When the concept of print on demand and clothing arises, it’s easy to fixate on the ever-popular t-shirt.

While t-shirts have undoubtedly carved their niche in this creative landscape, they represent merely the tip of the iceberg.

The realm of possibilities that opens up beyond the boundaries of basic tees is vast and brimming with potential. 

In this blog post, we embark on a journey to uncover the wealth of alternative apparel options that print on demand services offer, enriching your understanding of diversifying your offerings and creating a thriving print-on-demand business.

Join us as we navigate the avenues of creativity, explore the vast canvas of clothing possibilities that extend far beyond the realm of t-shirts, and learn invaluable insights to guide your success in this dynamic industry.

Exploring Beyond T-Shirts: A World Of Apparel Possibilities

As you expand your print on demand product range, consider these diverse apparel options beyond t-shirts.

Each item presents unique design opportunities and the potential to cater to different preferences and occasions.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

One obvious choice for expanding beyond t-shirts is hoodies and sweatshirts. These items are top-rated during the fall and winter months and can offer an excellent opportunity to diversify your product offerings.

jazmin quaynor qApWjd0g1gw unsplash

When designing hoodies and sweatshirts for print on demand, it’s essential to consider the placement of your design.

Unlike t-shirts, where the design typically goes front-and-center, hoodies and sweatshirts can have designs placed anywhere from the back to the sleeves. Don’t be afraid to get creative here.


Another unique apparel item that has gained popularity in recent years is leggings. While some may think leggings are only suitable for gym-goers or yoga enthusiasts, they have become a versatile fashion staple in many women’s wardrobes.

When designing leggings for print on demand, it’s essential to consider both sizing and placement.

You’ll want to ensure that your design will look good across all sizes offered while also being mindful of any seams or stitching that could interrupt or detract from your design.

Tank Tops

While tank tops may seem similar in style to t-shirts at first glance, they offer unique printing opportunities.

Tank tops often feature thinner straps or racerback styles, which leaves more room for placement options than traditional tees.

When considering designs for tank tops via print on demand services, don’t assume that what works on a t-shirt will work just as well on a tank top.

Be strategic with your placement choices, and consider how the design may change depending on which straps are used.


If you’re looking for a more upscale and dressy option, why not try designing dresses through your print on demand service?

While this type of apparel is less common in the print on demand space than other options, it can still be an excellent way to set yourself apart from competitors while adding diversity to your product line-up.

When creating designs for dresses, think about both the material and cut. Different materials will take to printing methods differently, so select appropriate materials that lend flexibility rather than limiting where or how much you print.


Finally, hats are another fun item to consider when diversifying with print on demand.

Whether you opt for snapbacks or more traditional baseball caps, there are plenty of opportunities for eye-catching designs to make your products stand out from others in this saturated market.

Design considerations include getting creative with patch designs or nontraditional embroidery locations and being aware of comfort factors such as brim weight and sizing flexibility with any snaps offered.

Maximizing Success With Print On Demand Apparel Designing

Tips For Maximizing Success With Print-On-Demand Apparel Designing 

Now that we’ve covered some different apparel options available through print-on-demand services, let’s explore some tips for maximizing success within this space, especially for those interested in strategies for starting a clothing brand:

  • Test Your Designs Before Launching: Make sure you’re happy with your design by testing it before release by checking how specific colors interact entirely in different lighting situations.
  • Mind Your Sizes: Different manufacturers may use different size charts. Double-check your vendor’s sizing guides before launching a new product.
  • Market To Your Target Audience: Make sure you’re reaching out to your target audience directly, whether that is through social media promotions or email marketing campaigns.
  • Be Responsive: As with any business, the buying experience significantly affects customer satisfaction. Respond quickly and helpfully to questions or concerns about fit, design orientation, or shipping timelines.

Final Thoughts

With the accessibility of print on demand services leveling the playing field for aspiring entrepreneurs, establishing apparel businesses has become more attainable than ever without the need for costly equipment investments.

The potential for diversifying product offerings is boundless, extending far beyond basic t-shirts, thanks to options like hoodies, leggings, tank tops, dresses, and hats.

By embracing this realm of creative possibilities and implementing service-driven strategies, entrepreneurs can navigate uncharted territories, leaving their unique imprint on the fashion landscape and redefining industry norms.