High-speed inkjet marking/coding printers are used for special coding on items like pharmaceuticals, beverages, foods, and the like. Now, there’s a new UV ink in town. With the introduction of UHS (ultra-high-speed) inkjet printers, pink UV fluorescent ink is formulated for use in dual-purpose applications that need both human-legible, and machine-readable codes.

Fluorescent UV ink is only visible under special UV lighting, which is the kind of discreet coding necessary for robust invisible coding used in various industries including, beverage, parts, and pharmaceuticals, where discreet coding of brand information is necessary for tracking. Fluorescing UV ink technology is also beneficial for creating high-quality, enhanced durability, and improved productivity.

Videojet Technologies is responsible for launching this new technology. This pink ink is designed to meet machine-readable codes on multi-colored substrates. The unique code properties make it capable of automated product validation and is revolutionizing correct product routing for supply chains. The very ideal of this UV ink will enhance uptime and increase productivity.

The name of this new pink UV fluorescent ink is V539. It contains a set of visible and fluorescent dyes suitable for printing on multi-colored surfaces such as pre-printed labels, decorated products, and caps.

When the proper UV light source is applied, the pink fluorescent ink emits a fluorescent red code. It can be read immediately after printing, giving it fast illumination response time.
Since it also generates a human-visible pink color, it is easier to get quick visuals on quality checks of the printing.

The super-fast dry time of two to three seconds makes it ideal for superb adhesion on substrates like glass, certain kinds of plastics, and metals. V539 is perfect for printing on bottle caps, bottle crowns, track-and-trace applications, aluminum can bottoms, parts marking, and several other substrates.

This ink is specially designed for the Videojet 1650 Ultra High Speed and the 1620 Ultra High Speed inkjet printers. It’s formulated to provide better code content for high-speed packaging operations. Videojet’s UHS printers integrate their CleanFlow technology and Precision Ink Drop system that are capable of handling tri-line coding applications run at dual-line speeds.

More good news is that this kind of system and pink UV fluorescent ink eliminates typical coding errors, which is helpful in production lines.

The ultimate goal for inkjet UV fluorescent inks is to provide the best, highest quality, printing that abides by the regulations, while allowing ease of reading by the human eye. Faster production relates to higher revenues and more efficient processes.

The elimination of errors is crucial in marking and coding products because these elements are necessary for tracking and tracing batches in case of recalls and for providing proper dating on certain products so consumers know if they are still good for use.

The development of new inkjet printer technology, software, and ink formulations is crucial to the accuracy, efficiency, sustainability, and productivity across every industry that relies on marking and coding for their products, parts, and packaging. Today’s technology is only the start to newer, better, faster, and more efficient technology that the future holds.