Top Instagram Growth Tools

#1 Top Rated
NitreoGrow Real, Organic Followers


#2 Top Rated
KickstaGet Active Followers


#1 Top Rated
NitreoGrow Real, Organic Followers


#3 Top Rated
UseViralBuy Instagram Followers


Even though there is more to Instagram growth than numbers, the number of followers you have on your profile is important to your presence.

More followers mean more exposure and more engagement from potential followers.

Followers make you look credible and authentic to other Instagrammers.

There is a fine balance between having a large following and enough engagement to get and maintain credibility.

In other words, a lot of followers with little engagement is no benefit to your Instagram account. It makes your account look less reputable.

However, loyal followers usually engage with you enough to keep that balance intact so that you can be appealing to others on this platform.

One of the biggest complaints about Instagram is that brands, businesses, and influencers have the edge because they have so many followers.

You can have followers just like them when you know where to turn to get that growth you need to be credible enough to rank on Instagram’s algorithm.

Naturally, you do not have to outsource your Instagram growth.

However, if you want to build and grow like the top influencers, businesses, and brands, outsourcing to an Instagram followers app is what you should do.

Best Instagram Followers Apps in 2024 (Android & iOS)

These Instagram followers apps are the best for getting more followers on your Instagram account.

1. Kicksta

Kicksta Review & User Ratings

Kicksta is an extremely popular Instagram followers app that uses technology to target, find, and interact with people who are going to be interested in your content.

They make sure that they interact with people who are highly likely to be attracted themselves to your content, and we love that they have both standard and premium plans available, so that you can make the most of their advanced targeting.

They also offer phone support, if something were to go wrong. With steady growth like this, you don’t need to worry about your Instagram profile doing well.

2. Nitreo


Nitreo gives you a way to organically grow your Instagram presence, expand your audience reach, and to build your brand.

Through this service you are able to get follower faster with continued growth.

The best things about Nitreo include that it is easy to setup and use, it gets you more followers, you get more and better engagement, and all your results are real with this Instagram followers app.

No fake accounts or engagement.

Their claim to fame is that they are the most hands-free option for Instagram growth on the market.

They take care of all the engagement for you while you focus on creating the most amazing content for your audience.

3. Media Mister

Media Mister Instagram Followers

Media Mister is essentially a one-stop online solution for social media growth in general across several platforms, including Instagram.

Instagram is the focus here, but this company also caters to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Spotify, TikTok, Soundcloud, Twitch, Vimeo, and a plethora of other platforms.

Now that you know that we will concentrate on the services for Instagram.

Your options include Instagram followers, likes, views, impressions, saves, profile visits, comments, mentions, comment replies, story poll views, and post reach. If that is not impressive, we are not sure what is.

Like any of these kinds of services, Media Mister is not for everyone. How you engage on Instagram and grow is completely up to you.

However, this Instagram followers app is great for getting a boost that will help with even more organic engagement on the platform.

4. Stormlikes


According to their website, Stormlikes delivers the best quality followers in the market.

Their real followers are delivered 100% naturally and instantly within 10 minutes after your completed transaction.

The two categories of followers from this provider include High-Quality Followers and Premium Followers. Both offer real Instagram followers.

Each category of real followers they deliver offers several plans with different numbers of followers for each one.

This relies mostly on your budget and need for followers.

Regardless of the plan, you get guaranteed instant delivery, 24/7 live support, gradual or instant delivery options, no need to share your password, and real followers from real people.

Because of how these followers are handled, they are less likely to drop off, so they last longer.

Of course, that also depends on whether you create content that interests them as well as what this service provides.

They offer a backup plan in case of any issues with followers.

5. UseViral

UseViral Buy Instagram Followers 1

UseViral does not work only with Instagram, but since it caters to other social media channels such as Tiktok, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube, you can easily direct Instagram users to your account through these social media platforms by sharing.

It is common practice for followers to follow people they like across several social media networks.

That said, UseViral is a safe and effective way to grow your social media because they use their large network to help you get a boost in engagement.

They do this by promoting your account or your content throughout social media channels like Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, etc.

This company has over 5,000 web partners who willingly help promote your and/or your content across multiple apps and websites to get you more exposure.

The goal is to get relevant users to follow you and your content. They are dedicated to ensuring that you get what you pay for.

6. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Instagram Followers

If you need to get more exposure for your brand, you need a boost in your audience that SidesMedia can provide.

Just like UseViral, this system does not directly cater to Instagram.

It does, however, cater to TikTok Twitch, LinkedIn, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Pinterest, and Twitter.

As you boost your audience through these social media platforms, you can expect to share your content on Instagram where your followers from those platforms can easily find you.

You create great content and SidesMedia will help you reach the target audience you need to gain relevant followers.

You get to choose where you want followers to go (which social media channel), they will send you real people from real accounts from their network while you sit back and watch the followers fall into place across social channels.

7. Flick


Flick is a bit different from other services that help you grow your followers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

How? Flick is a hashtag generator for Instagram.

What is one of the major elements that drive users to your content on Instagram?

Hashtags. Not just any hashtags. Relevant hashtags.

This hashtag generator is trusted by more than 9,000 businesses, marketing pros, and brands to boost their posts in Instagram searches.

They utilize hashtag analytics, save hashtag sets, make it easy to quickly copy to Instagram, and offers more than 100 suggestions to each query.

You can also search for relevant hashtags for your niche across several accounts while keeping things organized all in one place.

This company gives you a way to grow your follower base (audience) faster and easier.

You will also get data-driven insights for your usage of hashtags, see what hashtags are ranking the highest, and the ability to build your hashtag strategy on auto-pilot.

8. SocialViral


SocialViral considers their service the only place to get real Instagram followers and engagement.

They may not be the only ones, but they are certainly one of the most effective and safest on the market today.

They offer immediate results, genuine likes, and inexpensive pricing to fit virtually any budget.

Your task is to choose the number of followers you want (or likes or views), buy them, and watch as they are delivered naturally and carefully to your Instagram account.

You can expect to start seeing new followers from this service within 12 hours.

Since you are getting only the highest-quality followers who strictly observe Instagram’s rules, you are not likely to lose them under normal circumstances.

The goal is to ensure you reach your target number of followers within a few weeks so that it is natural and organic.

In the meantime, you should also see growth generating from these followers organically on the platform.

9. Upleap

Upleap Review & User Ratings

Upleap knows almost everything there is to know about being an Instagram followers app, and when you sign up for their features, you are going to be provided a dedicated account manager who can grow your Instagram profile effortlessly for you.

In fact, they say that they can assist you 300% faster than other companies out there, and they are only going to interact with real accounts on your behalf, so that you don’t have to be around accounts that are fake, or don’t have any interest in your content.

Once you’ve signed up for their services, they will connect you with an account manager, and they will base their searches on relevant hashtags, as well as your competitors.

10. FollowersUp

Followersup - Instagram Followers

It is highly likely you have already heard of FollowersUp, but just in case, here is the scoop.

This Instagram followers app delivers Instagram followers, views, likes, auto likes, or IGTV likes and views safely and securely.

Besides catering so effectively to Instagram, this company also caters to Pinterest, Vimeo, Quora, Twitch, Twitter, Spotify, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, Soundcloud, Reddit, TikTok, Telegram, YouTube, and more platforms.

If you are like most brands, influencers, and businesses, you probably use some combination of social media platforms for engagement.

That means when you get followers on one account, you should easily be able to reach out to or be found by those same followers on other accounts simply by sharing content that includes your presence on said platforms.

In other words by building and growing your Instagram with FollowersUp, you can also build the rest of your social media accounts.

11. Seek Socially

Seek Socially Buy Instagram Followers

Seek Socially is a dynamic, powerful, and popular organic growth tool that helps boost your Instagram profile to attract more followers.

It is important to their clients to have authentic, real followers for their accounts; therefore, it is important to Seek Socially.

That is why they only deal in real people and not fake engagement.

Technically, this is not particularly an app that runs through your phone, but a service that runs through their system.

With this Instagram followers app, you get real, managed growth with real followers that turn into loyal followers and customers who will return to buy from you over and over again.

This Instagram marketing agency offers two packages, Standard and Premium, with features to fit your specific needs for followers and growth.

According to their FAQs, this is safe for your account, there is no bot or automation activity, and they offer a fair refund policy with no contracts to get stuck with.

12. Growthsilo


Growthsilo is another manual, fully managed service for getting more real followers to your Instagram account.

They also do not engage with bots or fake followers.

They want to help you grow your Instagram audience with targeted, real followers.

After you choose one from the two packages (Launch and Accelerate) you want for your growth, you will get help with gaining more engagement, monetizing your profile, and reaching more potential real followers who are interested in your niche.

This service offers safe, effective, and organic growth for your Instagram account.

They provide a 3-day guarantee of satisfaction with no contracts. It is important to them that they help you succeed on Instagram no matter what your niche.

13. Thunderclap


Another way to get more followers is to buy real ones from a reputable company like Thunderclap.

You get real followers that come from real users, higher exposure to your account for more potential followers, 24/7 customer service and support, and your account is safe and secure.

You will need to put your account on public if it is currently private in order to get your followers.

You never have to give out your password with this Instagram followers app.

You can also get likes from this service that are delivered safely and under careful scrutiny, so you never have to worry about getting banned.

This Instagram followers app offers three plans that include varying amounts of followers depending on your needs.

These followers are real, and they do help to boost your exposure on Instagram.

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can cancel whenever you want.

14. Trusy Social

Trusy Social

If your goal is to monetize and scale your Instagram audience, Trusy Social could be right for you.

It is common knowledge that Instagram is a beast, but as of yet, few Instagram followers apps provide the efficient and effective options that Trusy does for building and growing your following.

If you feel like you are struggling just to get a few measly followers on Instagram, it is no likely all your fault.

It is because this platform is so huge and so saturated that the challenges are surreal.

According to Trusy, it does not have to feel this way to you.

They promise to create the proper leverage, safely, securely, and effectively so that your Instagram audience will grow as you expect it to.

When the goal is to gain not just more followers but to gain loyal customers, Trusy could be the Instagram followers app for your needs.

15. Stellation Media

Stellation Media

Stellation Media is another popular and well-known social media service company that delivers as promised.

That is why it is on this list for getting more Instagram followers to your account.

This Instagram followers app offers a 5-day money-back guarantee, no spam, no bots, and no fake followers.

What you get is purely organic growth and real followers and engagement.

They use targeting via location, hashtags, users, and more to find your ideal follower.

This feature-rich system will help you gain more followers and engagement while also providing you with advanced analytics so you can learn what is and is not working.

16. Social Buddy

Social Buddy is one of the greatest Instagram followers apps because they listen to what their customers need, and produce organic growth all the way around.

They say that their main goal is to help their clients grow their Instagram profiles gradually over time, and unlike a lot of Instagram followers apps in the industry, they can make it easy for you to find real followers, and not bots or fake Instagram accounts.

They also want to help you improve your engagement overall and offer account management support.

17. Social Sensei

Social Sensei is another excellent choice as an Instagram followers app, but what you might not know about them is that they can also help you over on YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest as well.

They promise no software, and they say that they are committed to long-term growth.

They have advanced targeting that you can make the most of, as well as an account consultant, and social media strategies that are going to make a huge difference.

18. Ampfluence

Ampfluence is an Instagram followers app that knows their way around Instagram itself, so you know that these guys are all about helping their clients do well, and helping them do well in a way that is going to complement Instagram’s algorithm.

Like all of the greatest Instagram followers apps in the industry, you will begin with a consultation so that you can learn more about how they work, and they can get to know more about your brand and what your goals are for it.

From here, they can target the right followers for you, and they will base this around industry leaders, competitors, and much more.

The fact that they have research-based audience targeting is fantastic.

19. Combin

Combin is an Instagram followers app that gives its customers so much more than just a basic growth service.

They say that they have content planning solutions, as well as a post scheduling tool, and their growth chart works by engaging with people who are going to highly likely want to follow you on Instagram.

Their features include audience management, so that you can discern between people who are highly likely to stick around for a long time, and those that are just there for a short amount of time.

This way, you can only interact with those who are going to take your content seriously.

20. Instamber

Instamber has a lot going for it as an Instagram followers app, and can help you engage with your target audience without it taking you all day.

They say that they will make sure their growth for you is steady, and they also make sure that their targeting algorithm is tweaked to suit what’s going on with Instagram’s so that they are always synced up.

It’s great that companies like this want to know their clients really well, and aren’t just going to force features on them.

21. Instazood

Instazood is great if you want an Instagram followers app that can help you with more or less every aspect of your social media management.

They say that they have some simple strategies that they use to help their cause, including the follow/unfollow method.

This way, they can encourage people to come and see your content and they don’t use fake strategies to do so.

They also let their clients customize their plans, and set filters that are going to be exactly what your content needs.

22. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta can help you as one of the greatest Instagram followers apps in the industry, but what we love the most about these guys is that they are simple.

They are great if you are someone who knows next to nothing about using a followers app, and needs to be educated as well as helped with your growth.

We think that being able to use a natural growth strategy that is going to uphold your reputation is also important, which is what you’re going to get if you sign up for a company like this.

Their slow, natural delivery is going to impress the Instagram algorithm as well.

23. Instarazzo

Instarazzo is all about helping its clients do better with their Instagram marketing, and as an Instagram followers app they can make it easy for you to connect with thousands more people that are going to be devoted to following your feed.

We love that they are only going to target people within your niche, and we also love that they based in the cloud, meaning that you can stay away from having to compromise your computer’s security.

If you want to get to know them a bit better, take a look at their free trial as well.


Do you want to grow your online presence through Instagram followers and engagement? If so, perhaps is your solution.

This Instagram followers app delivers real followers, real engagement, and real organic growth for your Instagram account.

They use smart targeting based on your target audiences’ location, hashtags, and interests.

This company believes in security first so you will not be at risk of getting banned. They strive to protect your reputation and theirs with these services.

Using this company for your Instagram followers helps through targeted followers who engage with you, therefore, boosting your rankings so more people see you.

The more relevant users see you, the higher your chances are of getting more followers who are truly interested in your niche.

That means you can build a base of loyal followers and customers at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to outsource your Instagram growth and engagement to an Instagram followers app is a thing.

There should be no shame or regret in doing this. It is well-known that Instagram is a time-consuming growth process unless you have some extra help.

While it was not always like that, it is like that today, and that is what counts to you.

You need followers to get more followers and engagement on social media in general, but especially with Instagram.

Instagram is saturated with influencers and brands that are big and beastly making it a huge challenge for the rest of us to succeed.

That does not mean to give up the battle.

There is always a way to gain the edge on your competition no matter what niche you deal in or who or where you are with your business.

Ideally, you would prefer completely organic and natural growth.

However, that will take months or even years of time and effort on your part if you choose to do this on your own.

With a little help, you can do it faster and easier.

It makes more sense to be able to focus mostly on creating amazingly creative content that attracts more followers and keeps them coming back while outsourcing at least some of your engagement and mundane tasks on Instagram.

It is helpful for you to regularly engage with your audience by hosting Q and As, live videos, responding to their comments, thanking them for the engagement, and sharing their content on your page when it is relevant.

However, to try to do it all on Instagram, simply is not feasible.

Consider these helpful Instagram followers and likes apps that can help boost your following with engaged and targeted followers who are interested in your niche and in your offers.

That is the best way to grow your Instagram, but it is also an effective part of your online strategy for profitability.