As the leaves turn orange and the air gets chilly, the spooky season of Halloween brings along a plethora of opportunities to make some extra cash.

Whether you are crafty, culinary-inclined, or have a knack for organizing events, there’s something for everyone.

In this guide, we explore 17 creative ways to make money during Halloween season and turn it into a profitable venture, all while indulging in the festive spirit!

17 Ways to Make Money During Halloween

1. Sell Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes are a staple of the season, with everyone from children to adults looking for the perfect outfit to celebrate.

Selling Halloween costumes can be a lucrative business, as the demand surges during this time.

Whether you create unique, handmade costumes or resell purchased ones, there’s a market waiting.

Offering a variety of options, including popular characters and timeless classics, can attract a wide customer base.

Don’t forget to promote your costumes on social media to reach a larger audience!

2. Carve Pumpkins for People

Halloween Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is a beloved Halloween tradition, but not everyone has the time or skills to create the perfect jack-o’-lantern.

Offering pumpkin carving services can fill this gap, providing customized creations for those looking to decorate their homes.

You can offer a range of designs, from classic faces to intricate scenes, catering to different preferences.

Additionally, promoting your services locally and online can help you reach potential customers.

Remember, the more creative and unique your designs, the more attention they will attract!

3. Halloween Face Painting

Face painting is a popular activity during Halloween, with many looking to add a spooky touch to their costumes.

Offering Halloween face painting services can be a fun and profitable way to engage with the community.

You can set up a booth at local events, offer private sessions, or join Halloween parties.

Providing a variety of designs and catering to both children and adults can expand your clientele.

Don’t forget to showcase your previous work to attract more customers!

4. Run a Haunted House

For those with a flair for theatrics and a love for scares, running a haunted house can be an exciting venture.

You can transform a space into a house of horrors and charge an entry fee for those daring enough to enter.

Collaborating with local artists, actors, and makeup artists can enhance the experience.

Marketing your haunted house through flyers, social media, and local partnerships can increase attendance.

Remember, the scarier and more immersive your haunted house, the more buzz it will generate!

5. Get Paid to Scare People

If you enjoy playing the part of the villain, getting paid to scare people might be right up your alley.

Many haunted houses and Halloween events hire actors to bring the frights to life.

Embracing different characters, wearing costumes, and applying makeup can make the experience more authentic.

This role not only allows you to earn money but also provides a fun and exhilarating way to celebrate Halloween.

Plus, seeing the reactions of scared visitors can be incredibly entertaining!

6. Sell Terrifyingly Delicious Home-Made Treats

Halloween Treats

Halloween is synonymous with treats, and selling homemade goodies can be a sweet way to earn extra cash.

From spooky cupcakes to ghost-shaped cookies, the possibilities are endless.

Offering a variety of treats, including options for those with dietary restrictions, can cater to a wider audience.

Packaging your treats in Halloween-themed wrappers can add a festive touch.

Promoting your goodies on social media and at local events can help you reach more customers and build a loyal clientele.

7. Earn Cash as a Halloween Makeup Artist

If you have a talent for makeup, offering your services as a Halloween makeup artist can be a rewarding venture.

From transforming children into their favorite characters to creating gruesome looks for adults, the demand for makeup artists spikes during Halloween.

Building a portfolio of your work and advertising your services online and locally can attract clients.

Offering tutorials or workshops can also be a way to share your skills and earn additional income.

Remember, word of mouth is powerful, so ensuring customer satisfaction can lead to more bookings!

8. Conduct Halloween Themed Workshops

Conducting Halloween-themed workshops can be an educational and entertaining way to earn money during the season.

You can teach pumpkin carving, costume making, or spooky cooking classes, sharing your skills and knowledge with enthusiastic participants.

Hosting workshops in community centers, schools, or online platforms can reach a wider audience.

Providing hands-on experience and unique learning opportunities can make your workshops stand out.

9. Organize a Face Painting Carnival

Organizing a face painting carnival can be a festive and community-centered way to earn money during Halloween.

You can set up various booths with different face painting designs and charge an entry fee or a fee per painting.

Collaborating with local artists and vendors can enhance the carnival atmosphere.

Promoting the event through social media, flyers, and local partnerships can increase attendance.

Remember, offering a variety of activities and entertainment can make your carnival a Halloween highlight!

10. Paint Up Haunted House Zombies

If you have artistic skills and a love for the undead, offering to paint up haunted house zombies can be a thrilling opportunity.

Many haunted houses feature zombies as part of their attractions and require artists to create realistic and scary looks.

Collaborating with haunted house organizers and showcasing your work can help you land gigs.

Offering a variety of zombie looks and ensuring durability of the makeup can enhance your services.

Plus, being part of a haunted house team can be a fun and memorable experience!

11. Create and Sell Halloween Soundtracks

Halloween Soundtrack

Creating and selling Halloween soundtracks can be a harmonious way to earn money during the spooky season.

Composing eerie music and sound effects can enhance Halloween parties, haunted houses, or trick-or-treating adventures.

Offering your soundtracks on online music platforms, social media, and local events can increase visibility and sales.

Providing customization options and themed bundles can cater to different customer needs.

12. Be a Trick or Treat Chaperone

Offering your services as a trick or treat chaperone can be a responsible and community-oriented way to earn money during Halloween.

Many parents seek trustworthy individuals to accompany their children during trick or treating.

Ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the children can build trust with parents.

Advertising your services locally and through community networks can help you connect with families.

Plus, experiencing the joy of trick or treating with kids can be a rewarding experience!

13. Sell Halloween-Themed Crafts

For the crafty individuals, selling Halloween-themed crafts can be a creative and profitable venture.

From handmade decorations to themed jewelry, the possibilities are endless.

Offering a variety of crafts and customizing options can cater to different preferences.

Promoting your crafts at local craft fairs, online marketplaces, and social media can increase sales.

Remember, quality craftsmanship and unique designs can set your crafts apart and build a loyal customer base!

14. Offer Halloween Decoration Services

If you have a flair for decorating, offering Halloween decoration services can be a lucrative opportunity.

Many people and businesses seek professionals to transform their spaces into spooky settings.

Providing decoration services for homes, offices, and event venues can diversify your clientele.

Showcasing your previous work and offering customizable packages can attract more customers.

Remember, attention to detail and creativity can make your decoration services stand out!

15. Offer Halloween Photography Services

Offering Halloween photography services can be a picture-perfect way to capture the festive moments and earn money.

Providing photo sessions for individuals, families, or events can cater to different clientele.

Creating themed backdrops, using props, and offering editing services can enhance your photography offerings.

Advertising your services on social media, local communities, and online platforms can attract more customers.

16. Design and Sell Halloween Greeting Cards

Designing and selling Halloween greeting cards can be a creative and heartfelt way to spread the Halloween spirit and earn extra income.

Creating cards with spooky illustrations, funny messages, or customizable options can cater to different preferences.

Selling your greeting cards online, at local stores, or at craft fairs can increase visibility and sales.

Offering bundles, discounts, and personalized messages can add value to your cards.

17. Sell Halloween-Themed Merchandise

Halloween Merch

Selling Halloween-themed merchandise, such as t-shirts, mugs, and accessories, can be a fun and profitable venture.

Offering a variety of products with unique and festive designs can attract customers.

Promoting your merchandise through online platforms, social media, and local events can increase visibility and sales.

Offering customization options and limited-edition items can add exclusivity to your merchandise.

Remember, quality products and creative designs can build your brand and create loyal customers!


October is not just a time for scares and treats; it’s also a season brimming with opportunities to make money during Halloween season.

These 17 ways offer a diverse range of options, whether you are artistically inclined, culinary-skilled, or have a knack for organizing events.

So, don your witch’s hat, grab your broomstick, and venture into the Halloween night with these creative money-making ideas!