Amazon is one of the world’s largest sites for selling goods and items and can be very lucrative if you are able to create a top notch offering. However, with so many mistruths out there – here are some of the more common ones.


Myth 1: Sure, Amazon Is Just ‘Another Website’

Amazon is the top dog in eCommerce. When internet users need answers, they go to Google. When social-media lovers want to interact, they go to Facebook. When online shoppers want to buy, they go to Amazon.

Why do we say that Amazon is the top dog? The expected annual sales of $100 billion speak for themselves. Prime members at Amazon get two-day shipping on all eligible items, payment information for buyers is saved for them, and the site has a solid built-in trust base. That’s why when it comes to deciding on an ecommerce selling platform, Amazon always comes up tops.

If you really want to make a success of selling online, Amazon puts you in the best place to make it happen. Here are some good tips.


Myth 2: Selling On Amazon Is A Difficult Feat

Granted, your initial thought may be that going from fulfilling your own orders to making sales via Amazon is going to be a big challenge, however for many people it actually makes their selling experience a whole lot simpler. The Fulfillment by Amazon program focuses on exactly that; making the process sleek and simple.

For merchants who don’t want to be bothered with phone calls, issues with shipping and keeping customers happy, Amazon even offers the option of caring for the majority of order fulfillment for a reasonable fee. Alternatively, brands like Whistl also offer custom made services.


Myth 3: In Today’s World, Success On Amazon Isn’t Going To Happen

Our company enjoys seeing the success of new sellers each and every month; many success stories are sellers who start at zero and see themselves at 5 figures a month, only a few weeks after starting.

Don’t think you’ve left it too late to sell on Amazon. The clock may be ticking to make success, put there’s plenty of minutes left to play.


Myth 4: I’ll Be Swallowed Alive If I Enter Amazon Now

It’s true that there are over two million sellers on Amazon, but here come’s a more surprising fact; these sellers are shopping out over a billion items worldwide. For products in the Unites States, there are over 200 million products on Amazon. Over 175 million people visit the site every month.

That means everyone can find their place.


A staggering 16 million items were sold by third-party sellers on Cyber Monday, from a year-over-year growth rate perspective, this is 50 percent higher than the previous year.

Amazon shows no trend in slowing up, meaning that when next year’s online Black Friday comes, we can expect yet another increase.


Myth 5: Just ‘Listing Your Products’ Isn’t Going To Do Anything

Making serious sales on Amazon with a new product takes effort. You are in for a big disappointment if you have the belief that a quick listing and boring description are all that’s needed to make the big time.

Certainly you are well in time to get your foot in the door at Amazon, but marketing and optimizing are also necessary steps.


To get your product coming up high in the Amazon search engine, you need listing-optimization. That’s why software like AMZ tracker is becoming very popular – merchants know that if they can raise their sales ranking, they’re going to raise their profit too.

There is no time like the present to join the successful ranks at Amazon, judging by their previous track record, third-party merchants are going to have a few very successful few years ahead of them.