The rapid advancement of laser industry technology has opened doors of opportunity for many users. The constant development of laser cutting and engraving machines has gradually increased the quality and quantity of engraved products on the market today.

In fact, many are creating an additional flow of income by starting a laser engraving business. This relatively new field has come to stay, with engraving companies springing up from garage workshops, home craft rooms, mom and pop shops, and even industrial settings.

When you think of it, some of the products you use every day have passed through the workbed of a laser engraver or cutter. Products such as cutting boards, coffee mugs, and home decor have all encountered a laser engraver or cutter during their production.

If you’re looking for a business that is easy to start, quick to learn, and can earn reasonable profit in the long run, then you should consider starting a laser engraving business. Anyone with a CO2 laser engraver that puts in efforts to learn the necessary skills and has the right work ethic can make good money from laser engraving.

This article will be taking you through some factors to consider when starting a business with a laser cutting and engraving machine.

Key Factors

From experience, having a profitable business in laser engraving requires some solid foundation to stay successful. You have to strategize and take calculated steps all the way. When planning your venture into the laser engraving industry, start by considering these factors:

Area of Specialization

Which market should you explore? Is it the signage customization, photo engraving, ad specialty, or awards? The answer is all of them. As you progress in the laser engraving industry, you must adapt to projects different from your specialization area.

For example, you could be highly skilled in photo engraving, so what if a massive project that would fetch huge profit lands comes your way, but it’s in a market with little to no experience. Would you turn down the offer? Having a versatile repertoire with expertise in all areas is the key to success.



As you start your laser engraving business, you should strive to create a brand known for high quality. Endeavor to stand out by carving a niche for yourself. Begin by closely studying competitors to identify a loophole in their business you can take advantage of. To effectively create your brand, you should consider the following areas:

  • Brand identity
  • Quality, benefits, and features of services offered
  • Social Media
  • Content and Engagement
  • Advertisement

Profit Margins

Profit Margins

Providing quality products for your customers would fetch you profit, but you can even be more cost-effective by getting a laser engraver that is less expensive and still gets the job done. This way, you can produce high-quality engravings, sell products at a lower price, and still make a great profit. 

Sometimes, it is better to make more sales at competitive prices than to sell at high prices that discourage customers from patronizing you, especially if you are new to the business. Going with a laser engraving machine that provides excellent capability and great value for your money is a smart move to increase your profit margin.

Initial Investment

You can start your laser engraving business with as little as $2,000 to $5,000. With this amount, you can get an affordable laser cutting and engraving machine along with vital accessories to kickstart your business. Experience has shown that most companies overcharge for their laser engravers.

But trusted brands such as OMTech have stood out among others by offering affordable and quality-based machines.

Cost of Training

Cost of Training

Laser engravers are easy to operate with the right training and setup. The only part that requires training is applying the graphic software package you choose to use. But If you already have this technical know-how, you are good to go. Should you desire to take an expert training course, companies like OMTech offer such training both virtually and personally.

Project Size

For your first laser, you should consider buying one in the mid-range bracket (50W-80W). Laser engravers in this range can help you take on a bit more tricky and slightly advanced projects as you have more to make your work come out fresh and neat. For small objects such as award plaques, the mid-range laser engraver can do the magic.

Similarly, large projects such as signage require a machine with a large bed and multiple passthrough doors. In this case, high-power laser engravers are best to use. The common phenomenon is that as power increases, so does the size of the machine, which expands the opportunity to take on larger projects.

Service Life

When purchasing a laser engraver, the most important thing to consider is its service life. It is also crucial to know that you can get an excellent laser for a low price! Don’t be fooled with the “premium lasers” as they don’t always guarantee a reasonable service life. There are different laser sources to choose from, such as CO2 tubes made of glass, metal, or ceramic that all have various lifetimes.

You must research to determine the options available based on your purchasing power and the appropriate dealer to patronize. It’s best to talk to an expert in the field when you start; this saves a lot of time and resources on your end. Generally, online groups and forums have the highest chance of referring the best machine to you.


Making a profit off a laser engraving business requires an encompassing knowledge and careful consideration of all the factors discussed above. For this reason, OMTech has specially created a line of Mid-Range CO2 Laser Engravers for engraving purposes. Ranging from 50-80W, these models are known for efficient engraving speeds and considerable cutting capabilities.

And for your next-level laser capacity, OMTech’s High Power CO2 Laser Engravers are the go-to for businesses and professionals. Ranging from 100-150W, these models are known for powerful laser beams with heavy-duty cutting ability and professional precision.

If you are still considering what brands to patronize — think no further — give OMTech a chance, and you will be glad you did. You are sure to get the best in machines, accessories, training, and even unrivaled technical support as you kickstart your business.