In today’s fast-paced world, online shopping has become an integral part of our lives. 

With just a few clicks, we can explore a vast marketplace and uncover treasures from around the globe, all from the comfort of our homes.

Among the plethora of online shopping destinations, one name stands out as a pioneer and a haven for both buyers and sellers: eBay.

But have you ever wondered how many people use eBay in 2023? Read along to know more.

Key Statistics

  • There are 133 million active people that used eBay in the first quarter of 2023.
  • In the previous year, 2022, eBay recorded 18.3 million active sellers on its platform.
  • The United States accounts for 31% of eBay’s total sellers.
  • eBay reached an approximate of 1.8 billion live listings in Q1 2023.
  • In the first quarter of 2023, eBay amassed $11.6 billion worth of gross merchandise bought through mobile devices

eBay Users: How Many People Use eBay in 2024?

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According to a recent statistical report, eBay had an impressive 133 million active users in the first quarter of 2023. 

While this number reflects a slight decrease of 5 million compared to the average active users of 2022, it remains a significant figure, showcasing the platform’s continued popularity and reach among online shoppers. 

Despite the slight decline, eBay’s user base remains substantial, cementing its position as one of the leading online marketplaces globally.

List of eBay’s Annual Users

Below is a list of eBay’s annual active users that span across a decade, from 2014 to 2023:

  • In 2014, eBay had 149 million active users
  • In 2015, eBay had 157 million active users
  • In 2016, eBay had 158 million active users
  • In 2017, eBay had 167 million active users
  • In 2018, eBay had 175 million active users
  • In 2019, eBay had 173 million active users
  • In 2020, eBay had 161 million active users
  • In 2021, eBay had 159 million active users
  • In 2022, eBay had 138 million active users
  • In Q1 2023, eBay had 133 million active users

What is eBay?

eBay is a renowned online marketplace that facilitates electronic commerce transactions between buyers and sellers.

Founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, it has revolutionized the way people engage in buying and selling goods and services on the internet.

eBay connects millions of individuals and businesses worldwide, offering a diverse array of products across various categories.

As an online marketplace, eBay provides a secure and user-friendly environment for buyers and sellers to conduct transactions. 

Sellers list their products on the platform, including detailed descriptions and pricing, while buyers browse through these listings to find items of interest.

eBay ensures the smooth execution of transactions, including the management of payments and shipping logistics.

Auction-style Listings

Additionally, eBay offers features such as auction-style listings, where buyers can bid on items, and a “Buy It Now” option for immediate purchases. 

The platform has also introduced tools and services to support sellers, such as analytics and promotional features, empowering them to optimize their online presence and sales performance.

Annual Active Sellers in eBay

As there are no reports yet on the number of active sellers for the recent months of 2023, we take a look at seller statistics for the last five years:

  • In 2018, eBay had 22.3 million active sellers on the platform
  • In 2019, eBay had 21.1 million active sellers on the platform
  • In 2020, eBay had 20 million active sellers on the platform
  • In 2021, eBay had 19 million active sellers on the platform
  • In 2022, eBay had 18.3 million active sellers on the platform

Where are eBay Sellers Located?

The largest portion of eBay sellers originates from two primary countries, namely the United States and the United Kingdom.

Here are the countries that comprise most of eBay’s sellers:

  • The United States: 31% of eBay sellers (the highest percentage)
  • United Kingdom: 29% of eBay sellers (the second-highest percentage)
  • Germany: 15% of eBay sellers (the third-highest percentage)
  • China: 12% of eBay sellers (the fourth-highest percentage)
  • Australia: 4% of eBay sellers (the fifth-highest percentage)
  • Italy: 2% of eBay sellers (the sixth-highest percentage)

eBay’s Q1 2023 Business Metrics

eBay has released its business metrics for the first quarter of 2023, revealing impressive figures that highlight its continued success and influence in the e-commerce industry. 

The Q1 report showcases significant growth in the number of active buyers, an expansive number of live listings, and a substantial amount of gross merchandise purchased through mobile devices. 

Ebay Q1 2023 Performance


Let’s delve into the statistics and gain insights into eBay’s performance during this period.

1. Number of Active Buyers Worldwide:

During Q1 2023, eBay boasted a staggering 133 million active buyers worldwide.

This notable figure signifies eBay’s unwavering appeal and ability to attract a vast user base, reflecting the platform’s relevance in the global online marketplace.

2. Approximate Number of Live Listings:

In Q1 2023, eBay featured an astounding approximate of 1.8 billion live listings, further solidifying its position as a premier destination for buyers and sellers alike.

This vast selection of products spans various categories, offering customers a unique and wide range of choices, while providing sellers with ample opportunities to showcase their merchandise to a massive audience.

3. Amount of Gross Merchandise Bought on Mobile Devices:

The mobile revolution continues to shape e-commerce, and eBay remains at the forefront of this trend.

In Q1 2023 alone, eBay witnessed a remarkable $11.6 billion worth of gross merchandise purchased through mobile devices.

This impressive figure highlights the increasing preference of users for the convenience and accessibility of mobile shopping, reinforcing eBay’s dominance in the mobile e-commerce landscape.


As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, eBay remains at the forefront, adapting to changing trends and preferences.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, eBay provides a reliable and convenient platform for conducting online transactions. 

So, if you’ve ever wondered how many people use eBay in 2023, the answer is a remarkable 133 million active users.

Join the eBay community if you wish and explore the vast opportunities it offers in the dynamic world of online shopping.


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