Social media has been a key tool in digital marketing for years, especially in the eyewear industry, and influencers play a big part in driving that forward.

Studies suggest that utilizing social media personalities can result in a 16.6% increase in engagement.

For eyewear brands, this can open up new opportunities for growth and marketing that can increase sales and brand recognition for a product.

This is especially important, considering how saturated the eyewear market is today. As such, it is easy for companies to be drowned out by the competition without knowing how to reach their audiences effectively.

Generally, eyewear is already an item that is both functional and fashionable, which is why consumers are drawn to purchasing it.

However, utilizing influencer marketing can be a tool that cements that message across the board, in addition to many other advantages for your company.

If you want to grow your eyewear brand, these are just a few of the benefits influencer marketing strategies can provide:

Increase Brand Awareness

There are countless eyewear companies across the globe. Thus, it’s vital for brands in the industry to get their name out there – and influencers can do just that.

Increase Brand Awareness

Since many influencers have an engaged community, consistent partnerships mean that your products can be easily recognized by their followers.

Furthermore, our article “Growth Strategies for Starting Up a Fashion Brand” explains that partnering with an influencer can boost your brand’s trustworthiness.

Followers often look to influencers for suggestions on worthwhile products, and if they recommend yours, they’ll see your brand as dependable.

The more the market trusts your product, the more you can expect long-term support. Many will even be happy to recommend your brand, further increasing your brand’s awareness.

Additionally, taking advantage of a committed audience reach can help build awareness for your future endeavors.

Depending on an influencer’s niche, partnering with them means you support what they stand for and their creative pursuits.

This can encourage loyalty among their community, which you can tap for any new brand pursuits you may have in the future.

VEHLA’s chic eyewear is a great example of this. The Sydney-based brand made a name for itself by utilizing local influencers to market its stylish, timeless, and quality products.

From small beginnings, the brand was able to expand even further. Now, its eyewear is now a go-to for the likes of Bella Hadid and Elsa Hosk.

Sell More Than A Product

For today’s digital audience, many influencers don’t just sell products – they sell a lifestyle.

By collaborating with famous personalities, eyewear brands are able to market their glasses as not just an item to have but one that is integral to how people live.

Sell More Than A Product

When it comes to influencer marketing in the eyewear industry, turning a product into an experience is key.

By using influencer marketing to place your brand as an essential part of an aspirational lifestyle, people are going to be enticed to patronize your business—thus, you will be able to build a stronger and more loyal customer base.

This can be seen in Natalie Winter’s videos, where she makes shopping for eyewear an experience. This has helped Burberry’s women’s sunglasses reach a younger audience.

By utilizing influencers, the brand is able to market its Joni model as both a luxury product and an experience.

Considering their fashionable Debbie, Betty, and Eugenie designs fit the it-girl lifestyle, collaborating with influencers helps make their sunglasses even more desirable.

Measurable Campaigns

The success of digital marketing campaigns used by eyewear brands is typically measured by different metrics – especially in terms of engagement.

The number of likes, comments, and shares different posts get dictates whether or not these collaborations are working.

Thankfully, it is easy to identify these metrics through social media analytics. Your brand can seamlessly monitor the success of your partnership to determine whether the influencer holds the audience you are looking for, allowing for less wasted resources and more data-based approaches.

Another way to measure a collaboration’s success is by giving referral codes. The Referral User Acquisition Playbook explains that 15%-20% of new clients actually come from these channels.

You can monitor how many customers use an influencer’s code at checkout to see if their partnership helped you boost eyewear sales or not.

Through a measured and data-driven campaign, you can monitor the strengths of your marketing and maximize your brand’s resources to find the right influencer who can effectively promote your eyewear.

Utilizing influencer marketing can be extremely beneficial for eyewear brands in today’s digital market.

Not only will you be able to reach new audiences, but you can easily sell a lifestyle successfully with the data to back it up.