E-commerce is now one of the most successful niches in general. Even though users cannot physically touch and feel the goods, they can look at them and generally should.

Therefore, photographs become the main way to convince customers to purchase. In this article, we will tell you why ordinary product photography can convince people to make a purchase, no worse than seeing it in person.

Photo As The Main Argument For A Successful Purchase

What do you pay attention to when choosing a particular product online? Probably first of all reviews, and then photographs of the product from different angles.

And this is already an axiom of e-commerce, which most online stores of various levels use. It is enough to successfully edit, compress photo, and upload the photo to the site, and it will be much more convincing than a 500-word text of praise about what a product is cool, beautiful, and necessary.

Photos are easier to perceive at first glance than text. A quick scan helps buyers understand color, material, size, and functionality before reading the description.

Buyers need information about the product, but again, it is better to do everything concisely and concisely, attaching to the main proof in the form of photograph—É from different angles, where the main “model” will be in the center.

Increases Loyalty And Trust

Professional photographs speak volumes about the quality of the product and improve the company’s reputation. Of course, for this to be true, photographs will not be enough.

But if you adhere to responsible business practices, high-quality product photographs will be an excellent way to boost your traffic and customer base. 

At a minimum, photographs are available, and with a proper understanding of how this niche in e-commerce works, you can start a business from home without having a huge budget.

In this case, the product will be sold and make a profit. How did this happen? Most likely because you have paid due attention to the role of photography in modern e-commerce, like many others.

Whether it’s a piece of clothing, jewelry, or an electronic gadget, shoppers want to see what they’re buying in as much detail as possible.

This makes it possible to gain the trust of consumers. Before receiving their package, customers will know what to expect when their item arrives.

Products that do not match the photographs are a common reason for product returns and negative customer reviews. With quality photography or even video, some of these unnecessary and underappreciated consumer surprises can be mitigated.

Adaptation To Various Platforms

Internet commerce has long gone beyond one site where goods are sold.

image 3

Now, if a store does not have an Instagram account, then most likely, there will not be many buyers and visitors to the main site.

Therefore, the same photos, for example, stories from a different angle on Instagram, will be another source of new, unique visitors to the main page. Most will probably already be customers or regular clients.

A media gallery plays a huge role in the success of selling your product online. The quality of photos in e-commerce increases the likelihood of conversion by 90%.

This rather unsurprising figure highlights the importance of making a good first impression.

The difficulty in implementing such a feature is that images need to be adapted for different platforms so as not to lose the original photo’s quality and provide the product the way you want.

In this case, you will most likely need to seek help from a professional photographer who knows about these features under the specifications of each platform.

Making A Strong First Impression

First impressions matter, especially in the world of e-commerce. When potential customers visit your online store or marketplace, they first notice the product images.

The first impression is essential to stand out among large platforms or marketplaces. Have you seen the photos posted on Amazon or other major platforms?

Most of them don’t look very good, but since Amazon (or any other major online store) has a lot of credibility, you need to do something more. High-quality product photography will help with this.


Even if you are not a professional photographer or cannot afford the service of one, no problem. Modern smartphones are quite suitable for first-product photos.

But the main thing here is not to rush to attach them to the site. Pay attention to details, process some elements in the editor, or use AI generators.

At a minimum, you will understand how it works, and based on the results, the algorithm for your actions will be clear.

Product photography and e-commerce are yin and yang, which, at the moment, I cannot exist without a friend, and the business’s success will depend on them.

Therefore, it’s not worth missing out on the role of a seemingly simple product photograph.