Do you want to change your lifestyle to include more fun, income, free time, travel, and other positive components? Without making drastic changes, what can people do to boost their income, get out and see more of the world, improve the comfort level of their homes, add a dose of self-pampering to their monthly routines, and otherwise make life better?

Luckily, there are several simple changes anyone can make to enhance the fun and enjoyment they get out of life. Some of the best changes cost nothing, including a short meditation session at the beginning of each day.

Other tactics focus on making intelligent investment decisions by adding real estate to your portfolio. The beauty of small changes is that you can pick and choose among several options and incorporate as many or as few as you like into your life.

Some of the most popular choices include taking staycations or short local trips every month, downsizing living space to save money, doing a DIY home makeover, and adding spa days to the monthly calendar. Here are some ideas to get your imagination in gear.

Adding REITs To Your Portfolio

For those who enjoy investing with a goal in mind, REITs (real estate investment trusts) can deliver regular, long-term income and help diversify portfolios simultaneously. Not only are REITs extremely popular with large numbers of investors, but they also come with low volatility.

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Buy, just like stock shares; some are much better than others. Be sure to research before choosing the ones that appeal to you. Consider factors like the strength of the management team, where the properties are located, how financially stable the companies are, the history of dividend payouts, the average dividend yield, and more.

The most efficient way to begin is to review a comprehensive guide that lists the year’s REIT companies with the most favorable financial potential to take advantage of.

Downsizing To Save Money

Moving to smaller living quarters can be easy to save money, enjoy a new home, and live more efficiently without increasing your income. Many people who downsize move to condos or tiny homes and save significantly.

Then, it’s up to you to decide whether to bank the extra cash or spend it on travel, investing, or buying a new car. The possibilities are endless because downsizing is about living more innovative and better. It’s the ultimate lifestyle quick fix.

Taking Short Trips And Staycations

Although there are ways travel will change in the future, waiting one or two years to enjoy a vacation doesn’t work for everyone. The answer to this dilemma is to take short trips more often. The beauty of day trips and staycations is that you can work them in on just about any standard or three-day weekend.

Plus, they don’t cost nearly as much as traditional journeys. Ideas for short trips can range from camping for a few days at a local lake or state park to renting a room in a downtown hotel and spending a night out in grand style. Make a list of five or ten mini vacations you’d like to take and schedule at least one every couple of months.

Doing Home Makeovers

It’s up to you whether to keep makeovers as DIY projects or to decide to hire contractors for some of the work. Whatever you decide, there are many ways to go with the project. Some of the most popular choices include adding wall art to principal rooms, rearranging furniture throughout the home, doing a full-scale annual cleaning, adding programmable lighting or thermostats, doing a kitchen or bathroom remodeling job, and adding a deck.

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Scheduling Spa Days

Put some spa days on the calendar, making sure to space them out so that you can look forward to a visit about once per month. Speak with someone who works at your favorite spa and find out about package discounts. They’re a great way to score significant savings on haircuts, manicures, massages, waxing, brow work, hair color, pedicures, whirlpool soaks, and many more.

Doing Morning Meditation

Adding a short meditation to the morning routine is a no-cost, simple way to reduce stress and be more relaxed throughout the day. Remember that although it’s easy to learn to meditate, most people don’t see results for a few weeks.

It takes the body and minds a while to realize that they’re getting a nice break at the beginning of each day. Learn basic techniques from one of many free online courses. Shop around until you find one you like.