As a small business owner who made it through 2020, you deserve all sorts of praise and congratulations. Last year was a doozy, and you may have not had the most profitable 12 months, but your company is still open and you are looking forward to a more normal 2021.

In order to help drive revenue as much as possible and get your small business back on track, consider the following tips.

Remind Your Customers That You Are Still Here


To thrive as a small business, you need to stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds. While you might not have a ton of extra cash right now to pay a marketing firm for help, do what you can — even if it’s at a very small amount — to invest in a solid marketing plan. This will help you to reach current and new customers, remind them/educate them on what you offer and inspire them to come in and shop. 

As part of this approach, Entrepreneur notes, do not underestimate the power of social media. If you have not updated your pages in some time, start posting regularly on every platform you can, and respond to any and all questions that may come in on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Check the Health of Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Last year, you might not have needed to order as many products and supplies as usual. Now, as you are preparing to increase sales, you want to be sure that your supply chain is ready and able to work with you.

The last thing you want is to have to halt production and sales due to a lack of supplies. It is possible that some suppliers have had to close their doors, so communicate with all of your vendors to be sure they are all up and running. 

Be sure to check on every single supply that your small business needs, from the largest products down to the tiniest components. For instance, if your company uses o-rings in production, double-check that you have the correct sizes of this crucial part and, if your o-ring supply is on the low side, you might want to consider working with a company like Apple Rubber for your future orders.

Not only will Apple Rubber be a reliable part of your supply chain, but they also offer a huge selection of sizes of o-rings for virtually every application.

Automate Whatever You Can


To focus on growing your small business and ultimately your revenue, you may wish to consider automating as many tasks as possible. This will help to free up valuable time that you can use to deal with important matters like attracting customers, as opposed to writing checks to vendors and employees and ordering products.

Set up automated payments and repeat orders whenever possible, and, as Sage notes, consider going with a receipt app that will help to lighten your paperwork load as well as reducing the chance of human error. Wave is one of many options out there that will allow you to scan in receipts when you receive them.

Knowing that your bills and employees will be paid without you having to open a checkbook and that your company’s many supplies will be coming in on a regular schedule will set your mind at ease and allow you to concentrate on boosting your revenue.

Here’s to a Better 2021

After being in survival mode for a year, it’s time to once again set your sights on thriving.

By doing what you can to reach your customers and get back on their radar, ensuring that you have the supplies your company needs for production and automating as many tasks as possible, your small business should start to grow and be more successful in 2021 and beyond.