticket to becoming your own boss. 

12. Solar Panel Installation 

Solar Panel Installation

With so many businesses and homes deciding to go solar, this is a great time to invest a little money and time in this industry.

The public and private sectors are looking to switch over to solar.

You simply need the knowledge and skills to do the work.

Or you may know a few people who can do the work and you can bankroll the business and leave the heavy lifting to the team.

13. Business Food Delivery 

Offices all over Houston are busy places.

More often than not, the people working in these offices have little time to go get lunch every day.

By the time they leave and come back with something to eat, their lunch break is over.

That is where you can earn some money.

Offer your services to make homemade lunches that are healthy and reasonable.

Plus, you will be helping them steer clear of every day fast food eating.

14. Real Estate

Big cities are known for their real estate and the potential for a real estate agent, broker, or investor to make some money.

Property development is another way to cash in on real estate as is leasing.

The investments may be large in some cases, but the profits are huge in the short and long term when you invest wisely.

You can also help to connect sellers with buyers. 

15. Software House

Software House

Are you a software tech with knowledge of how applications work and can create custom applications?

If so, you can make it big in Houston with those skills.

Start your own software house and create custom software and some of your own software that can be useful and you can benefit financially.

This is a very lucrative business. 

16. Computer Repair

Are you good with computers and know the inner workings of them?

If so, you can help people by repairing their computers when they are at a loss of what to do.

Your tech skills plus their need for repair will fill a need in Houston and offer you great rewards.

You can work from home, go to people’s homes and troubleshoot their issues, and/or freelance for companies and firms in need of computer repair and maintenance. 

17. Restaurant

Large cities can never have too many restaurants, can they?

The people of Houston are known for enjoying eating out.

All you need to do is choose your cuisine niche, cook amazing meals, and your customers will handle the rest.

If you have a unique or special cooking or baking niche, it might fit well into this industry in Houston.

18. Livestock Care

Livestock Care

Houston is more than a big city.

It features livestock shows and rodeos that appeal to and attract millions of tourists every year.

If you are experienced with livestock, this could be a great way to earn some bucks.

There are several niches in the livestock arena, so if you have a knack with animals, this could be your chance. 

19. Billboard Business

Online advertising may be big these days, but billboards are on the highways and interstates where people are always driving by them.

These billboards are prone to grab the attention of travelers and locals, which is why it’s such a great investment.

You need to have the capital to own billboards, but the return on your investment can quickly be recovered when you rent out your billboard space.

20. Car Wash Pickup & Delivery Service

The busy people of Houston, Texas seldom have time to wash their cars.

This is especially true of the executives and working class population.

You can make money by offering to pick up their car, detail it (clean and wash it top to bottom) and take it back to them neat and clean.

Pay attention to details when you are doing this and you will gain a large clientele.

Create a special monthly subscription package to make your service more inviting.

If you don’t want to do the washing, simply take it to a professional car wash service and have them do it and then deliver the car back.

Just remember to include the cost of the car detailing as well as your time.

21. Web Development & Design

Web Development and design

Businesses need to be online, and they all need a responsive website.

If you have the knowledge and skills to develop and design websites, or you have friends that will work with you, you can create a highly lucrative business in this city.

You will need to be a good marketer and be creative with good sense of aesthetics as well as website responsiveness.

22. Lawn & Landscaping Service

The lawn and landscaping industry in Houston is in demand.

Whether you want to take care of residential lawns or commercial landscaping, you can make it happen in Houston.

If you enjoy being outdoors and you are good with landscaping, this is your chance to invest in yourself and offer services that will return your investment fast. 

23. Messenger Service

Messenger Service

Downtown Houston features so many offices and businesses that a messenger service would be a good and profitable undertaking.

Since you will likely stick to one area/region like downtown, you can invest in a bicycle and deliver parcels between businesses in the city.

Consider charging extra for express delivery.

24. Mobile Automobile Repair

This big city is full of cars which means they need repairs sometimes.

If you are a qualified mechanic, you can start your own mobile repair service.

You will be the person who rescues people who are stuck along the highway or interstate with a flat tire, blown radiator, or other repairs needed.

While you may not be able to fix every problem with a vehicle, you can partner with towing services to get their car to a garage where it can be fixed the next day (or so). 

Be ready to be on call day and night for this job. 

25. Translation or Transcription Service

Transcription Service

Just like most big cities in America, Houston has a diverse population with more than 90 languages spoken across the city.

Offices and businesses often require translators to help with communicating to others in business or their clients and you could be that person.

You simply need to have a few languages that you can be fluent in and you can make good money.


You may or may not have experience or knowledge in some of these industries, but if you know people who do, you can start the business and partner with those who do the work sharing profits and making a good impression in the big city of Houston.

Some of these profitable ideas may be the best business to start in Houston, or may spark more ideas for you, so don’t be afraid to be original and creative.