In the digital age, one of the simplest ways to earn some extra cash is by taking part in online surveys for money.

Companies are always on the lookout for consumer opinions to shape their products or services, and they are willing to pay for your thoughts.

Engaging in surveys not only allows you to voice your opinions but also offers a lucrative way to earn money from the comfort of your home.

Survey platforms have become a popular choice for people seeking to augment their income without a substantial time investment.

These platforms are designed to be user-friendly, requiring no specific qualifications and offering the freedom to work at your own pace.

With a plethora of options available, it is essential to choose platforms that are legitimate and suit your preferences.

In this article, we delve into the top 21 surveys for money sites that you can trust for a steady stream of income.

Surveys for Money: 21 Legit Survey Sites

Earning money online through surveys is a popular trend.

But how do you find legitimate sites that pay well?

Here’s a list of 21 trusted platforms to consider:

1. Branded Surveys

branded surveys Surveys for Money

Branded Surveys is a renowned online community known for its frequent global market research surveys.

They have gained popularity among survey enthusiasts due to the high volume of paid surveys they offer.

Users can earn between 50 to 500 points per survey, with 100 points equating to $1 or £0.77.

The minimum reward threshold is set at $5 (£3.75).

Branded Surveys has a user-friendly website, is well-reviewed on Trustpilot, and offers fast payments.

Additionally, users can earn ongoing points by referring friends and receive a percentage of their earnings.

2. Swagbucks

swagbucks Surveys for Money

Swagbucks stands out as one of the largest and most reliable paid survey platforms.

They have rewarded members around the world with over $600,000,000.

Apart from taking surveys, Swagbucks offers rewards for playing games, taking offers, searching the web, making online purchases, and watching videos.

The amount per survey ranges from 30 to 150 SB points, with 100 SB being equivalent to $1 or £0.77.

The minimum reward threshold is incredibly low at 1 SB.

Swagbucks is known for its high payout rates and diverse earning opportunities.

3. LifePoints

lifepoints Surveys for Money

LifePoints is a platform that offers users the opportunity to participate in surveys in exchange for points.

As users accumulate LifePoints, they can redeem them for various rewards such as gift cards, charitable donations, or even cash via PayPal.

The platform is user-friendly and provides a variety of surveys, ensuring that participants always have something interesting to engage with.

4. InboxDollars

Surveys for Money

InboxDollars is a multifaceted platform where users can earn money not just by taking surveys but also by viewing videos, participating in games, reading emails, and making purchases at specific retailers.

The platform is known for its diverse earning opportunities, making it a favorite among those looking to make some extra cash online.

5. Survey Junkie

survey junkie Surveys for Money

Survey Junkie is a dedicated platform for those who enjoy sharing their opinions and earning money in the process.

Users can earn by completing surveys and sharing their browsing activity.

The platform provides transparency by displaying the actual value of the points in dollars, allowing users to track their earnings easily.

6. Opinion Outpost

opinion outpost Surveys for Money

Opinion Outpost is a platform where users can share their opinions in exchange for points.

The points earned can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or various gift cards.

Each point on Opinion Outpost is approximately equivalent to ten cents, making it easy for users to calculate their potential earnings.

7. I-Say

opinion outpost Surveys for Money

I-Say, operated by the market research company Ipsos, connects users with a variety of survey opportunities.

The platform offers a streamlined experience, ensuring that users don’t have to navigate different websites for each survey.

While the number of survey opportunities might be limited compared to other platforms, the user experience is seamless and straightforward.

8. Toluna

toluna Surveys for Money

Toluna stands out by allowing users to select the survey topics they are interested in.

This customization makes the platform more engaging.

While the payment options might not be as diverse as some other platforms, users can earn between 15 and 50,000 points for each survey, making it a lucrative option for many.

9. Prolific

prolific Surveys for Money

Prolific is not your typical survey platform.

It’s a unique space that connects researchers with participants for academic studies.

This means that as a participant, you’re not just limited to answering questions; you can also be part of meaningful experiments and other research activities.

It’s a great way to contribute to the academic community while also earning some money on the side.

10. Valued Opinions

valued opinions Surveys for Money

Valued Opinions offers more than just a chance to voice your thoughts.

As a member, you get rewarded with gift cards for sharing your insights on a variety of topics.

The platform boasts a diverse range of surveys, with some paying up to £5.

It’s a straightforward way to earn rewards for simply sharing your perspective on different subjects.

11. YouGov

yougov Surveys for Money

YouGov is more than just a survey site; it’s a global public opinion and data company.

The platform offers surveys on a myriad of topics, from current events to politics.

What’s even more intriguing is that their surveys often get cited in the media.

This recognition makes YouGov one of the more reputable platforms where your opinion can make a significant impact.

12. OnePoll

onepoll Surveys for Money

OnePoll is renowned for its swift and engaging surveys.

Catering to brands and public relations, they are a top pick during the introduction of a new product or service.

The surveys they offer span a wide range of topics, ensuring there’s always something interesting for everyone.

Notably, OnePoll also collaborates with newspapers and leading television programs, making their surveys even more intriguing.

With a minimum reward threshold set at £40, users can expect payouts via PayPal or BACS.

13. PrizeRebel

prizerebel Surveys for Money

PrizeRebel stands out as a platform that offers a plethora of earning opportunities beyond just surveys.

Users can participate in daily challenges, watch videos, and even engage in certain online activities to earn points.

These points can then be redeemed for gift cards, PayPal cash, or other rewards.

The platform’s user-friendly interface and diverse range of tasks make it a favorite among many who are looking to make some extra cash online.

14. Marketagent

marketagent Surveys for Money

Marketagent is a digital market research institute that has carved a niche for itself in the online survey world.

With its user-centric approach, the platform ensures that the surveys are tailored to the interests of the participants.

This not only enhances the user experience but also ensures quality feedback for the brands.

Once participants accumulate enough points, they can easily redeem them for cash or other rewards, making the entire process seamless and rewarding.

15. Qmee

qmee Surveys for Money

Qmee offers a unique approach to the world of online surveys.

Beyond just surveys, users can earn by searching the web, shopping, and even discovering offers.

What sets Qmee apart is its no minimum cashout policy.

This means users can withdraw their earnings at any time, regardless of the amount.

This instant cashout feature, combined with a variety of tasks, makes Qmee a popular choice for those looking to earn online.

16. Pinecone Research

pinecone research  Surveys for Money

Pinecone Research is a trusted name in the online survey industry.

They work closely with brands that are looking for genuine feedback on their products or services.

Each survey is meticulously crafted to gather in-depth insights, making the entire process more engaging for the participants.

With a straightforward reward system, users can expect timely payouts in the form of cash or gift cards.

The platform’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction has cemented its reputation as one of the best in the business.

17. PanelBase

panelbase Surveys for Money

PanelBase is not your typical survey site.

They offer surveys that are well-paid and relevant, ensuring that members don’t get overwhelmed with too many surveys.

They reward members with money, vouchers, and prize draws.

The amount you can earn per survey ranges from 50p to £10, with an average of around £1.50.

The minimum reward threshold is £10.

PanelBase screens its survey respondents carefully, so it’s essential to fully complete your profile to increase your chances of receiving surveys.

18. New Vista Live

new vista Surveys for Money

New Vista Live is a leading marketing research company that has shifted from traditional cold-calling to conducting surveys online.

They reward participants with money and occasional prize draws.

Each survey typically pays around £1.

The minimum reward threshold is £50.

It’s worth noting that while NewVista offers a good payout, reaching the £50 threshold can take some time.

However, the surveys usually take just 15 minutes to complete, equating to about £4 per hour.

It’s crucial to answer questions honestly, as NewVista is known to include checks to ensure participants are genuinely considering their answers.

19. Hiving

hiving Surveys for Money

Hiving conducts online surveys on behalf of leading brands.

They reward participants with money. The amount you can earn per survey is approximately 50p.

The minimum reward threshold is £4.

Hiving rewards users around 50 points per minute for completing surveys, and you can withdraw once you reach 4000 points (£4).

Additionally, they reward users for referring friends and even give points if you’re declined for a survey.

20. Y Live

ylive Surveys for Money

Y Live is a leading UK survey site that offers surveys spanning a range of topics, from sports and shopping to politics and current affairs.

They offer a good payout, but it can take time to reach the threshold, and surveys run out quickly once they have enough respondents.

It’s essential to fill in your profile fully to get the maximum number of surveys.

They also have stringent quality checks in place to ensure the accuracy of responses.

21. Survey Club

survey club Surveys for Money

Survey Club is a substantial platform boasting over 16 million members across six continents.

It offers more than just surveys; members can find paid research opportunities in their area, including private panels, focus groups, clinical trials, and more.

The platform is a hub for both participants looking to earn and businesses seeking to gather data, facilitating a space where they can post and find studies easily.

It’s a versatile choice for anyone looking to make some extra money through various research opportunities.


Taking online surveys for money has become a popular way for many to supplement their income in their spare time.

With the plethora of platforms available, it’s easier than ever to find a survey that aligns with your interests and expertise.

The key is to find legitimate sites that offer fair compensation for your time and insights.

The digital age has transformed the way businesses gather data, and online surveys have emerged as a crucial tool in this paradigm shift.

For those looking to make the most of this opportunity, platforms like Survey Club and others mentioned in this article offer a reliable avenue to earn through surveys for money.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone just looking to make some extra cash, there’s a survey out there waiting for your valuable input.