Creative business concepts can be discovered just about anywhere; it’s the application of those concepts that brings in business, builds community, and bridges gaps in your current communications.

In this article, we will discuss creative business concepts that you can implement in your business quickly to invigorate a growing business or kickstart a new one. 

Combine, Combine, Combine

In today’s business world, the “more than” model works. For example, a spa is not merely a spa; it is a medical spa or a spa and salon.

A financial advisor is no longer a stand-alone advisor; the advisor and a trend analysis and benchmarking advisor offer services together.

The offer of combined services works in this world’s business sector for three reasons:

  • the combination of services denotes quality and value;
  • the offers are enticingly unique; and the combination suggests experience and wisdom.

    When considering creative business concepts that can be applied to your business, think “combination” and create a new twist for your clientele. 

Simple Is More

Restaurants with plank tables and stools, conference rooms with metal chairs and folding tables, and single-word names for restaurants.

Today’s interest lies in “simple.” The fairly sleek and short nature of 15-minute conferences and timed phone conversations suggest consumers are fatigued by too much of everything.

A superior creative concept for your business might be that one-word name or a timed meeting. Consider changing furnishings and equipment around, as studies suggest small changes inspire creativity. 

prakash meghani 07bBNmiV7ag unsplash

Franchise A Niche 

The Cafe du Monde in New Orleans is known worldwide for the beignets baked there; however, ordering from the cafe is the only option to obtain a beignet.

Why not create a franchise if a singular concept commands so much attention?

When considering creative concepts for business, concentrate on experiences or products that have captured interest and demanded your attention.

Consider starting a franchise based on a niche place, idea or, especially, a bakery-fresh pastry.

Another nice thing about starting a franchise is that you can skip the market research and conducting a business plan.

Starting a franchise means the business has already proven to work, you just need to find the right lot of land or building and try it in your market.

Franchises also come with a name people already recognize so you don’t have to worry as much about marketing because the name itself will drive traffic.

Make A New Plan

If a franchise isn’t your thing, some of the best and newest business concepts come from revisiting a business plan.

Consider reviewing your plan with staff members to update and refresh the statements within it.

A tired mission statement can be reborn, financial projections can be revised, and marketing strategies can be remastered.

If you don’t currently have a business plan, use this simple business plan template as a comprehensive guide.

Expect to discover exciting new business concepts from this review and remake of your business plan. 

Create Community

If you are looking for a creative new business concept, why not start a brewery? The brewery business is one of the fastest-growing in the U.S. and even a small microbrewery can garner exceptional profits.

anna licari W 94mV434e8 unsplash

In order to get started, you’ll need the expertise of a brewer and the necessary equipment.

More than that, however, you’ll want to prepare an inviting main room because a brewery is similar to a neighborhood pub; it becomes the gathering place. 

Train Some Brains

If your business is seeking additional revenue in addition to trying on some creative concepts, why not offer training courses for those who want to learn about your business? 

Most companies have personnel on staff who’ve acquired deep and wide knowledge of the business environment in which they work.

Construct an 8-part online or streaming course to be taught to interested parties. This is a creative take on “school” and it accomplishes so much more in specialized training for interested parties. 

Back To The Old

Old ideas have become new again. This happens every generation or so, but we’ve noted a fresh take on some old-fashioned business concepts that have flipped our opinions.

Consider one young enterprising man who pieced together a standard hot dog cart.

However, observing adults who were enjoying a bar crawl, he stationed his cart just outside the doors of one establishment, sending the aroma of grilled hot dogs into the bar at midnight each evening.

Soon, a long line would form by his cart because he recognized the need for bar food from midnight to 2 am.

He went back to the old-fashioned idea successfully by adding a new timeframe to it. Something to consider.