In this modern day, it is wiser to engage with a one-stop-shop marketplace where almost all the products we need are in one place.

Instead of engaging in marketplaces with only a few items, people prefer to engage in online marketplaces where everything is already in place for purchase, just like Amazon.

Amazon Marketplace is a thriving industry that brings together customers and sellers from around the world.

Hence, sellers use this platform to sell their products with a high reach of audience.

It is a great way for sellers to build their own brand and get the attention of consumers.

With Amazon’s popularity, sellers around the world also continue to change in numbers annually. 

In this article, we will see how many Amazon sellers are there and other interesting facts about one of the biggest e-commerce giants in the world. 

Key Statistics

  • There are 9.5 million active sellers on Amazon’s marketplace. 
  • More than 1.3 million sellers enter the Amazon platform every year.
  • The United States holds the record of the most Amazon sellers. 
  • 64% of Amazon sellers are men, and 32% of sellers are female. 
  • On average, 11 to 25 percent of Amazon FBA sellers are successful.

1. How many Amazon sellers are there?

How many Amazon sellers are there?

The most recent estimate from Amazon shows that there were about 9.5 million active sellers in the marketplace in 2023.

Over 7,000 products are sold by third-party vendors every minute in the United States.

63% of small and medium-sized businesses that are active on Amazon generate about 60% of retail sales.

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2. What is Amazon?, established by Jeff Bezos in 1994, is a multinational technology and e-commerce corporation.

It operates as an online marketplace, facilitating the global sale of a wide range of goods.

Additionally, the company ventured into offering products such as music and videos, eventually becoming the largest online store worldwide by 2007.

With a market capitalization exceeding $1 trillion, Amazon Marketplace generated $386 billion in annual revenue in 2020 and employed 1.2 million individuals worldwide.

The company ships over 3.5 billion items annually and boasts a customer base of more than 200 million active users worldwide.


3.’s Beginnings: 2000s to Present

Amazon started out as a bookstore before quickly expanding into a marketplace for a wide range of goods and services, including televisions, phones, iPods, and other electronic devices.

It was only in 2000 that Amazon introduced its marketplace feature, allowing third-party sellers to offer their products and services.

Unlike in the past, when Amazon controlled all the listings on its website, buyers now had more options and choices.

By allowing third-party merchants to advertise items for sale on Amazon, the company ensured that customers could easily find whatever they were looking for in one convenient place.

Today, nearly half of all sales on Amazon are generated by independent third-party sellers.

With the current market thriving, the number of these sellers is constantly growing, further expanding the already extensive variety of products available on Amazon.

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4. How much do Amazon sellers earn?

Every year, the earnings of Amazon sellers vary greatly, with some earning very little or even nothing, while others have the potential to generate up to one million dollars annually by selling a diverse range of products on the platform.

Let’s delve into some statistics regarding the annual sales of Amazon sellers:

– Approximately 22% of sellers earn less than $500.

– Around 13% of sellers make between $501 and $1000.

– Roughly 13% of Amazon sellers achieve earnings ranging from $5,001 to $10,000.

– About 10% of sellers earn between $10,001 and $25,000.

– Around 8% of sellers generate earnings from $25,001 up to $50,000.

– Approximately 4% of sellers make between $50,001 and $100,000.

Interestingly, only 1% of the total number of Amazon sellers manage to earn anywhere between $100,001 and $250,000.

While the earnings of 2% of sellers remain unknown.

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Amazon Seller Statistics 

5. The greatest year in Amazon Seller App was the year 2022

The greatest year in Amazon Seller App was the year 2022

According to data from the Amazon seller app, 2022 proved to be the most successful year thus far.

Thanks to the implementation of cutting-edge eCommerce software and the insightful guidance from their growth experts, the app experienced significant growth for its users.

An impressive 24% of the top 100 sellers heavily rely on the invaluable information provided by the app.

With a global user base of over 21,000 Amazon sellers, the app has become an indispensable resource and reference point for many.

In 2022, SellerApp played a pivotal role in facilitating ad spend amounting to a staggering $720 million.

One of the app’s standout features is its advertising automation, which has garnered considerable praise and popularity among users.

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6. More than 1.3 million sellers enter the Amazon platform every year

Amazon is renowned as one of the leading platforms for selling a diverse range of products, ranging from everyday necessities like toilet paper to high-end luxury bag brands that make perfect gifts.

Over time, Amazon has gained a strong reputation, resulting in a highly competitive marketplace with a multitude of ambitious sellers. 

According to JungleScout, approximately 3,700 new sellers join Amazon on a daily basis, resulting in an astounding 1.3 million new sellers each year.


7. On average, 11 to 25 percent of Amazon FBA sellers are successful

The choice of products to offer, the pricing structure, the promotional efforts, and the marketing tactics are just a handful of key factors to consider that can greatly influence the success rate of an Amazon seller in the realm of online retail. 

The current available data indicates that on average, 11-25% of Amazon FBA sellers achieve success.

For certain sellers, attaining success may take a longer period of time.

In fact, based on the aforementioned study, 64% of Amazon sellers become profitable within one year.

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8. Sellers on the Amazon marketplace in 2019, broken down by nation

As per the latest data provided by Amazon, approximately 7 million sellers were active worldwide in 2020.

These figures indicate a significant increase from the 4 million sellers in 2017.

In 2019, the Amazon marketplace in the United States had around 1.1 million active sellers.

During the same year, Japan had 173,483 active sellers, while the United Kingdom had 281,275.

Within the European Union, Germany had 244,425 active sellers, and France had 211,859.

In Canada, there were 163,595 active sellers on in 2019.

In India, estimates suggest that there were 205,884 active vendors on the Amazon Marketplace in the same year.


9. Amazon sellers gain profit even on their first year of selling

Amazon sellers gain profit even on their first year of selling

According to a survey of Amazon sellers, 68% of them reported making high profits in their first year of selling on the platform, and 25% of them said their startup costs were under $1,000.

The costs that sellers incur typically include making product samples, Amazon fees, and promotions.

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10. Demographics of Amazon Sellers

According to Amazon buyer statistics, 64% of Amazon sellers are men, and only around a third, or 32%, of sellers are female.

Also, 39 is the average age of all Amazon sellers, who are 58% between the ages of 25 and 44.

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11. The United States holds the record of the most Amazon sellers

Out of a total of 100 sellers listed, 89 were based in the United States, with China coming in second with 9 sellers, and Hong Kong trailing behind with just 2.

The sellers are ranked according to the amount of positive feedback they have received in the last 30 days.

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12. Amazon best selling products

Amazon best selling products

Amazon provides a wide range of products across different categories for customers to choose from.

Here are some of the top-selling items on Amazon in various categories:

1. Home Entertainment Products:

   – Options for home entertainment include televisions, sound systems, and streaming devices.

2. Cookware and Cutlery Products:

   – Amazon boasts an extensive collection of cookware and cutlery items, ranging from pots and pans to knives and utensils.

3. Electronic Products

   – Amazon provides an array of laptop options, catering to different requirements such as gaming, business, or personal use.

4. Furniture:

   – Amazon offers a wide range of furniture options, including sofas, tables, chairs, and storage solutions.

5. Fitness Equipment:

   – Amazon features a diverse selection of fitness equipment, including treadmills, dumbbells, yoga mats, and exercise bikes.

6. Fashion Apparel:

   – Amazon presents a vast collection of fashion apparel and footwear for men, women, and children.

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The Amazon Marketplace is a powerful platform that benefits millions of sellers and consumers worldwide.

It is a powerful tool that makes millions of lives more convenient, especially in terms of buying and selling goods and services.

With more than 1.3 million sellers who join this platform every year, Both big and small businesses are given the opportunity to use this platform to engage with different services. 

In the coming years, it is anticipated that the people who engage and participate in one way or another in the Amazon marketplace will expand and be worth more than they are valued today. 


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