Online marketing has some of the best ROI around. Traditionally, offline marketing methods also have strong advantages when used well.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the ways to market to your potential customers, these simple, practical tips will help you cut through the noise and make an impact. 

Whatever your product or service is, and whichever marketing techniques you use, learn how to identify, attract, and engage your audience.

This can help your marketing targets and the longevity of your brand. So get reading and learn how to reap the benefits of the multitude of marketing channels.

Know Your Market

Whichever marketing channel or technique you use, know your market. If you understand your customer well enough, you’ll know which marketing channels will serve them best.

The better you know your audience, the more effective your marketing can be.

  • How many times a week should you send marketing material?

  • Should you use plain text emails or HTML?

  • Should you prioritize Facebook or Twitter?

Your customers can answer all of those questions. So get to know your consumers as well as you can.

To learn more about your customers, you can use observation and analytics. Pay attention to who is visiting your website and buying your products. Consider when and why they do so. 

You can also ask your customers and leads about themselves, whether via an online poll, an in-store questionnaire, a blog, or via other methods. Every interaction with a customer or potential customer can be a learning experience for you and/or your marketing team.

Use Nuwber’s database of US citizens to deepen your knowledge of your customers and leads. The site can help you learn where your consumers live, their professions, and more.

This can help you develop customer personas to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

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Create Customer Personas

Identifying your ideal customer can help you be where they are and communicate with them using the methods and language they like. When you write an email to a friend, you are likely to use a different voice than you would when communicating with a group of strangers.

Friendly tones combined with understanding can help build a strong connection between you and your customers. You will probably have several types of customers or clients. So when people talk about creating a customer persona, create several customer personas to fit each type. 

One category will normally be dominant, but don’t neglect the rest of your audience. They, too, make up your army of fans. Make sure they know that there’s enough love for everyone.

Segment Your Email List 

One way to write to the majority of your customers or leads without neglecting the minority is to divide them according to their type. Having done this, you can send each group a separate email or campaign.

This helps to make sure that everyone feels that you are talking directly to them, using an appropriate tone, about relevant subjects. Marketers also segment according to leads that have recently expressed an interest in the business and those who have been fans for a while.

Take a gym, for example. You could segment your list into those who take group classes, those who prefer personal training, and those who currently do neither. This way, you can ensure that your promotional communications don’t feel like spam.

Instead, they will demonstrate how well you know your customer and allow you to offer things they will genuinely value. And segmentation can also allow you to welcome newcomers and go over useful information that would be less relevant to your long-time membership.

Schedule Your Posts

Using an app to schedule your social media marketing will enable you to have a life and get some sleep. It’s a particularly useful practice when marketing a global product or service, so that you can post at optimum times in different time zones. 

Scheduling apps often include data that will tell you when people on your chosen social media platforms are most active and when engagement is likely to be highest. Detailed analytics provided by such apps can help you post with the most effective frequency.

Just remember that there is flexibility here, depending on the nature of your industry. Try different approaches and judge the results for yourself.

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Prioritize Your Marketing Channels

To reap the benefit of all marketing channels, consider which marketing channels are most effective for your customers. Focus your energy on the channels your customers use most. 

For many marketers, this includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But this is not necessarily the case for everyone. Your customers might be most effectively targeted via TikTok (for example, if you are seeking a young audience) or Pinterest (whose users are primarily female).

The best way to get the attention of potential clients might be with a radio spot or a classified ad in a local newspaper. Vehicle decals offer great ROI and are also great for letting people know that your business operates in a particular geographic area. 

Maintaining an active presence on every single marketing channel will spread you or your marketing team very thinly. And you’ll get through your marketing budget in no time.

To reap the massive potential benefits of the available marketing channels, focus on the few that offer you the best ROI. Market where you know your customers will see you.

Use Proper Etiquette For Each Channel

It can be tempting to use the same text for each marketing channel you use. However, each channel will have its own type of user or viewer and its own ideal style, length, and language. Each has strengths and weaknesses. Explore these on a case-by-case basis to maximize their advantages.

Use Calls To Action

Whatever your marketing channel, remember that people typically need to be told what to do. Once they’ve read your message, do you want them to share it with friends, sign up for a newsletter, or buy something? Whatever it is, tell them. A well-crafted call-to-action can boost your sales significantly. 

Modern marketing is customer-focused. Don’t try to be everywhere at once. Do your research to understand your customers. Then put yourself where they are, use language they love, and offer things they’ll value.