It isn’t as easy as you might think to take a good picture of your feet.

You might get frustrated, because your photos aren’t looking as exciting as you’d hoped or they might even be out of focus.

Don’t worry, in this guide, we’re going to teach you how to take feet pics, like a professional.

Before you know it, you’re going to be editing and shooting professional looking feet pics which you can either sell on Instagram or other websites for a bit of money, or just keep for yourself.

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Why Should You Learn how To Take Feet Pics?

Perhaps you consider yourself an amateur photographer, who is trying to find interesting and new ways to make money from what they love to do.

Or perhaps you are somebody who thinks they have a chance of being a foot model, who wants to learn about the other side of the business.

Or, maybe you are just trying to show off the pedicure that you just got, and you want the world to see it.

How to Take Feet Pics


If you want to earn a little bit of extra cash on the side, taking feet pictures is a great way to do this.

However, if you want to do really well with it, you need to take really good, high-quality photos that are going to stand you out from the competition.

Let’s take a look at some tips on how to take feet pics so that you can beat the rest out there.

Pamper Your Feet

It doesn’t matter what you plan on using your feet pics for, it’s important you take care of your feet, before you start taking any photos.

This means you need to moisturize them daily, and make sure to exfoliate them in the shower. If you have any calluses or rough patches, you need to take care of these as well.

The last thing that you want to do is take ugly feet pics that people are going to run away from as quickly as possible.

You also might want to invest in a home foot spa treatment, and you will definitely want to invest in nail polishes that are high quality, as well as a foot file.

Moisturize Daily

If you have dry skin, then this is really important. Apply a lot of moisturizer to your feet, and then place a pair of socks over the moisturizer on your feet before you go to bed.

This is going to cause the moisturizer to soak in overnight, and you are going to wake up with hydrated, soft feet.

Exfoliate Once a Week

We think that it is good practice to exfoliate your feet once a week when you get into the shower, with a pumice stone, or a gentle foot scrub.

This is going to make them smoother in appearance, and help avoid any calluses from starting.

File Your Toenails Regularly

Make sure that you keep your toenails well trimmed, and try to file them as often as possible to avoid ingrown nails, and other issues with your nails.

If you don’t want to do this yourself then pay to get a pedicure done every couple of weeks.

Protect Your Feet from the Sun

We all know that the sun is bad for our skin, but when trying to avoid the sun, you might forget about your feet.

Make sure to apply sunscreen lotion to your feet whenever you’re going to be outside, and in sandals for a long period of time.

Study the Feet Pics of Your Rivals

Arched Feet

When it comes to taking feet pictures that stand out, you really need to study your competition.

You can see what backgrounds and poses work best for others, then you can see which of these concepts you can apply to your own photos, so you can make them look really good.

Let’s take a look at some tips on how to study your rivals’ feet pics so that you can apply them to your own.

Look for Unique Angles

Try to imitate the best features of your rivals’ feet pics, without copying them completely.

Make sure that you are noting down what poses they are using, and which ones are doing really well with their audience.

Do your rivals use certain angles to shoot their photos from? If so, try to do this with your own photos.

Pay Attention to Settings and Backgrounds

It can be boring to take a picture of your feet against a plain white wall, but a sandy beach or a nice lush Meadow can add some visual interest into the background of your photo.

Be Aware of Lighting

Some are going to prefer to take their feet pics during the golden hours, when the sun is just sitting, and the light is at its most tranquil.

Others prefer to take their photos inside, with artificial lighting.

Lighting for Feet Pics

Let’s talk about lighting for a second. Good lighting is really important when you are taking any kind of photo but it’s really important when you’re shooting your feet.

Look for areas that have a lot of natural light, or invest in some equipment so that you can have a good lighting setup, if you are doing a lot of photography.

If you are using natural light to shoot your feet pics, try to find somewhere that has a lot of shade.

This means that you can avoid having a lot of contrast in your photos, and you’ll be able to make sure that your photos come out looking beautiful.

If you’re shooting inside, try to find the biggest room with big windows, or use an artificial light source, like an overhead light or a lamp.

This is going to help create even lighting across your images and get rid of any annoying shadows.

Natural Light

If you want to go for natural light to shoot your feet pics, then you need to choose a setting that has a lot of natural light, for best results.

Either late afternoon or early morning light is the best, because it casts a flattering, soft glow.

Artificial Light

If you don’t have any natural light to take your feet pics in, you can use artificial light. These include overhead lights, or lamps.

You are going to get a more consistent level of light across your images, and it’s going to help you avoid harsh shadows.

Choose a Setting

Sell Feet Pics

When trying to take feet puts that look professional looking, it’s important that you choose the right setting.

This is going to help make your images look polished and put together. Let’s take a look at a few tips for choosing the right setting for your feet pics.

Avoid Busy Backgrounds

If you choose to take your feet pics with a busy background, this can be distracting, and it can take away from your images.

Try to find a setting that has a plain background, or one with a simple pattern.

You also might want to think about the kind of props that you want to include in your feet pics.

If you’re planning on including props in your pics, it’s important that you choose a setting that is going to work well with your theme.

As an example, if you’re trying to use a lot of flowers in your feet pics, then you will want to find a park or a garden that you can take your images in.

Consider Your Surroundings

Some say backgrounds can be really beautiful, but they can also be too distracting.

If you were trying to shoot your feet pics on a busy street, then make sure that if you think about what the buildings look like in the background, and try to avoid anyone being in your images.

Always Look for Good Locations

Some of the best photos are candid, which means that they happen when you aren’t expecting them.

If you see a beautiful setting that you can make the most of while you are out, try to take a few candid feet pics, before continuing on.

Props for Professional Feet Pics


When it comes to taking really good feet pics, props can be really helpful. They can increase the interest in your images and make them look a lot more professional.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas for props.


Flowers can give your feet pics a touch of elegance, so try posting your feet with a bouquet of flowers or just one flower in your hand, or beside your feet.


Feathers are a nice prop that you can include in your feet pics, that can add a whimsical touch.

They can also help your feet pics look ethereal, and dreamy. Try posing with a few feathers in your hair or hold them in your hands.


Leaves are a nice addition to your feet pics that can create a rustic and natural look. Try posing with a few leaves in your hair or hold them in your hands close to your feet.


Rocks can add interest and texture to your photos. Try posing with a few rocks around your feet, or in your hands.

Camera Poses and Angles

When it comes to taking a really good foot pic, it’s important that you experiment with different angles and poses.

This is going to help you get the best angles for your images, that your audience is going to love.

The biggest challenge that people have when trying to take a good feet pic is getting the images in the right position.

Most people are used to taking a picture of their feet from head or chest height, but you will need to get down on the ground for these ones.

This might be uncomfortable, but this is necessary, if you want to get the best angles.

Bottom of Your Feet Facing the Camera

This is a really good angle, if you want to show off the arch of your foot.

It also means that your feet are going to be front and centre, so this is probably a good one to use if you have a plain background.

Looking Down at Your Feet

This is a good angle to use if you just got a pedicure, and you want to show off. It can also add a little bit of glamour to your images.

Lying Down with Your Feet up

This is a great angle to use if you want to show off your beauty, and it also encapsulates a casual and relaxed vibe.

Close up of Top

This is a really good way to show off any foot tattoos you might have, or really nice nail polish that you have just applied.

Foot Arch from the Side

Again, if you are somebody who is blessed with a really good foot arc then you might want to make the most of it by taking your foot pics from the side, so that everybody can see it.

Editing Your Feet Pics

pexels ivan samkov 4240498

Even the most professional looking photos can benefit from a bit of the right editing. This is going to help them look even more polished.

Let’s take a look at a few tips for editing your feet pics.

Use a Professional Photo Editor

There are a lot of good photo editors that you’ll be able to access online, and the majority of them are free.

You can choose one that has good filters and tools, so that you can enhance your photos even more.

Resize and Crop

All the time, you’re going to need to resize and crop your images, so that they look their best.

Try to keep the focus on your feet and take away any distracting elements that are in your photo.

This is going to make it easy for your pics to stand out from the competition. Especially if you decide that you want to sell them.

Use Filters

Filters are really good if you want to give you images a more polished appearance. Try using a filter that is going to enhance the colours in your photo or give it a more vintage feel.

Use Color Correction and Contrast

Both contrast as well as colour correction can make your photos look a lot more polished and balanced.

You can use tools like these to tweak the colors in your photo so that they look really good.

Edit Out Harsh Blemishes or Shadows

Harsh blemishes and shadows can detract from your feet pics looking really good. Try to use the photo editor to remove flaws like this, so that your photos look in the best.

Create a Feet Pic Portfolio

Once you have taken your feet pics, and you are happy with them, then it’s time to create your portfolio.

This is going to help you show off your best work and make it really easy for people to purchase your photos you want to be able to sell them.

Let’s take a look at a number of different ways to create a portfolio for your feet pics.

Create a Facebook Album

This is a really good way to share your images with your family and friends, plus, it is free, and it is really easy to get set up.

Create a Blog or Website

Setting up a blog or website is a really good way to show off your photos and sell your feet pics online.

You might want to start a foot photo blog, and provide content on lighting, foot care, and background advice.

Then, you can create a shop using an ecommerce platform, so that you can sell your photos online.

Create an Online Store

If you want to be able to sell your feet pics to the public directly, then getting set up with an ecommerce store is the best approach.

This is going to let you sell your images at whatever price you want and keep all the money without having to pay a commission.

There are a number of store platforms online that make it really easy for you to sell your feet pics.


Etsy is a really great place to so your feet pics, because there are tons of other people out there selling quirky arts and crafts so you are going to be able to fit right in.


Instafeet is another website that has a vast array of people selling their feet pics to the public in general.

It has a big user base, which means that you’re bound to find people that want to buy your feet pics and it’s also a really good option if you are wanting to find foot fetishists.

Practice Makes Perfect


if you want to do really well at taking feet pics and selling them, then you need to keep taking them, and adjusting them until you are satisfied with the results.

If you put in the hard work  you’re definitely going to be able to make some serious money from your photography skills and sell your feet pics online.

You’ve just got to keep at it, and all of your hard work is going to eventually pay off.


Can I Make Money Selling Feet Pics?

Yes, you are going to be able to make money selling feet pics online.

There are quite a few websites out there that are going to let you say your feet pics for money.

What Do I Need to Start?

In order to take really good feet pics, you’re going to need some photo editing software, a tripod, and a really good digital camera, or a really good smartphone.

How Do I Improve My Skills?

The best way to get better at taking feet pics is to practice doing so consistently.

Try to shoot your feet pics in different locations and use different props, so that you can create original and unique photos.

There are also a lot of online photography courses that you can take, so that you can learn more about taking the perfect photo.

What Should I Wear in My Feet Pics?

The majority of people out there want to see your bare feet, but you can also wear stockings or socks if you want to.

What Kind of Camera Should I Use?

Any kind of camera is going to work really well, but a camera with a macro lens, or a DSLR is going to give you really good results.

How Do I Edit My Feet Pics?

There are a lot of good photo editors out there available online, and the majority of them are free.

Choose one that has a good list of filters and tools, so that you can enhance your pics.

Taking really good feet pics can end up being a profitable endeavor, but you do need practice a lot to get started.

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn how to take feet pics, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

In this article, we have talked about everything you need to know when it comes to taking really good feet pics, and selling them on social media.

All you need to do is put in the hard work and before you know it, you are going to be making some serious money from your photo skills, and you were going to be getting better every day.

Good luck growing your feet pic career!